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  1. How did we get to this point? Easy, weakness, cowardliness, pandering, virtual signaling and being afraid to be called names. Letting the jews and blacks turn the tables on us. At one point, blacks were terrified of Whites, now it’s the other way around.

    • @John…

      Very true, but, one thing I would add : Whites are not just terrified of Blacks, we are terrified of our own shadows, and that spills over onto everything else.

      We’re at a low point in our whole history, but, I have every confidence that we will recover.

      God will not allow Jewry do to Gentiles what he refused to allow Nazis to do with Jews, not so long ago.

      In fact, if God wanted White Gentiles, and, thus, by implication, White Gentile Nations, to not exist, they would have been gone a long time ago.

      There in lies my confidence for the future of White Gentiles and White gentile Nations – God will not be mockt, countermanded, censored, or edited.

      No, He won’t….

      • @Ivan,

        I hope you’re right. I just don’t share your optimism at this point. Everything seems to be going in the opposite direction of what it should be. It may change at one point because the pendulum swings both ways but I just don’t see it changing in our lifetime. I hope I am wrong.

      • You shouldn’t put all your hopes into invisible, unprovable beings in the sky. Looks to me like “God” allows innocent people to suffer and be victimized by evil all the time.

  2. Somehow many Jews to count have gotten it into their head that, if they promote the destruction of The White Gentile Founding of this country, and, by implication, the removal of any White Gentile ownership of it, all the while raising Holocaustianity and Zionist Israel onto Mount Olympus and denouncing anyone who dare question it, that things are going to be good, or, at least better than they are, or ever have been.

    I have a different view, however – the view of an older Southerner who came from a White Southern Culture that neither encouraged Black Southerners to know their history, nor be proud of it, nor did the White Southern Culture I grew up in really want to acknowledge, in the macro sense, the contribution of Southern Negroes to Southern Life, beyond the immediate kitchen and fields.

    We, White Southerners, are reaping the whirlwind on that kind of cultural niggardliness, nowadays, because what goes around comes around – no matter who the agents of that or where and when it does come to pass.

    Jewry, however, is not making that connection – that by attempting to finish off, once and for all, The White Gentile Nations, while they seem to be down on the proverbial matt, Jews are not going to achieve that, but, instead,are merely unwittingly setting the soil for a whole new crop of American Eichmanns, Greses, Heydrichs, Himmlers, Kochs, Ohlendorfs, and Hösses.

    That is precisely what I am thinking, as I watch the author Howard Zinn, in this interview – that I would like to put my hand on him, look him straight in the face, and say : ‘Do you have any idea what you are doing to your own people?’

  3. That “Cynical Historian” bugboi bloviates about the Repuglicants attempting to “disenfranchise” nigs & other muds with the mild election reforms taking place, but of course he’s got nothing negative to say about the disenfranchising of Whites with kike/Democrat opened borders.

    And Jesus Christ, am I sick of looking at his phenotype. That’s the kind that increasingly holds center stage in politics & corporations, promoted by their fellow genetic garbage known as the jews.

    • Well said! The urban hipster narrator (does he run a used record and comic book store in Portland, I wonder?) also neglected to tell us what neoconservatives really believe in: Jew supremacy and Zionist world domination!

  4. what is cynical about the “cynical historian”? he says all the
    buzzwords of “denialism” and “racism”. The “black codes” were racist
    and disenfranchised blacks? how about the “Reconstruction Acts which
    did the same thing to whites”? Oh
    wait we are not going to talk about that. This guy is such a cringe
    libtard, he talks about how the present day GOP is creating racist “voting
    restrictions to target minorities”

    Also Goldwater didn’t do “overt race-baiting'” since he was never a
    “racist” to begin with, he co-founded the Arizona chapter of the
    NAACP, and personally de-segregated the businesses he owned and fought
    court cases to stop segregation before the proper civil rights

    Talk of Lee Atwater but no talk of Arthur Finklestein?, though I will
    admit though he more influential in GOP politics he is less known.

  5. Everything Commander Rockwell said was true. He was decades ahead of his time. White America was far too complacent in 1960 to appreciate his efforts.

    • @Spahn…

      Yes, Rockwell was brave, perceptive, and did his duty to help, but, to no avail, this because, not only were we too complacent back then, we were too mind-controlled.

      I think that, in the history of Mankind, never has a government been so successful at controlling it’s people.

      To this end I remember a Russian colleague of men who said, ‘You know, Ivan, we had the Soviet Government spewing out at us this kind of B.S. all the time, but, nobody believed it. Here, people do.’

      One thing I have seen my whole lifelong – joist because you know the truth, and say it plainly, is no guarantee that others would want to here it.

      We all have to struggle through a veil of our own lies, particularly those lies we wish to hold, or so it seems…

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