Department of Social Justice Announces Hate Crime Charges In Ahmaud Arbery Case

You know how this goes.

Ibram X. Kendi popularizes the concept of systematic racism.

The corporate media goes around cherry picking which crimes to pluck out of context and raise to national prominence as examples to justify the social justice gospel, prosecutes and convicts cops or suspects in the court of elite opinion and writes the sacred anti-white and anti-police narrative and then Merrick Garland and the Department of Social Justice swoops in to great fanfare to announce an investigation or “hate crime” charges. At the end of the day, the social justice system sees what it wants to see and prosecutes who it wants to prosecute based on its own political bias just like in communist East Germany.


“Three Georgia men were indicted today by a federal grand jury in the Southern District of Georgia and charged with hate crimes and the attempted kidnapping of Ahmaud Arbery. The indictment also charges two of the men with separate counts of using firearms during that crime of violence. …”


Merrick Garland’s Red Terror has officially begun.


“WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department brought federal hate crimes charges Wednesday in the death of Ahmaud Arbery, charging a father and son who armed themselves, chased and fatally shot the 25-year-old Black man after spotting him running in their Georgia neighborhood.

Travis McMichael and his father, Gregory, were charged along with a third man, William “Roddie” Bryan, with one count of interference with civil rights and attempted kidnapping. The McMichaels are also charged with using, carrying and brandishing a firearm during a crime of violence.

The case is the most significant civil rights prosecution undertaken to date by the Biden administration Justice Department and comes as federal officials have moved quickly to open sweeping investigations into troubled police departments as civil rights takes center stage among the department’s priorities. …”

I like how they put it here … “three white men.” That’s what this is about. It is the only reason we ever heard of this case which was just used as fodder to push the woke narrative.


“Three white men in Georgia face federal hate crime charges in last year’s death of Ahmaud Arbery, the Black man who was jogging when the suspects pursued him, confronted him and shot him. …”

Merrick Garland has already announced investigations of the Minneapolis Police Department (George Floyd) and Louisville Police Department (Breonna Taylor). The hate crime charges in the Armed Robbery case is just the latest sign that the corporate media writes the script now. We should stop pretending that “journalists” are anything but commissars now.

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  1. Trump and Pence already pronounced them guilty. The white man had an obligation to let the attacking nigger take his gun and kill him with it. I can’t believe you peckerwoods dont see that.

    • I do but i find solace in the clear fact Russia and China wil soon liberate us from our torment think Poland 1939 with globalhomo

    • In the war, words do not matter. Victory is what matters. When diversity gets blank check to attack white males , diversity discovers very soon that attacking rich liberal white males is more beneficial than attacking poor rural white males.

      Natural law. Big pray low risk is better target than small prey high risk. Looting rich soy boy neighborhoods is much more funny than gunfight in the rural poor area.

      Yes, they probably claim bunch of innocent white scalps before attacking rich liberal whites but unfortunately there is no such thing like safe war. Even The Protocols of the Elders of Zion mentions that sometimes is necessary to sacrifice their own. And they sacrificed even Trotsky.

  2. Got home last night. The contrast to rural areas to where I am now always gets to me. Las Vegas is getting back to normal. I like being in the city. It’s different them being out in out in random areas.

    We have the real deal out here. Shoulder up and toughen up. Things happen. Was great to see the eyes of people in my city. Unique city. And it’s fast as fuck.

    I prefer the aggressive nature of a city over the passive ways of rural areas.

    • Vegas represents the single most degenerate example of modernity brought by the likes of Moe Dalitz, Benny Siegal, Meyer Lansky, Steve Winn and Sheldon Adelson. Nothing more than a cluster of gambling, boozing, tit bars and consumerism surrounded by Mexican and black ghettos.

  3. Ah the Jogger needs to be hyped also now. After all, he was the systems firts attempt in the election year to push through the “systemic raycissm” narrative. But then G. Floyd sacrificed himself and happened to be the much better pawn in this farce.

    • It looks like they’re moving on to the case in Elizabeth, NC now. The black guy had outstanding warrants (I’m shocked!), fled in his car when the sheriff showed up and got shot escaping by the county sheriff’s dept., not the Elizabeth City municipal police, not that it makes a difference to the nogs. If it turns out that the jogger got shot in the back the Lügenpresse will feast off of this case for a while encouraging riots coast to coast.

    • @Brett Clever:

      Too bad! The jogger’s name sounded so much like ARMED ROBBERY that the Alt Right were beginning to have fun with it. I honestly think the Left dropped it because even THOSE dumb asses noticed it.

      Uhhh… Merrick Garland seems to have an axe to grind with Southern men.

      Doesn’t he know that Frankly, My Dear, Mitch “The Turtle” McConnell doesn’t give a damn?!

  4. The trio is looking at a natural life bid in a Georgia State Prison. As a person that has done some short state time, not good. Those guys will probably get involuntary protective custody. 23 hour lock down. Involuntary means they don’t have an option to opt out of gen pop.

    So that’s hard time. Think on that. In prisons back when I did my time there was “new man”. That’s when you get the TB shot in your forearm. Sit for 72 in seg.

    Fight or whatever it’s seg time. These guys are looking at life in segregation. Small cell with, depending on where they are housed, with a shower in a prison with some walk around time.

    Very hard. Soap given is hard on the skin. Water is hard. Itches. You get used to it. And your neighbors are just insane.

    In some PC units the inmates are scum. Unimaginable crimes. I was housed next to a PC unit where a guy fucked a dog, and I sat around all day watching guys in my unit talking the cops into letting them bash their heads in.

    Crazy stuff. These guys, if they get locked are headed to a new world. They can forget about everything if they get life.

    We had a guy that I knew from “the street” on my tier when I was on just a month on a bid. Turned out he was a sex offender that he kept secret. In the prison the doors would slam three times and it was breakfast.

    The tier was on his door. They were pulling him out. Guards went in hard and saved him. There are no secrets in prison. Lots of people and word gets out.

    If these guys get convicted. Done.

    I was with a crew of guys that were involved with a shooting. It was ugly. When I was in new man in this spot I was around them. They basically just were removed from everyone.

    23 lockdown for sure if they convicted. I don’t think they can even opt out to pop if they pleaded.

    The staff in prison are not the compassionate type.

  5. I was in a prison hospital one day and was sitting next to a nigger with his lip hanging off. Sliced across the mouth. Open wound. Wide open,

    The cops were laughing. Opened up. The type of wound that just makes you get queasy. The prison was a big one.

    Those guys are going to be in the corner. And hence the other stuff that goes on. It’s a real world in prison. Very intense.

    One thing about it, there is nowhere to run to. Run of the mill time, you see everyone three times a day. There is no retreat. Men carry themselves with respect. But bad crimes in the eyes of others will equal some crazy. And guards don’t care. Prison guards are the scum of the earth.

    They volunteer for the job. The people in there just want to get out. There are some people in there that say they are on the lifetime in and out program, and that’s a real thing. A lot of people are in prison that have no problem with it. It’s not that bad for many of them.

    The structure etc. friends and wild times. It’s a “lifetime” in and out. Odd culture.

    Those Rednecks are in for a surprise. It’s very unfortunate but they will adapt. If they had a nice life, that’s over. And I think the cops/guards will look out for them. If they get life other new guards will cycle in and who knows.

    Gulags. That is what prison is. It’s hard, but when you get out everything is easier. Hard to explain.

  6. One of my best friends in one place shot four Men in the head in a hotel lobby. We were good friends. Worked out daily.

    His buddy wa in bad shape and he got there and handled it. I asked him jokingly was it worth it?

    Here we are doing fucking deadlifts and pulls ups off a gas line in the prison gym. Nothing. Fuck it.

    He ended up getting out before me. Appeal. Shot four people and he’s probably out now. Unless he’s gotten back to his old ways. Prison is not bad. But you will meet some very serious seasoned people.

    When I’m asked I tell people I’ve never laughed so hard so hard and never met better people. Real deal. Not bad but when it’s happening you just put your mind on what you are going to do when you get out. Keep that fucking focus.

    Getting your stuff and your cell riled up. Whenever. Seeing the guards really afraid. I was in for selling narcotics to my neighbors. And it was a real hell zone. Made tons of cash, hurt lives and did my time.

    And the day I walked out I switched it up. So… I have a bit of perspective.

    My two best friends were killed before I hit 20. Bad business. And I lucked out.

    There is a clear way out of this.

  7. I actually denied parole in a hearing. Stayed in. Parole and constant being watched over or another 8 months. I took the eight months.

    Moved and it turned out well. Sometimes hard decisions. My fiends thought I was joking when I had the parole hearing. I’m denying the motherfucker. Fuck them.

    I walked in in and a group of people wanted me to beg to get out.

    No, I’m good. “We are done here”.

    Eight months later, no parole. I’m on the beach in San Diego. No strings attached. Good stuff.

  8. I was in a spot before I was sentenced. A jail in western MA. I didn’t even know the place existed. I was barley sleeping two hours a night a night in a jail in Boston and woke up and was transferred to Springfield MA

    So I go through new man and another 72 hour lockdown with a bunch of strangers who had an issue with me because I’m White and was transferred from Boston. The jail was a free for all. We were in a pod with probably about 150 people.

    No hair cut for weeks. A nigger with a bandage on his hand, got shot in shoot out. Another nigger that killed a Jamaican point blank. The place was a stress pot.

    The majority of guys in there were NYC guys. Puerto Rican’s and just drug dealers. You name it. I knew no one. My cell mate was downing pills to sleep all day and was scared to walk out of the cell when it was rec time.

    Insane stuff. Big guy stuff. Day in and day out. I always have the mentality of if any gets near me or gets disrespectful, grab and roll. Not happening. We can go there. No question.

  9. This is an agenda set with the Trayvon Martin case. White man stops or defends self, or property, or neighborhood, against negro with a criminal record. It’s the same thing being played out over and over.

    I don’t know why anyone is shocked. We don’t live in a free country anymore, yet people just go on and on about the Republicans.

    You watch…not ONE Republican will challenge this or help them.

    • I know “conservatives” who still “trust the system”, somehow. Fools. Maybe some people just can’t deal with reality, so they lie to themselves.

  10. I’m going to take a nuanced stance on this incident, looking back at it. Even when it occurred, I wasn’t 100% on the side of the McMichaels. I still feel more-or-less the same way.

    In a sane and just world, this obviously wouldn’t be anything remotely near a “crime” on their part. I fully believe that people have a right to defend their homes and neighbors with lethal force if necessary. This “jogger” had no business in their neighborhood and he was a know thief. That should be the end of it.

    But thus happened only a couple of years ago, and the political climate was extremely hot. These men knew that they were considered evil just for being southern while men. I don’t care who you think you are, you don’t go chasing down ANYONE, with a gun in a pickup truck in this climate, let alone a black man. Do I agree with that climate being the case? No. But I know it is. As far as I know, Arbery had not stolen anything of any value at this particular time. He wasn’t running down the road with a $200 Milwaukee drill or a toolbox full of DeWalt, Klein, or Craftsman tools. It simply wasn’t worth it to chase this man down, even without a shotgun in hand.

    In spirit, I’m on their side. But I think these men were fools.

    Also, I’m a southerner and I love my people, but being sloppy fat with doughy round faces and unkept beards doesn’t equate with “southernness” and we shouldn’t be defensive of southerners who go out of their way to look like walking caricatures. I’m not saying that anyone should conform to yankee standards of style and dress, but being a fat slob isn’t the way to rebel against the evil empire.

    • The “jogger” had 359 different directions he could have “jogged” towards and, yet, chose the only path that took him straight at the individual with a shotgun.

      Only the “wokest” jokes call that being “chased” and an attempted “kidnapping.”

  11. Georgia is not Minnesota. I’ve been working at a Minnesota company for a few years now, and got to know a lot of those idiots. For a normal Southerner who hasn’t experienced Minnesota it is impossible to understand how completely screwed in the head these people are. A Southern Man has nothing in common with these Minnesota communists.

    A Georgia jury is not a Minnesota jury. After they get off, Biden’s Jew at the Department
    Of Kosher Justice will be there, is already there, for the double jeopardy. But still another Georgia jury. The yid might just lose again.

    That said, pursuing the jogger like that, even though moral and legal, was not wise.

    • It was absolutely justified. The black was clearly looking at areas to steal from. He ran into people,that stopped the that.

      It is what is is. Take things from others and there is a cost.

  12. Vile mob justice.

    You can’t just break into someone’s house under construction. Doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, pink, or rainbow.

    I would’ve called the police and chased the guy but got the police to apprehend the subject. Yet there’s stupid white people and black people who think was normal and is what anyone did when they job (pro-tip it’s not. I do cardio. I never went into someone’s house under construction. that’s fucking stupid. then agian, I know how to be a decent human being). A lot of black just think it’s normal shit to do. Then there’s loser white people who try to normalize it because they want to defend any black person no matter what.

    It’s so pathetic.

    They’ll probably be found guilty.

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