American Purpose: The Bitter Heartland

I missed this.

I’m sure some of our readers have noticed the shift in focus.

Yes, I still believe that race exists and that Jews are wealthy and powerful and I still write about those traditional subjects, but that is not what really commands my attention these days. The local blacks and Hispanics who live around here aren’t our rulers. It is the people who live upstairs in the Democratic coalition. We’re focused now squarely on the cosmopolitan professional managerial class in this country and how it wields power against us and has rigged the system to its own advantage.


“Here we can pause to quote conservative Scott Alexander, who wrote earlier this year, “Wokeness is a made-up mystery religion that college-educated people invented so they could feel superior to you.” Continuing, Alexander added, “The whole point is that the only way not to be racist is to master an inscrutable and constantly-changing collection of fashionable shibboleths and opinions which are secretly class norms.” 

So we can see: Alexander is agreeing with Carville; the whole essence of wokeness is that it’s a status symbol.  Just as some people choose to raise themselves—at least in their own estimation—by gaining an affected accent, others seek to gain status by becoming fluent in woke. Politically correct lingo thus further distinguishes Berkeley, CA, from, say, Beckley, WV.  …”

Tablet Mag:

In the third decade of the 21st century, the Social Register still exists, there are still debutante balls, polo and lacrosse are still patrician sports, and old money families still summer at Newport. But these are fossil relics of an older class system. The rising ruling class in America is found in every major city in every region. Membership in it depends on having the right diplomas—and the right beliefs. …

Membership in the multiracial, post-ethnic national overclass depends chiefly on graduation with a diploma—preferably a graduate or professional degree—from an Ivy League school or a selective state university, which makes the Ivy League the new social register. But a diploma from the Ivy League or a top-ranked state university by itself is not sufficient for admission to the new national overclass. Like all ruling classes, the new American overclass uses cues like dialect, religion, and values to distinguish insiders from outsiders. …

More and more Americans are figuring out that “wokeness” functions in the new, centralized American elite as a device to exclude working-class Americans of all races, along with backward remnants of the old regional elites. In effect, the new national oligarchy changes the codes and the passwords every six months or so, and notifies its members through the universities and the prestige media and Twitter. …

Woke speech is simply a ruling-class dialect, which must be updated frequently to keep the lower orders from breaking the code and successfully imitating their betters.”

The Atlantic:

“Every piece of the pie picked up by the 0.1 percent, in relative terms, had to come from the people below. But not everyone in the 99.9 percent gave up a slice. Only those in the bottom 90 percent did. At their peak, in the mid-1980s, people in this group held 35 percent of the nation’s wealth. Three decades later that had fallen 12 points—exactly as much as the wealth of the 0.1 percent rose.

In between the top 0.1 percent and the bottom 90 percent is a group that has been doing just fine. It has held on to its share of a growing pie decade after decade. And as a group, it owns substantially more wealth than do the other two combined. In the tale of three classes (see Figure 1), it is represented by the gold line floating high and steady while the other two duke it out. You’ll find the new aristocracy there. We are the 9.9 percent. …”

American Purpose:

“We are living in an age of resentment, a sentiment that often leads to anger but is not the same thing. Resentment shapes today’s politics, especially but not exclusively on the right. It is dangerous, especially if ignored.

Resentment is literally an emotion that is “felt again,” repeatedly. Anger can be transitory; it can flare and burn out. But resentment smolders. Resentful people review—sometimes to the point of obsession—the wrongs that gave rise to their feeling. They brood over them even as they conceal, like Shakespeare’s Iago, what they feel. …

As recently as 1990, only 8.5% of American households had annual incomes of $150,000 or more. By 2019, adjusted for inflation, this share had more than doubled, to 18.6%. During the same period, the share of households making more than $200,000 nearly tripled, from 3.7% to 10.3%. This expansion crossed racial and ethnic lines, with the share of Black households making $150,000 and up tripling from 3.0% to 9.2%. Immigrant families, especially those from East Asia and the Indian subcontinent, swelled this surge.

The members of the new upper-middle class are mostly people with above-average education and in-demand professional skills. They include doctors, health care administrators, lawyers, and academics who are both more numerous and making more than ever before; information economy professionals; lobbyists and government contractors; and upper-tier federal, state, and government workers.

Despite specific differences in professional self-interest, these groups share much in their outlooks. They favor an economy and society open to the world. They welcome trade and immigration, from which most benefit; many have settled far from their birthplaces and extended families. They prize the ability to make new friends. For many, professional relationships are more important than neighborhood ties.

With the growth of the mass upper-middle class came a shift in the cultural center of gravity. Racial and ethnic diversity does not faze these people, nor do changing social norms. Relatively few are social conservatives. They do not understand why anyone would object to equal treatment for LGBTQ individuals. If they identify with any religious dominations, it is with those whose doctrines and practices align with upper-middle-class sensibilities.

The development of a mass upper-middle class has had geographic consequences, because members of this group tend to cluster in metropolitan areas. Many cities have rebounded from their low fortunes in the 1970s and 1980s and have gained in population and tax revenues. Cities and their suburbs have garnered a disproportionate share of the economic growth of the past three decades, while small towns and rural areas have lost jobs and population. As young people have moved away in search of opportunity, their parents and grandparents feel left behind, and their populations have aged. Local schools, centers of community activities and identity, have closed. …”

I don’t recall exactly when these people caught my attention.

Maybe it was being censored by these people.

Maybe it was noticing their effete bugman phenotype.

Maybe it was reading them and watching them on television.

Maybe it was watching the Great Awokening in their wealthy suburbs.

Maybe it was the experience of encountering their brats at so many protests.

Maybe it was noticing that they came from so many different racial and ethnic backgrounds but had a homogeneous worldview that was completely opposed to my own.

The idea that these people are a distinct and privileged social class definitely crystallized in my mind though during the George Floyd riots. The fact that these people could riot and burn down the entire country and blow up police stations and lay siege to the White House and bombard a federal courthouse like Fort Sumter demanded an explanation. Who are these people and why are they allowed to get away with this? Why is Corporate America on their side? Why is the FBI turning a blind eye to them?

Do you remember the Wall of Moms in Portland?

The political establishment was rioting. The woke professional bourgeoisie was rioting. The mayor of Portland and the governor of Oregon refused to do anything about it. The mayor of Seattle tolerated CHAZ. The Wall of Moms even came out to protect their brats in Portland while they engaged in an open insurrection against DHS personnel who were under attack in the federal courthouse. The FBI and DOJ wouldn’t do anything about it because of who their mommies and daddies were. The law doesn’t apply to their social class. They can strike out at others because they are entitled to rule this country.

It is difficult to ignore that all the real attacks are coming from the ranks of upper middle class, college-educated professionals with woke progressive values and their downwardly mobile bastard spawn.

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  1. Beckley, WV has all of the requisite big box stores and restaurant chains today. A lot has changed in southern West Virginia.

    • Why would YOU know about Beckley? Are you from there? Drove through there once going through WV, stopped and got a burger off the freeway- what they call the Redneck Highway.

  2. “The professional managerial class is increasingly putting on airs and acting like it has a divine right to rule”

    Yes, over the last decade, since the arisal of The Tea Party – progressing through the rise of Trump, Populism, and the new race-conscious anti-Globalist/Internationalist White, it is very difficult to miss the tone of those who think they are in charge :

    ‘How dare you call into question anything we say, intend, or recommend!’

    And, indeed, the attitude is so similar to the of the French Baroque Bourbons, I do wonder at what time a guillotine shall rise, and in what form it will be…

    • The guillotine is far too much mercy for them. Justice would best be dispensed by porky and his comrades at the hog farm, where even the woke would be appreciated as a tasty meal. Bet even the tiniest of hats would be readily digested. Later on the pork could be sold to the Chinese. This way nothing goes to waste – not even the squeals. How’s that for capitalist efficiency?

  3. The way these things play out, it will be the outcasts of the elite and the 1% that will instigate any action against the current elite.

    The purges have been ongoing since Clinton tbh.

    Very good analysis as usual, Hunter.

  4. “Conservative” Scott Alexander? He’s a polyamorous Jewish psychiatrist. Whoever wrote that Breitbart article is an idiot. Alexander is as lefty as they come, he’s just the older sort that’s deeply uncomfortable with all this woke stuff.

    • But it truly IS a RELIGION.

      And therefore, worthy of denunciation. As all FALSE FAITHS are.

  5. Hunter, do you realize that the article you quote from the Atlantic is propaganda designed to protect the real elites by shifting blame to the upper middle class? Why do you think that Atlantic published this? It was part of a series of articles with similar themes in the elite media that were all published around the same time.

    The strategy needs to be attack the real elites and their flunkies. Upper middle class people are still largely conservative whites with families. You are imputing actions and views held mostly by school teachers, social workers, HR girls and low paid urban millennial gig economy workers to affluent white families in the suburbs.

    Don’t fall for this line of thinking.

    • From that June 2018 Atlantic article about the 9.9% being the new Aristocracy:

      “The 2016 presidential election marked a decisive moment in the history of resentment in the United States. In the person of Donald Trump, resentment entered the White House. It rode in on the back of an alliance between a tiny subset of super-wealthy 0.1 percenters (not all of them necessarily American) and a large number of 90 percenters who stand for pretty much everything the 9.9 percent are not.”

      “The counties that supported Hillary Clinton represented an astonishing 64 percent of the GDP, while Trump counties accounted for a mere 36 percent. Aaron Terrazas, a senior economist at Zillow, found that the median home value in Clinton counties was $250,000, while the median in Trump counties was $154,000. When you adjust for inflation, Clinton counties enjoyed real-estate price appreciation of 27 percent from January 2000 to October 2016; Trump counties got only a 6 percent bump.”

      “Even so, the distinguishing feature of Trump’s (white) voters wasn’t their income but their education, or lack thereof. Pew’s latest analysis indicates that Trump lost college-educated white voters by a humiliating 17 percent margin. But he got revenge with non-college-educated whites, whom he captured by a stomping 36 percent margin. According to an analysis by Nate Silver, the 50 most educated counties in the nation surged to Clinton: In 2012, Obama had won them by a mere 17 percentage points; Clinton took them by 26 points. The 50 least educated counties moved in the opposite direction; whereas Obama had lost them by 19 points, Clinton lost them by 31. Majority-minority counties split the same way: The more educated moved toward Clinton, and the less educated toward Trump.”

      Upper Middle Class Whites are the drivers of Woke Progressivism. Their morals and values are opposed to everything White Nationalists stand for. They are by no means “conservative whites with families.” They think the Republican Party has drifted in a “Fascist” direction, and they Democrats as the “reasonable” and “competent” party. Richard Spencer and Mark Brahmin wish to recruit these people, as they identify with all of their core values except the big one, which is anti-racism.

      The 9.9% must be looted by the government and reduced to a subsistence existence if the White Race and Western Culture are to survive and thrive. They are a cancer tumor on the body politic that grows larger by the year, consuming everything in their path until we all are reduced to a pitiful subsistence existence ourselves, just like in the old days of the Ancien Regime. “Let them eat cake” has become “let them eat bug burgers.” The 9.9% wants to ritualistically humiliate us for their sadistic pleasure. They want to deprive us of our ability to defend ourselves – through the 2nd Amendment and immigration restriction – and take away our ability to speak our minds. It’s be preferable to be a Black slave in an Antebellum Household than the indentured servitude that the 9.9% intend to reduce us too. Do you want that?

      It all makes sense now why Amren and NPI reduced the entire movement to IQ stats and crime stats: It was a crass attempt to appeal to the selfish instincts of the 9.9%. Check this quote out:

      One of the stories we tell ourselves is that the premium is the reward for the knowledge and skills the education provides us. Another, usually unfurled after a round of drinks, is that the premium is a reward for the superior cranial endowments we possessed before setting foot on campus. We are, as some sociologists have delicately put it, a “cognitive elite.”

      These “superior cranial endowments” have a de facto racial basis. IQ studies are designed to get the 9.9% to acknowledge, accept, and embrace this de facto racial divide in cranial endowment, and thus provide a justification for their own position and continued dominance in this “meritocratic” society. IQ studies are also designed to appeal to the selfish instincts of the 9.9%: “I have superior intellect, my superior intellect is hereditary, and that heredity has a racial foundation, therefore, I must protect my race – the White Race – in order to secure my own just and fair position in society on top of the hierarchy.”

      In essence, this is the outcome that “Racial Science” is designed to coax out of the 9.9%. Its appeal fails for two reasons:

      1. Whites in the 9.9% aren’t driven by the kind of selfishness that Taylor and Spencer wish to exploit. Their selfishness is to play the role of the White Savior, which is a Hero’s Delusion: “I must save non-whites from oppression and marginalization. That is my purpose, it gives me meaning, and I will be praised and worshipped for it.” Its why Danerys Targaryen was so popular, and why Game of Thrones fans wanted the final season redone when she was deconstructed and turned into what she always way: A genocidal maniac, like her Mad King father before her. The 9.9%, in their heart of hearts, are bloodthirsty Jacobins and Bolsheviks, NOT kind-hearted do-gooders trying to make the world a better place.

      2. The 9.9% denies vociferously that IQ differences between the races exist even as they accept their own superior individual IQ compared to the 90 percenters/Deplorables beneath them. Goading them into acknowledging the de facto racial divide of their “superior cranial endowments” is therefore a doomed exercise.

      Unlike Spencer Burger, Jared Taylor at least is a polite man who doesn’t condescend to others below his class, but it says something about the goals of the old Alt Right that they were trying ti appeal to the class of Whites most viciously opposed to White self-defense and White preservationism. Whites in the 9.9% may still be genetically White, but they have surrendered their Aryan card. They are spiritual Jews through and through. Their main cultural issue these days is normalizing sex change therapies and hormone injections to “transgendered” children. Jews didn’t invent transgenderism. They jumped on it when Whites in the 9.9% invented it starting ten years ago.

      Total war, Goebbels style, must be declared on the 9.9%, the cancer of the White Race.

  6. Oh, those vaunted college-edjewcated “white” upper middle class race traitors…Graduating from a commie brainwashing mill in no way proves that a person is a member of the “cognitive elite”: far more bipeds than ever before “accomplish” it, including low-IQ niggers & spics whose only natural business on a campus is as janitors & groundskeepers. It’s all just a credentialism racket, essential for scoring the best-paying jobs, and for molding the cranial contents of the tabulae rasae into jewshit.

  7. Problem is a lot of them in Portland are straight up dregs, drug addicts. Are they really the kids of the upper middle class? Or are they bastards of single women living in apartments in older ring suburbs of places east of the rockies? Likewise did the “defund the police” madness really come from the upper middle class? Or is this the idea of 80s IQ black pseudo intellectuals that the insane whites reflexively embrace like zombies in some new version of The Manson Family?

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