David French: Liz Cheney Is Too Honest For The GOP

If you have forgotten how awful the True Cons / Right Modernists / Right PMCs used to be before Trump, you can keep up with them at The Bulwark and The Dispatch.

Note: Tucker Carlson is a big improvement over these people. The panel also basically agrees with my take on the shifting demographics and changing attitudes of the Republican base.

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  2. Many Southerners were politically displacet from ‘Our Great Democracy’ decades ago, and, that so, it does not disturb me to finally watch the very same thing happen to those who support, and or supported, our displacement, in the first place.

    Because New England Yankee’ United States is a ‘progressive place’, ever seeking some new truth or higher ground, no institution in this country can remain as it is.

    Thus, we all end up doing the shuffle – this way, that way – back and forth we go, as now goes Miss Liz, and as recently went Mr. French…

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  4. Sending Americans to fight and die for the Jews was Cheney’s biggest accomplishment. This is a telling moment. All those who support Cheney have chosen sides against Americas own young people and in favor of the Jews. It can not be any clearer.

  5. What encourages me is how every day the rent-collectors and cuckolds like Dick Cheney’s dyke daughter and Frenchie are being cast out into the outer darkness.

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