Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Slams Portland For Their Handling of Riots

What do you think of Ron DeSantis?

I started off with a strongly negative view of him.

In 2019, DeSantis was known for doing things like replacing Confederate monuments with civil rights activists, pledging to give “no quarter” to anti-Semitism and traveling to Jerusalem to sign an anti-Semitism bill in a session of the Florida cabinet. He was Sheldon Adelson’s butt goy.

Over the course of 2020 and 2021, DeSantis has gained traction because of the way he handled the COVID pandemic in Florida. He has turned his attention to things like Big Tech censorship, banning vaccine passports and signing the anti-riot law which was designed to sweep Antifa and Black Lives Matter violence from the streets of Florida. Maybe Sheldon croaking back in January has let him off his leash a bit. Maybe he is just trying to catch up with public opinion like the other politicians.

As someone who has considerable experience with and deep nostalgia for street activism in Florida, I am pleased with this. We were holding rallies against Southern Demographic Displacement in 2014. The rallies that I attended with the League of the South in Florida were always peaceful and orderly and always pressed mainstream issues. It is remarkable to look back on it and see how far ahead of the curve we were. The people who came to our rallies were some of the best people who I have had the good fortune to get to know in the movement. They were usually people who were native to Florida and who loved their state and revered its history and who respected its laws. I went to some of their weddings and watched their children be born. It was the scum of the earth in the state and “journalists” who opposed us.

What were the issues which we raised from 2013 through 2018?

We held “far right” rallies in Florida about refugee resettlement, mass immigration hurting Florida workers, state sovereignty, Confederate monuments, free speech and free assembly, demographic replacement and against the little gender fluid communist brats at FSU. The reason that we stopped holding these public rallies is because the streets had gotten so violent due to Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

The “far right” idea of public activism was identifying an issue, bringing signs and flags, holding a peaceful demonstration, cooperating with law enforcement, getting a permit, airing our grievance and leaving. After these demonstrations, we we would grab a bite to eat and socialize with friends. We were having a good time. In contrast, the “far left” idea of public activism is showing up at our events to engage in violence, engaging in terrorism against other citizens who are exercising their First Amendment rights, physically assaulting the police, harassing motorists, causing traffic accidents and vandalizing public property. There was never any “two sides” here. Only the violent leftwing side is ideologically committed to violence and censorship as has been demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt in Portland.

It might be worth testing this law. Has the First Amendment been restored in Florida? Can we hold rallies there without running into another Charlottesville situation where the police stand down and Antifa and Black Lives Matter are allowed to attack and the media blames it on us?

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  1. ” rallies that I attended with the League of the South in Florida were always peaceful and orderly ”

    Sure…….they were WHITE people, not pox or paid shills.

  2. “we stopped holding these public rallies is because the streets had gotten so violent due to Antifa and Black Lives Matter.”

    Same method that destroyed The German Bind in 1939 and 1940’s, (((hired))) thugs.

  3. Either you support Christ or you support the Jews. Christ does not need any fair weather friends their Ron.

      • @Pilot…

        God can manifest as anything he invents – a bush, a human, a Bluejay, a Raccoon, or simply remain the gossamer veil obscured by subatomick particles.

        God, however, is neither of those things…

    • You worship what you do not know; we worship what we know, for salvation is from the Jews.
      John 4:22

      • Another version:
        You Samaritans don’t really know the one you worship. But we Jews do know the God we worship, and by using us, God will save the world.

        • That whole “chosen” superiority thing. Justifies what they do, because it’s “God’s Will”.

          Whites were much better as pagans.

  4. Florida is a great state, CD’s recent remarks about it notwithstanding. I guess during the War Between the States only the areas around Tallahassee, the Panhandle and St.Augustine were inhabited though? Tampa didn’t become a city until the arrival of the railroad in the 1890s and Miami/Fort Lauderdale didn’t become a major metropolitan area until after WWII.

  5. I can’t get over the pic of DeSantis dry humping the “Wailing Wall.” Not expecting much.

  6. DeSantis had a whole year to speak out against the debacle in Portland, Seatle, and Minneapolis, but he chose to do so now to win over Trump’s kosherative boomercons.

    Seriously, DeSantis is Trumpism 2.0, except Ron will ask for a ‘reach around’ when Netanyahu sodomizes him.

    • None of these Reps care about what happened to the DC rally guys. They weren’t “rioters”, “looters”, or “arsonists”.

      I agree. I think he is just saying this to get publicity.

  7. Left Wing activism is designed around causing dramatic car crashes. It’s an operational methodology that should be classified as terrorism.

  8. Many many thanks to The Florida League of The South, and The League of the South, in general, for having had the presence of mind, and the guts, to stand up against the tyranny that has envelopet Dixie.

    Men like Dr. Michael Hill, Michael Tubbs, Josh Doggrell, Harold Crews, Pat Hines, Mark Swart, Mark Thomey, and, yes, our very own Brad Griffin, are a continuous inspiration to me, as are our myriad ladies.

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