Five Thirty Eight: How The Politics Of White Liberals And White Conservatives Are Shaped By Whiteness

Do you really need a study to tell you this?

Five Thirty Eight:

“For years, we have sought to understand how whiteness and perceived threats to it (in social science lingo, “social identity threats”) affect white Americans’ perceptions of their standing in society. Specifically, we have been interested in capturing white Americans’ sense of how their racial identity is viewed by others, especially in light of increased discussions where white Americans are seen as both the perpetrators of racial inequality and the beneficiaries of white privilege.

To do this, we asked white Americans in our research to list the characteristics, traits or behaviors that they think other people associate with white people. Participants came up with a variety of responses, including positive stereotypes like “hard working” and negative ones like “arrogant.”1 They then rated those characteristics, describing most of them as either extremely positive or extremely negative. But whether white Americans believed others thought of whiteness positively or negatively varied a lot by ideology — white liberals were more likely than white conservatives to list negative stereotypes. …”

The Democrats are explicitly anti-White now.

Woke progressivism is the new governing ideology of the Democratic Party. Google “white silence” and you will find hundreds of these images from PMCs and their children acting out in the bougiest suburbs in America. In Tennessee, it was places like Franklin. In Alabama, it was places like Mountain Brook.

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  1. You just look at these people, and it’s obvious they haven’t ever got their fingers dirty. They all look like they walked out of the faculty lounge. Or ever been to real black community in their lives. Its like watching The Flagellates of the middle ages whip themselves bloody against the plague.

    • > Its like watching The Flagellates of the middle ages whip themselves bloody against the plague.

      It is exactly like that. There is some weird cult that goes around staging “demonstrations” where they put chains on themselves – and their kids – while holding up signs saying “Sorry For Slavery and Racism.”

      It frankly seems like a sexual fetish that some freak wackjob pervert forces his kids to engage in – in public.

      What these “woke” parents are doing to their kids is child abuse, straight up.

  2. White liberals and White conservatives have a lot in common when it comes to supporting nonWhites. They just go about it a different way.

  3. The only reason Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won is because her district was gentrified, pushing out all the Blacks and Latinos who voted for the establishment Democrat – replacement immigration you could say – with Jews and White hipsters.

    They are just spoiled rich kids “protesting” against their parents for not giving them the attention they feel they deserved. The pretty girls use their “protest pictures” in their modeling and influencer portfolios.

    The TV news pretends to take them seriously but obviously no one does. 99% of these SJW type “Woke” protestors are stoned out of their mind on high-grade legal marijuana and SSRIs. It was either this or become school shooters.

  4. These people have too much time on their hands and too little common sense. Actually, they don’t have a grain of common sense or else they wouldn’t be out there protesting for the supposed “rights” of colored people who hate them and want them dead, six feet under. It really is that simple.

    • Why would this demographic hate them and wish for their destruction? Haven’t the majority community in the country treated them fairly and equitably? What is the problem?

  5. What the hell is wrong with those people? Every generation are worse from the previous.Ejewcation and media poison white minds.Woke idiots are too dumb to carry on the legacy of their ancestors.China century.

  6. Commie bugmen, green hairs trannyfags, boy-licking christers in collars, morbidly obese coal burning whores,,,the absolute scum of the earth. Far lower than kikes or coons, who at least are loyal to their shit races, and so have richly deserved contempt for this traitorous filth.

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