Jimmy Dore: Why Is The U.S. Coast Guard Operating In The Persian Gulf?

Good question.

Does anyone know the answer to this?

Wall Street Journal:

“WASHINGTON—A group of boats from Iran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps harassed two U.S. Coast Guard ships earlier this month in the Persian Gulf, Navy officials said, the first such incident in a year.

The incident occurred April 2, just as the U.S. and Iran announced they would conduct negotiations toward renewing the 2015 multilateral nuclear accord. Those talks began earlier this month in Vienna. The episode hasn’t been previously disclosed.

U.S. Navy officials confirmed that three fast-attack crafts and one ship known as Harth 55, a 180-foot, twin-hulled support vessel, swarmed the two Coast Guard ships while they were patrolling international waters in the southern portion of the Persian Gulf. …”

NBC Narratives:

“WASHINGTON — A group of Iranian vessels from the country’s Revolutionary Guard Corps harassed two U.S. Coast Guard ships over three hours in the Persian Gulf earlier this month, repeatedly crossing in front of the bows of the American ships at close range, the U.S. Navy said Tuesday,

It was the first such incident in a year and the encounter on April 2 came just as the U.S. and Iran had committed to starting negotiations on reviving the 2015 nuclear agreement between Tehran and world powers.

Three Iranian fast-attack boats and one larger ship, a 180-foot, twin-hulled vessel called the Harth 55, approached and swarmed the Coast Guard ships at close distances. The larger Iranian ship repeatedly crossed in front of the two Coast Guard vessels “at an unnecessarily close range,” coming within 70 yards, according to a statement from the Navy’s Fifth Fleet in Bahrain. …”


The Coast Guard is patrolling the Persian Gulf!

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  1. Because the US has stopped pretending that it isn’t an empire and because borders are just sooooo immoral that the idea of sovereign waters is regressive.

    • Perhaps you’re unaware of the recent scholarship that has found that Stonewall at Chancellorsville was shot by a North Carolinian soldier named Cuffee Solomon, a Black Confederate of Jewish heritage, a foster child from Liberia adopted by Glenn Cloose, the famous actress wife of the CSA President Judah Benjamin.

      • You should write that one up for the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and the VMI Alumni Magazine.

        Or how about Gay Confederates, the JEB Stuart Story.

      • Tell The People…

        Perhaps you are aware of the recent scholarship that finds there is always a rising tide of Anglos who would like to blame someone else, indeed, anyone else, for the disintegration of this nation.

        To be clear, this nation has been stolen by Jewry.

        That said, they stole it in broad daylight, and it was going on for over a century.

        Y’all, pure-blooded Anglos, did not have to let them do it.

        Nope, y’all could have chosen not to repeat Adam’s Folly.

        Come to think of it, y’all still can choose not to listen to Eve.

        it’s up to y’all.

        • Thank you for providing, with your Anglo hating words, a prime example of “chutzpah.” Did I spell that right? Should it be “chutzpahck”?

  2. Sure, the coast guard boat is bait. Biden is chumming the waters for nuclear war.

  3. Why?

    (((Anthony Blinken)))

    Anthony Blinken

    Mary Phagan’s corpse

    The USS Liberty

    The passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act

    The son of the Northport Chief of Police was blown up in the Persian Gulf….while serving in the US Coast Guard…his memorial is right down from Jack Keruac’s old watering hole Gunthers….terribly sad….


  4. The US is the Evil Empire at this point. Do as we say, not as we do. GloboHomo, rammed down everyone else’s throat, shall we say.

  5. Iran is the one country left in the Middle East that is not under ZOG’s control and it’s driving them crazy. What makes it even harder for Washington to accept is that under the Shah Iran was a very close US ally. Relations between Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi and President Nixon were especially good. But the first sign of trouble occurred in 1971, when VP Agnew attended a lavish birthday party for the Shah in Tehran while thousands of radical students staged a noisy protest outside the palace gates.

    If Nixon had been permitted to remain in office by the Deep State I believe there never would have been any 1979 Islamic revolution. But his departure made America look weak and vulnerable in the eyes of the world. So for the past 42 years the same Deep State that wanted Nixon out of office has had to deal with a hostile Iranian regime which they unintentionally helped create.

  6. I worked with a guy who was a reservist in the Coast Guard during Dubya’s invasion of Iraq. They activated his unit from Clearwater a sent them to the Persian Gulf for port protection and security of the oil terminals. This was going on back in 2003, 2004.

  7. “Why Is The U.S. Coast Guard Operating In The Persian Gulf?” Jimmy Dore

    Because, Sir, The United States Government is run by a coalition of New England Yankee types and Jews; they who use every aspect and asset of our nation to project their tyranny over ever square inch of this world.

    But, then again, you knew that : you only ask the question to spur us onto to attempting to find the answer for ourselves.

    We, Sir, at Occidental Dissent, have all those answers.

    The problem is with the mainstream of this country that still have barely a clue.

  8. A US Coast Guard frigate just passed through the Bosporus Sea on its way to the Black Sea to participate in a massive NATO naval wargames near Crimea.

    @Jack Aubrey mentioned that he knew someone in the Coast Guard Reserve that was deployed to the Persian Gulf. A few years later, as the USA-ZOG was. Implementing “stop gap” measures on enlisted men leaving in hordes once their contracts were up, the running joke was that GWB was going to federalize The Boy Scouts, and send them to Iraq.

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