The Biden Administration Is Banning Menthol Cigarettes

I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life.

Earlier this morning, I noted that the progressive mentality is inherently elitist, condescending, humorless, anti-populist and authoritarian. These people deeply care about and want to control, scold and punish people over things which the rest of us don’t care about like your own private thoughts or offensive words. PMCs clearly believe that they have a divine right to rule this country and lord it over the rest of us.

Guess what? As if almost on cue, the progressive busybodies are it again:


“The Biden administration is expected to announce a proposed ban on menthol cigarettes this week, the Washington Post reports.

Why it matters: Tobacco opponents and civil rights groups have said the industry disproportionately targets and hurts Black communities. Tobacco use remains a contributor to the leading causes of illness and death, especially among people of color. …

The big picture: This type of ban does not require congressional approval, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must first take public comment on the proposed rule before finalizing regulation. …”


“The Food and Drug Administration is preparing to bar menthol cigarettes nationwide in a plan to be released Thursday, according to two people familiar with the matter.

The menthol ban would be one of FDA’s most aggressive tobacco reform efforts since the agency first began regulating the industry in 2009, and one long-awaited by scores of public health groups. But it also will likely take years to implement, and FDA does not yet have a permanent commissioner in place for what could be a lengthy battle with industry. …”

Welcome to the new progressive era.

Nanny Bloomberg is getting his money’s worth from Joe Biden.

Joe Biden is planning to ban menthol cigarettes because he knows what is best for Black people. BTW, gas prices have already gone way up. These people want to vastly raise the price of electricity like in Germany. Progressive activists have a big problem with your consumption of beef too and want the government to intervene in the food supply chain to pay ranchers not to raise livestock to make beef more expensive. Books have recently emerged as a free speech background because progressive activists want to have the power to determine what you are allowed to read too.

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  1. “The Biden Administration is Banning Menthol Cigarettes.”

    No Kools & Newports? Oops, there went The Black Vote!

    • To be clear, if the Biden Administration wants to get to Black Folk, then it is not necessarily chicken, as a whole, that they need target, but, instead Bojangles.

  2. I fucking hate nanny state. I know you’re not a libertarian Hunter but I’m glad you see why this type of shit is communist and AIDS.

  3. Uh….how about banning HFC , high fructose corn syrup.

    It’s killing millions, were becoming a nation of obese diabetics.
    It iterferes with vit D synthesis, potentially making ppl vulnerable to cov19.

    Oh, corn comes from Iowa, hmmm something political happens there.

    • @Arrian…

      Good point.

      After all, high fructose corn syrup is loaded full of fructose, that ingredient the vital thing a tumour needs to metastasize within you.

      Oh, and did I forget – there is a large body of evidence that shows that, not only is sugar the most cancerous of substances in our daily diet, it also accelerates and spreads cancer.

  4. The shitlibs will never be satisfied, they always need a new cause to champion, no matter how gay or retarded it is.

  5. The implication here is that colored folks are too lazy and stupid for their own good. Uncle Cracka and his army of bugmen activists know best!

      • The weird thing is while they’re banning cigarettes, they’re legalizing marijuana and decriminalizing hard drugs everywhere. Menthols are bad, but a dope fiend ODing on the bus with a needle hanging out of his arm is just fine. Oh, and they want to ban vaping too, which is much safer than smoking. It’s a strange message the progressives are pushing.

      • I should add to my comment that I don’t give a fuck about minorities and it’s not my motivator of banning cigs. As far as I’m concerned they can die. It’s to force a degenerate white people to become healthier.

    • Malt liquor, Skittles, grape drank, Doritos….all of it needs to be banned. But what about the food that us white folks eat, such as white mayonnaise, white bread, white pasta, white milk and white sugar? Ain’t none o’ dat stuff good fo’ yo’ honky ass!

  6. Black lives matter! Ban Kools and dey only be smokin deyselvez sum crack from now on! Dat be helthy and shiiiiit!

  7. Mentholated reefers is a-okay, right neo-liberal Joe? Biden wants blacks smoking reefers not cigarettes.

  8. Commies never stop until their breathing is stopped.

    Still, dis sheeit be hittin’ da niggers where it hurts. Ah kin almost hyear ’em cussin’ “dat cracka muhfuckuh Biden!” as I type this….lol

  9. Urban legend has it that Blacks get an enhanced weed high if they are also smoking a menthol cigarette along with the blunt wrap. I see urban business opportunities here. Convert your honky-ass Marlboros to Newports by adding a few drops of DeAndre’s tincture of menthol to the cigarette.

  10. Someone truly missed the boat in never coming out with Phillies Blunts in Flamin’ Hot Cheetos flavor.

  11. Going to ban menthol cigarettes? Hell naw!!! This is not going to sit well with BLM.

    Besides, we can expect menthol cigarette sales to go underground, and when the crime that follows the sale of contraband falls disproportionately on the black community, Biden is going to be in deep sheeeeiit.

    • @Kolya…

      You’re right, banning menthols ain’t gonna sit right with BLM, ‘cuz it’s tobacco discrimination!

      They’ll be quiet about it, though, because that is what they’ll be told to do.

  12. “Banning Menthol Cigarettes”

    Very based if true.

    Now if only dementia Joe would purge fast food companies.

  13. I’m all for allowing cigarettes. After all, they let all kinds of powerful drugs into the country. They’ve legalized pot, only because the government wants a piece of the pie.
    The cigarette manufacturers will have to come up with a deal for the government, and also give special reduced price breaks to joggers.

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