Thomas Edsall: Should Biden Emphasize Race or Class or Both or None of the Above?

I strongly agree with James Carville.

As a White Independent voter, I obviously think the woke messaging is extremely repulsive. The wokeness + class framing is still repulsive. The class framing is their best pitch.

New York Times:

“Should the Democratic Party focus on race or class when trying to build support for new initiatives and — perhaps equally important — when seeking to achieve a durable Election Day majority?

The publication on April 26 of a scholarly paper, “Racial Equality Frames and Public Policy Support,” has stirred up a hornet’s nest among Democratic strategists and analysts.

The authors, Micah English and Joshua L. Kalla, who are both political scientists at Yale, warned proponents of liberal legislative proposals that

“Despite increasing awareness of racial inequities and a greater use of progressive race framing by Democratic elites, linking public policies to race is detrimental for support of those policies.”

The English-Kalla paper infuriated critics who are involved in the Race-Class Narrative Project. …

Among independents — a key swing group both in elections and in determining the levels of support for public policies — English and Kalla found “positive effects from the class frame and negative effects from both the race and class plus race frames.”

I’m not a Democratic base voter though.

The Democratic base is composed of race-conscious minorities and woke progressives who are animated by anti-white grievance politics. This is why they are pushing systematic racism theory. These people are the strongest Democrats who are really into the culture war issues while other Democrats have more conservative and moderate views on social issues, but vote on the basis of economics.

The systematic racism nonsense is a dealbreaker for me. While it might energize the Democratic base and drive higher turnout, I suspect it is having the opposite effect with White Independents. The Republicans obviously think that wokeness is a powerful culture war wedge issue for them. I believe they are correct on that point. Everything that I have seen suggests to me that wokeness whether in politics or culture is a toxic brand that has a deep, but narrow appeal to certain personality types.

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  1. They’ ll go for race baiting (especially pandering to blacks) of course. They are being held hostage by AWFLs on all fronts. They are priding themselves to be the anti-White party now.It might need a thriough defeat in the coming elections to reconsider their woketardery. However the useless GOP will fail to take advantage, as usual.

  2. Immigration, an exported manufacturing sector, endless wars, endless spying on citizens, a lack of oversight and discharge of trust-busting laws, and election security are the big issues.

    They, The Biden Administration, will not deal with these things, however, so, to cover up for their ennui and corruption, they wage a war against Whites, on all cultural issues,

    That they think the country can perservere this way simply boggles the mind.

    • @Ivan Turgenev

      Excellent and overlooked point there with the trust busting. If anti-trust laws had been taken seriously in this country Bill Gates would be alot less powerful.

  3. You [speaking to the antiracists and their ideological faction which spans decades] created a colorblind antiracist foundation which is why people are largely hostile to race [not on WN grounds but colorblind grounds. something that many WN don’t understand either], yet act surprised when some are resistant because they cling onto an earlier understanding of antiracism than you. I get you think colorblind theory helps foster systematic racism, but your faction were the main pushers of colorblind antiracism till it didn’t give you the equality you wanted… and started to look for new theories to explain disparities.

    I do believe in systemic racism as they call it in a certain sense. Blacks do receive harsher sentencing and are more profiled (although with the vilifications of white people as the big threat to minorities that may be changing. I think this is more complex and not black and white). But unknown to the, men vs women have a even wider disparity with sentencing and profiling. People do have prejudicial perceptions of various groups. Gays are known to be engaged in more sex related crimes. The systemic antiracist wing are still very narrow minded. That warps their conclusions. Also they tend to ignore other racial groups like Asians (or Mestizos Hispanics to some extent) for a lot of arguments centered around Africans. I also don’t agree with their idea that a racial majority should not dominate and control the institutions or should be represented everywhere. Minorities are not owed that equal representation. “Yellow” people dominate the institutions in China. A “white” or European majority can do the same. These more radical antiracists do not have a solid grasp on what a majority and minority entails. Or how demographics, geography, and institutions work.

    Sure, black people live in poorer neighborhoods which are closer to freeways, etc, and have health hazards. I guess you can frame it as race or class with it comes to health/environmental hazards based on what neighborhoods you live in, etc.

    I guess the issue is pretty complex. These subjects warrant true exploration, but they’ll probably never get the justice they deserve.

    But as Hunter says, they’re motivated by grievance against the white majority (or majority in general because I believe it also is about men vs women gays vs straights trannies vs not. any minority who has grievance finds their way in these politics. Not just race. I digress). It is a large turn off to people more conscious of what’s going on (most who engage in white grievance are ALSO not aware what is going on a deeper level). I’m not interested in placating minority grievance.

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