Mitt Romney Loudly Booed and Called a Traitor at Utah GOP Convention

Editor’s Note: After a long day on the road, we finally made it back home from New Orleans. OD will be back to our normal schedule next week.

In light of what happened during the 2016 election, I was under the impression that Mitt Romney was like a rock star out in Utah and that the state was a bastion of True Conservatism.

Washington Post:

“Utah Republicans loudly booed Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) at a state party convention Saturday, shortly before a failed effort to censure him for his votes to convict former president Donald Trump.

A clip from the event in West Valley City, Utah, shows Romney walking up to a lectern to a raucous mix of cheers and louder boos from the nearly 2,000 delegates …

Later Saturday, a resolution to censure Romney for voting to remove Trump from office was defeated by a 798 to 711 vote, according to Utah Republican Party spokeswoman Lynda Cox.

About 1,900 delegates were in attendance at the start of the state organizing convention, held at the Maverik Center, Cox said. …

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, some called Romney a “traitor” and a “communist” on Saturday as delegates shouted their disapproval toward the stage. Shortly after Romney began, outgoing Utah GOP Chairman Derek Brown called on the crowd to “show respect.” …”

In the post-Trump era, Mitt Romney nearly got censured in Utah for voting to impeach Trump and was called a traitor and booed off the stage. This is another little sign of how far the ground has shifted since 2016. Liz Cheney was censured. Ben Sasse was “rebuked” by the Nebraska GOP. The GOP establishment or Never Trump or True Cons wing has only grown weaker with Joe Biden as president.

Note: In light of the resorting of the electorate, I am starting to think that folks like us might have gotten frustrated and given up too soon. We’re not even really pushing these people like we have in the past, but our views are gaining ground among normies anyway.

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  1. They might be mad at Romney, but look at what they want to replace him with. ZOGtard Trump. This is Tea Party 2.0. In five years, their elected representatives will be tearing down Confederate flags, and speaking for the US empire at the U.N.

    • ” look at what they want to replace him with. ZOGtard Trump.”

      Fastest horse in the glue factory.

    • Agree 100%.

      Hunter, we have not jumped the gun on ditching GOP electoral politics – we’re just ahead of the curve and not getting tricked for once.

      It’s up to us to lead these people away from the final gatekeepers and hopium dispensers like Tucker, Greene, DeSantis et al. Real change is not going to come from within this system. To the extent we participate in electoral politics, it should be local or as “protest campaigns” that challenge people to vote for Our Guys as a thumbs-down on the Weimerican system.

  2. I don’t like Pierre Delecto one bit but I don’t like Zion Don either. Gov. Desantis, Rep. Greene and Sen. Paul are the only three Republicans I can think of offhand whom I don’t despise. But I’m sure they’ll let me down eventually as well.

    • Don’t criticize Israel in Florida or DeSantis will have you arrested. DeSantis is another jew puppet and supports Israel more than he does the 1st amendment.

    • Just passed through Montgomery, Birmingham, Tupelo, Memphis, St. Louis, Little Rock, Baton Rouge, New Orleans and Mobile. It was quite a tour. I am exhausted

      • “Montgomery, Birmingham, Tupelo, Memphis, St. Louis, Little Rock, Baton Rouge, New Orleans and Mobile. ”

        All the places NOT to live.
        (Not to visit, if you have the choice.)

        Aside from a deep and noble history, What do any of those cities have ?

        • Once HW recovers he should visit Key West. I wonder if he had a chance during his recent tour of the Deep South to visit the Beauvoir House in Biloxi, where President Davis spent his final years? I was there many years ago.

  3. Over time, all this is going to have some effect. No, i think we are not going to get tea party 2. Everybody is perfectly aware what happened to them. Have some faith in people, give history some time to work. Like Hunter said, evidence that things are changing for the Republicans is all over the place.

    • Actually we’ve already had Tea Party 2.0. It was called MAGA and KAG. It was led by Trump and his ZOGtard family of scammers, Alex Jones conspiratards, and right wing Jews. Trump’s family pinched a large portion of the 2020 re-election campaign money, which is another reason why he lost.

      Up next is Tea Party 3.0, which will not be allowed to win. If I were you, I would spend the next four years doing something interesting, instead of following Trump’s doomed re-election campaign, because you only get one life.

      I was reading about why Trump didn’t join Parler or Gab. Apparently he demanded they give him half ownership of the sites just for posting, and he wanted them censored according to ZOGservative values. So no racisms, and definately no criticism of jews, because Trump loves them. Tea Party 3.0 here we come!

      • There is a Q-tard in my area who believes Biden is some type of clone and thinks Trump is still President! Sadly, I’m sure there are others like her.

  4. Magic Drawers didn’t fight Dump because he was concerned with his “character issues”, but because he wanted to get back at the “racist white trash” who upset the cozy Establishment Repulingcant loser apple cart by making him president.

  5. I think Governor and Senator Romney a fine gentleman, a very bright and capable person, and, beyond his own ambitions (formidable, no doubt) he cares for other people and Humanity at large.

    The hell of it is his politicks- his brand of thinking along the lines that folks like McConnell, McCain, Bush, Obama, Kerry, Cheney, and Dole have and had, and, therefore, he not only is useless, as a political figure, he’s downright dangerous.

    I think most people think along these lines about him, and, that so, I ain’t surprised he was booed.

    He is totally out of step with the majority of Whites.

    • “I think Governor and Senator Romney a fine gentleman”

      That worm ?
      He only plays to his audience, and poorly .

      • Agreed. There’s nothing there to like. They even tainted their bloodline with a adoption.

        To me, he’s just another liberal.

  6. @ i believe, behind that veneer of pc, wokeism and mormon wholesomeness, Senator Rommey has some ulterior motives, very large presence of mormons in thee intellience agencies, they are a faction of power with strength, but who do they serve, who are they loyal too?

  7. It’s just a lot of noise. He’s going to get reelected and Trump may be just as senile as Biden is now in 3 years. Certain “conservatives” pushing Trump for 2024 is just a ploy to keep the restless normies in line and pacified.

  8. I saw this earlier this afternoon in my feed reader, and what shocked me was how shocked Romney was. He had absolutely no clue. Must not get out much.

  9. The voting machines are still rigged. Have been for over 30 years. If the RNC won’t protect you then you are will lose.

  10. I am no fan of Romney, but he was right about one thing. The people in that audience calling Mr. Bain Capital a communist should be embarrassed.

    Calling a corporate raider and trickle down enthusiast a communist shows that they do not know the definition of communism. It made them look stupid.

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