Tucker Carlson: Joe Biden’s Political Crackdown

From my perspective, it doesn’t really matter what Joe Biden said last night about shots in arms, jobs, stimulus checks or rebuilding our infrastructure. When the FBI and the DOJ are acting like the NKVD in the Soviet Union or the Stasi in East Germany and targeting you for state repression on the basis of your political views, there is no other issue that comes close to that in importance.

The intelligence agencies were weaponized by the Democrats and used to undermine the Trump administration and to fabricate charges that could be used to punish everyone who worked for Trump. The feds are still going around retaliating against people who worked for Trump like Roger Stone and Rudy Giuliani. Trump himself was impeached twice by this nonsense. Also, if they are doing this to people who were as powerful as Trump’s inner circle, there is obviously nothing stopping them from doing it to ordinary citizens. We saw yesterday that the FBI was illegally using the NSA’s database to violate the Fourth Amendment rights of alleged “racially motivated domestic extremists.”

“Shots in arms” might sound like a winning message in isolation, but when that is mixed up with things like imposing a political litmus test on the military and purging people based on Heidi Beirich’s recommendations or manufacturing fake stories like “Russian bounties” to keep American troops mired in Afghanistan or the War on the Police it looks very different.

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  1. It is not our nation anymore and I see no solution among the “Racialist Right” which will ever get her back. But do we really want her back? She is like an unfaithful spouse that has had sex with other persons, more especially people of color, time and time again while ignoring her husband and family and not only ignoring them but casting abuse and neglect, and inviting others to physically attack them, at every opportunity. It is, after all, the 3rd term of Barrack Obama via political proxies. This is what Obama 3.0 looks like!

  2. The Capitol rioters were/are being tortured, too. One guy, I believe it was the one who put his feet up on Pelosi’s desk, was reportedly beaten so severely by prison guards that he lost vision in one of his eyes. And the republicans will not even put up the mildest defense of their own voters being literally tortured as political dissidents.

    • I agree. The Republicans just ignore this stuff. They agree with the Democrats, about anyone who protests our freedoms. Meanwhile, jogger thugs can attack and kill, and nothing happens. F the Republicans. They are in bed with the Democrats.

  3. I do not believe that this gearing up very much. The problem is that there is no serious revolutionary force towards Donald supporters.

    Let`s take average brat. This creature may be happy that Rudy got his yuuge apartment raided but in the moment brat quits reading, reality kicks in and creature realizes again that it can not afford it`s own apartment.

    Now Rudy is not boss anymore so brat need to push someone else who can create well paid Government jobs or do another diversity department in the corporation.

    Repression of Derek Chauvin, Rudy and Nick are signs that The Swamp is running out of red meat. Of course, they try it more and this means that on the grassroot level, every pro white must be very careful.

    But in the end, this is very much of ordinary communist revolution. Many people did revolution but very little got good life. Now those angry insulted second class revolutionaries demand their pay and then sooner or later all hell breaks loose.

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