Radix: Polarization In The UK

I share Ed’s enthusiasm for the collapse of the Labour Party.

The Guardian:

“A realignment is under way in British politics, and it is killing Labour. The Tories’ crushing win in Hartlepool, along with gains in English council seats that were once painted deepest red, is proof that Boris Johnson’s 2019 victory was no one-off, no aberration. Put simply, working people in towns across England that once saw voting Labour as a defining part of their identity are now voting Conservative – and they are doing so in big numbers.

An overused word, but the threat to Labour is existential. It cannot win and therefore cannot survive as a potential party of government by relying solely on those who are young, live in a city, have a university degree or are from an ethnic minority: there are just not enough of them. Labour needs the votes of the many millions of others still broadly defined as working class. The clue is in the party’s name. And yet look at Labour’s membership: 77% of them in social category ABC1, concentrated heavily in London and the south. One Labour MP says candidly: “There is a canyon between us and the working class.” …”

The Democratic Party in the United States has also become the party of the PMCs and angry minorities. Hence, the obsession with systematic racism and “white supremacy.” The Republicans haven’t figured out yet how to adapt to their new coalition or who should replace Trump. Both Trump and Johnson happened to catch the wave of this wider realignment driven by education polarization.

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  1. Does it ever cross your mind,
    that politics in the West is just a distraction for tards ?

    • Voting is not only useless it is dangerous. I think they were too busy stealing the last election to document and punish Trump voters but that’s what’s coming to our “Democracy”.

    • Yes. Full of distractions. So while they’re planning a new war, they will be more attacks on whites, some new scandal, some Republicans promising us something, etc.

  2. been fun watching the world change around these people, they just can’t handle it. They are like those old cartoons where Daffy Duck tries to get a audiences attention, and all he hears are crickets. Nobody wants what these people are selling

  3. I rub shoulders with some very wealthy people. Had a convo with a West Point grad that is in his 50’s. He looks great, Russian wife and kids.

    He runs a company, CFO. Money guy, contracts. Bottom line guy. Very good at it.

    Well, we were talking about bad deals. My little business is seeing success. Not sure how to explain how corrupt things are.

    Basically he told me you need an attorney all the time. Getting paid requires it. The big owners never pay and bids are fake. You will never get paid on the agreed price.

    He said that they always go to court before they pay and knock the price down. They never respect the original contract. Always changes.

    He brought up a seminar and said the guy was a Jew, “and how does that improve their reputation”?

    What we are really looking at is a group that has swooped in and is taxing people. Attorneys and courts are all Jew controlled. And what they do is get their cut.

    Modern day gypsies.

  4. Isn’t it interesting that the “movement” types like Richard Spencer and Greg Johnson – both Americans – have virtually zero interest in America and instead are obsessed with various continental fetishes?

    I think Johnson was Catholic, but Spencer is a stereotypical “WASP” – and a Texan – but he’s just another “fashy” fetishist at heart who just prefers the Miami Vice look to the Leatherboy outfits preferred by others.

    It will be great once there is a “movement” by and for white Americans. The closest is the Southerners.

    I’ve seen Confederate flags in Maine, California … and Denmark. The Confederate flag does not stand for “slavery” and it doesn’t stand for the Confederate States of America either.

    It is the symbol of Southern, Rural and urban working class White Americans. It is clearly “our” symbol and we need no others to rally around. Notice how the fake FBI run groups are always trying to merge the Dixie flag with various European “fashy” symbols like swastikas or German crosses?

    Why? That is not organic. That’s a hostile appropriation.

    The same leftists that complained about Turkey suppressing the Kurdish flag are suppressing our flag. The Dixie flag is by its very nature an anti-Imperialist flag. The Dixie flag and the Gadsden flag and the 1812 SBA flag are the true, organic symbols of our people.


    • Effete, self-styled intellectuals like Spencer and Johnson appeal to virtually no one but other effete, self-styled intellectuals. Discussing Plato, Kant, Nietzsche and Evola is interesting but save that discussion for your private study with the mahogany bookcase, a Russian wolfhound curled up by the fireplace, upholstered leather armchairs and brandy snifters.

      And I agree that we shouldn’t lump the Stars and Bars in with “Nazi” flags because they represent very different cultures and philosophies. German propaganda vilified the Klan and white Southern racism. And I STRONGLY suspect that Southern gentlemen from the Civil War era would have greatly preferred that Germany continue to be ruled by the Prussian monarchy and German aristocrats instead of by a bunch of working class ruffians from the beer cellars and flop-houses of Munich!

      • Well, were those the real options? A certain Austrian got Germany out of a severe depression, and their money became their own, not the bankers. You might call them, ‘working class ruffians”, but that’s the same condescension that non-working people have toward working people right now in the USA.

    • Remember that the rectangular “Dixie” flag flown today never flew above a Confederate army.

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