The Reporters Are Not Okay. Extremely Not Okay

COVID has been traumatizing for coddled Millennial female “journalists” virtually none of whom have suffocated to death like all the old people who have died from the virus.

Study Hall:

“When I told my editors at The Daily Beast that I needed to quit my job as the newsroom’s lead COVID reporter, I couldn’t even say the word “quit.”

Even now, weeks later, it feels like admitting failure.

I was working my dream job in a newsroom I loved where I was writing about what felt like the most important beat in the world. I felt lucky to be employed and alive in the middle of a global pandemic.

But in between meetings and interviews and filing stories, I was falling apart. I was writing poems about suicide. I went whole days without eating at all. At one point, I collapsed onto the floor from dehydration. I was vomiting from stress. I developed a stye in my left eye. I wasn’t getting out of bed most days. I was crying all the time. My nightmares, in which I was shot or raped or watching coworkers burn alive in front of me, scared me so much that some nights I refused to sleep at all. When I wasn’t too afraid to sleep, I was still restless because I was too angry or too anxious or too sad or too filled with shame. I sometimes woke in the early morning hours with bile climbing up my throat and the simmer of heartburn in my chest. There were times I took sick days because I couldn’t stop sobbing long enough to string even a few pitches together.

I was struggling to stay above water when the footage of the January 6 insurrection triggered the post-traumatic stress disorder I thought I’d shaken years ago. By the time someone I loved died a few weeks later, I was already drowning. …

The combination of immersive trauma and moral injury can be profound, especially combined with racist and sexist violence that has occurred throughout the pandemic.

“By the election last year, I found myself randomly crying during the day, crying between calls,” said the COVID reporter, who has since acknowledged that learning about the term helped her understand how much more difficult her job had become. “It wasn’t until I unexpectedly started crying mid-conversation with a colleague that I thought, gosh, maybe this is not normal.”

Journalism is already “a very fertile breeding ground for moral injury,” but that’s especially the case “when it can mean the difference between large numbers of people living or dying,” said Shapiro. …

But journalists are also all dealing with the enormous pressure of needing to reinvent how we work and disseminate information during a “trauma-drenched” news cycle, said Shapiro. I would add to that mix the online harassment directed disproportionately at journalists marginalized by racism and sexism. …”

Maybe these women should find another occupation?

Maybe they should be pregnant or watching their kids at home?

Maybe their bodies are trying to tell them that their biological clock is ticking and they have stupid choices in life by getting a college degree and writing a bunch of worthless blog posts for a shitlib website?

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  1. Journalism is a good field for people that can lie with a straight face and convince you it’s the truth. Maybe that’s why women are attracted to those jobs.

    • In the old days reporters were men who wore their fedoras tilted to one side with their ties loosened and an unfiltered cigarette dangling out of their mouths as they sat at their typewriters in noisy, smoke-filled newsrooms, turning the air blue with profanity. Then after work they’d go to the racetrack, a boxing match at Madison Square Garden or some watering hole where all the other reporters went to get shit-faced and swap war stories.

      Pfff, women’s lib.

  2. Imagine if we were experiencing a REAL pandemic, like a virulent new strain of the bubonic plague that was resistant to all antibiotics currently available. Then this douchebag would really have something to cry about!

  3. I don’t want journalist freaks having kids. They should continue being alcoholics and hopefully die childless in their 30s. Last thing we need is more of her.

  4. I respek wahmen just as much as the next misogynist does but they are all batshit-crazy – the Millenial gals take it to a whole new level.

  5. Notice ‘felt’ recurring in her posting.
    The entire narrative is drenched in emotion.

    We don’t need journalists with feelings, we need ones who can think and skeptically investigate.

    You’re entirely right, she should be using all those emotions to raise children.

  6. Not once has any health care provider even hinted at the possibility that I may have a mental illness. Like it or not I am the sanest person you are ever going to meet.

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