Newsweek: Violent Antifa Turn to New Tactic, Embrace Violent Insurgency

There actually is an “insurrection” or “insurgency” being carried out by “domestic violent extremists” that is going on in Joe Biden’s America. It is just not one that Merrick Garland’s Department of Social Justice has any intention of noticing or doing anything about because the insurgents are a bunch of spoiled brats whose mommies and daddies tend to be upper middle class professionals. These people are so privileged that they are free to break the law with impunity, destroy the property of others, lay siege to police stations and even declare themselves to be a sovereign independent nation inside Seattle.


“After relentless attacks on police and a successful defund movement, police departments across the country are suffering depleted staffing and resources. Radicals are taking advantage.

Weeks into increasingly violent riots and demonstrations, activists in Seattle and Portland are spreading out their “direct actions” as a way to stretch police resources. Some of this is intentional. Secretly recorded video and internal organizing reveal Antifa, Black Lives Matter agitators and other radicals are using the tactic to try and wreak havoc on the Pacific Northwest. …

It’s possible that Antifa’s new strategy has emerged by coincidence. Anecdotally, there’s reason to believe newer activists are joining the cause, radicalized by anti-police propaganda they’re seeing online and on cable news. New “autonomous” action flyers are being distributed online, inspiring individuals to take up their own demonstrations. These new recruits could show signs of a more alarming risk.

An article in The Conversation argues the “United States is at risk of an armed anti-police insurgency.” In it, University of Alberta associate professor Temitope Oriola writes that “Entities operating independently will spring up, but over time, a loose coalition may form to take credit for actions of organizationally disparate groups for maximum effect.”

“The various groups will initially seek to avoid civilian casualties, and this may help to garner a level of support among the socially marginal from various backgrounds,” Oriola predicts. “The public would be concerned but relatively secure in understanding that only the police are being targeted. Escalation may ensue through copycat attacks.”

Antifa agitators already do some version of this. They’ve tried to murder law enforcement, including by attempting to burn officers alive inside a police precinct in Seattle and torching the Portland police officers’ union.

And they’ve taken notice of the article. Antifa and other radicals are celebrating and amplifying it. Forget, for a moment, a few Antifa actions on any given night. Do you think we’re staffed to police an insurgency?”

Antifa are already targeting critical infrastructure and government buildings. They sacked a police station in Minneapolis. They set an ICE building in Portland on fire earlier this month.

The Conversation:

“Any anti-police insurgency in the U.S. will likely start as an urban-based guerrilla-style movement. Attacks may be carried out on sites and symbols of law enforcement. Small arms and improvised explosive devices will likely be weapons of choice, which are relatively easy to acquire and build, respectively. The U.S. has the highest number of civilian firearms in the world with 120.5 guns per 100 persons or more than 393 million guns.

Critical infrastructure and government buildings may be targeted after business hours. The various groups will initially seek to avoid civilian casualties, and this may help to garner a level of support among the socially marginal from various backgrounds. The public would be concerned but relatively secure in understanding that only the police are being targeted. Escalation may ensue through copycat attacks.

The U.S. government will seem to have a handle on the insurgency at first but will gradually come to recognize that this is different. African American leaders will likely be helpless to stop the insurgency. Anyone who strongly denounces it in public may lose credibility among the people. Authenticity would mean developing a way to accommodate the insurgents in public rhetoric while condemning them in private. …”

The cops are giving up and leaving in droves in these big cities.

Antifa have taken notice of this and have been launching more of their “direct actions” to demoralize the police and stretch police resources over a wide area. There is chatter that the police might have been successfully weakened by the corporate media to the point where an armed insurgency by leftwing terrorists could successfully take over a major American city like Portland or Seattle.

Note: If the “far right” burned down a single Wendy’s, it would be breathlessly covered by the media as the worst disaster since Pearl Harbor. These people get away with this because the “journalists” are on their side. You see, it is not “extremism” when they try to burn the police alive inside their police stations.

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  1. I wonder how much of this new coordinated violence by Antifa is being carried out on orders from the jewish NKVD boss Merrick Garland?

  2. Sooner or later they will be stopped but it should have happened under Trump but he was too weak and afraid. Now they are being enabled under Biden and being protected by his DOJ. Greg Johnson has a good commentary on BLM and Antifa on TPC yesterday.

  3. and yet the dissident right squabbles over optics and activism. what a fucking joke these fake nationalists are.

  4. “armed insurgency by leftwing terrorists could successfully take over a major American city like Portland or Seattle.”

    Good ! Libtards deserve it.

    P.S. don’t shop whole-foods

  5. You need to quit simping for the cops, HW – they have irrefutably proven that they are no friend to White America.

    • @cd – The articles is simply reporting what is coming. Also it should be recognized that in small towns the police still do provide a service and offer protection to the citizenry. For now, anyway.

  6. How is what’s happening to us today any different from what was happening to Jews in1930’s Germany? The only difference is who the racial hatred is aimed at.

    • It’s infinitely Different. The Jews were not productive in German society and existed as a middle man class and parasitic non creative element. What’s happening to whites in the US right now is what happened to the Germans in 1946…

  7. The Allen House Is Burned
    “Nothing but Blackened Chimneys”
    Mrs. Fannie E. Allen looked back on her family’s terrible experiences in Columbia in 1865 and wrote out an account of “those facts which were stamped indelibly on my mind at the time”:

    Several thousand women and children, a handful of men, eighty-four squares of beautiful dwellings. Such was Columbia on February 14, 1865. On February 15, General Sherman and an army of sixty thousand men occupied the banks of the Congaree, on the Lexington side, and in two days the city presented the appearance of having passed through a rain of tire.

    The shelling of the city commenced early Thursday morning. The shells fell thick and fast, in every direction, the arsenal and the State House furnishing conspicuous marks. One fell directly at my mother’s feet, but, fortunately, the fuse had been extinguished, and the missile did not explode. The sudden attack and the fear of what was to follow rendered us numb with fear, and we scarcely had power to take ourselves to a place of safety.

    Fortunately, my father, just home from the army, although nearly dead with consumption, was with us, and we felt more secure than thousands of others less fortunate.

    After an almost sleepless night, we were startled about daybreak by a loud explosion. Hastily dressing and getting out, we learned that the South Carolina warehouse had been blown up, and the wildest rumors were afloat as to its cause.

    The “swish-swish ’’of the pontoons being laid for the army to cross told us that Sherman intended entering the city at once. In less than an hour afterward the work of pillage and destruction commenced. Drunken soldiers, the worst corps in the army, had been sent over, accompanied by drunken negroes, staggering around, insulting women and children, and taunting them with their helplessness. Darkness, that which we worst feared, fell, and with it began the crowning deed of all. A blaze was seen a little way off; the fire bell began to ring.

    Soon another blaze was seen, then another, until the whole town was a mass of flames. Soldiers, now crazy with drink, began to look for something more valuable than food or clothing, blouses were entered, and jewelry, gold and silver, plate—anything of value—was taken. This did not happen in every case. At some house an officer would stop, and that house was generally safe, as the officer would throw a guard around it. Such cases, however, were rare.

    As the fire drew nearer our house on Assembly Street, we began to move the household effects out A Yankee soldier, half drunk, came by and, seeing a trunk, wanted to open it. My brother, about fifteen years of age, attempted to stop him, butwas silenced with an oath, and the trunk was smashed in and rummaged through.

    With our house burned, we would have fared badly, but our neighbor, Mrs. T.B. Clarkson, who came over for protection, with her baby, had the servants to erect a kind of shelter with a few boards, and under this we stopped for the rest of the night. Sleep was impossible and, half dead with fright, we huddled under these boards, waiting for daybreak.

    The scene that greeted our eyes the next day was heart-breaking. On every side, where there had once been handsome dwellings, were nothing but blackened chimneys, and in the streets were women and children, weeping over their homes and not knowing where the food for that day was to come from.

    The Taylor house, afterwards known as the Haskell place, for some reason was not destroyed, and, along with several others, we took refuge there. The few men in the city took charge of all the food and established a sort of commissary, where supplies were issued several times a day for several days, until outside supplies were received.
    — “The Allen House Is Burned”, South Carolina Civilians in Sherman’s Path by Karen Stokes

    The Yankee Empire doing what it does best — terrorizing the defenseless and destroying. The Union was NOT preserved back in the 1860s but rather replaced by the Yankee Empire and the South became its conquered territories with no way to escape. So get used to more and more Yankee Empire abuse of its “citizens” as time goes by. This latest rendition of the Yankee Empire will completely conquer us too if we allow it.

    • @ Banned for life, excellent work as usual from you, we are not going to allow it, thee arrogance of thee empire, spells its end, we have suffered defeat and all thee horror’s that go with it, this time , this evil dying empire, will pay for its sin,

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