Poll: Majority of Vaccinated Voters Say They Will Still Mask Outside Despite CDC Guidance

Do you remember the moment when you raised your eyebrow and became skeptical of these people who so passionately insist that they believe in “science”?

What was the issue that gave the ball game away?

Was it how “global warming” was quietly replaced with climate change?

Was it their insistence that race is a social construct that has no biological basis and their willingness to demonize anyone who doubted it? Was it their inflexible dogmatic faith in antiracism?

Was it how they started suggesting that “biological sex assigned at birth” was mysterious and misleading? Was it their insistence that our trans girls are women and that anyone can rotate through 20,000 new customized genders depending on their mood on any given day?

How about this one? The majority of people who been vaccinated for COVID in this country plan to defy the CDC’s advice and go around wearing masks outside anyway!

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  1. Historians are going to look back from centuries hence, and regard this affair of coronavirus and all the shenanigans about masks the way we look back at medieval people who whipped themselves to drive away the plague. At least here, the masks were never on outside, and are starting to come off inside.

  2. After having done it here, and abroad, for nearly a century, The Corporate/Globalist web really knows how to control people.

    As someone who never wore a mask once, it’s scary to watch how bamboozled folks were and are over this.

    What particularly scares me is how scared of death folks are, because it means they are not close with The Lord, or with the nature of things.

    This unreasoning fear of death is also a bad sign, as well, because it means most people will not have the spine to fight tyranny – no matter how bad it gets.

    You can be sure those who prompted this whole affair have been watching us closely, and have their meters everywhere.

    They must be very very pleased with themselves.

  3. Funny how most of those mask-holes look like people who don’t give a shit about their health! I think they wear those damn things as a sign that they want to be accepted by other members of the unthinking herd.

  4. There’s the scientific method. And there’s Science. Same root word as the verb to Cut. Cut up analyse and make conclusions based on evidence. We’ve hit herd immunity in most of the UK. 2,000 cases a day in a population of 75,000,000 maybe 10 dead a day. People need to get back to life.

    • None of it makes sense. They have mixed fat women in ab coats “advising” people on videos, talking like the people are toddlers.
      If you can catch the virus after the vaccine, then you’re not immunized, and they ARE telling people you CAN catch Covid, even after being vaccinated…so why take their vaccine??

    • And these same people accuse the non-vaccinated of putting them in danger! Hey moron, if you’re masked and vaccinated, how can I be a risk to you?

  5. I’m so fucking sick of this stupid hoax Last week I accidentally tuned into a news station abcnews something when I woke up. You know the globalhomo cocksuckers who spout antiwhite shit everyday Asians getting attacked by black people and its white supremacys fault.

    They announced that the vaxxed had the privilege to not wear masks(the filthy unvaxxed still have to wear them!) and immediately after saying this they brought this expert out with a giant cocksucking smile on his stupid dumb face saying “They should still wear they them though”. Just unfricking-believable

  6. 99% of the “controversy over masks” is a simple misunderstanding between people living in rural, suburban, and urban areas.

    Obviously, HW can go hunting for alligators out in the swamps without wearing a mask, except for maybe a mosquito mask.

    Asian people have been wearing masks on the subways and buses in every city in the world that has Asians forever. Lot of white people – like me – were always hoping it would become more popular so we wouldn’t draw attention to ourselves wearing one during flu season on the commuter rail. Now? Now I can literally cover my face from all the damn cameras anytime I’m in town. If I were in NYC or something? I’d be in heaven, my entire face covered. It’s the future of public space. Covid 2024!

    In the suburbs in depends. It’s obviously white suburbanites, living in white suburbans, who are annoyed at having to wear a stupid mask when get coffee at Wawa in the morning.

    Then the issues of wearing masks at various different types of work is also a touchy thing.

    Now as for the propaganda? Anyone reading this website is obviously not the audience for mainstream TV. All that crazy shit they say? They may be talking ABOUT you, but they are not talking TO you. They are talking to other people, not you.

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