Piers Morgan: Beware President Biden. If You Go Woke, You’ll Go Broke

Joe Biden has already gone woke.

As far as I am aware, he has gone far beyond anything seen in the UK where this nonsense is just a colonial outpost. The UK didn’t have Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots and statue topplings on the scale of the United States last summer although this crap spilled over the Atlantic.

The Biden administration is obsessed with systematic racism and “equity.” The corporate media is obsessed with blaming virtually everything on “white supremacy.” Trump has disappeared and is no longer in the picture. COVID is also fading as the vaccine rolls out. The circumstances of Joe Biden’s rise are increasingly in the rearview mirror while the polls are all showing that Trump’s base has radicalized.

Daily Mail:

“This is how the unhinged horribly intransigent woke brigade behaves to anyone who dares stand up to their extreme worldview, and facts never come into it.

But it’s why liberal parties around the world have been losing their grip on power, because most people in the real world, away from the shrieking echo chambers of social media, increasingly loathe the woke and cancel culture mentality.

And it’s also why Joe Biden should be very, very careful which way he takes his Democrat party in the next three years if he wants to stand any chance of re-election in 2024.

To understand the danger, Biden need look no further than to what’s happening to the equivalent of the Democratic Party in his closest ally, Britain.

The Labour Party, which dominated for a decade from 1997-2007 under three-term winner Tony Blair, is currently disintegrating to the point where many members fear it’s making itself permanently unelectable.

The situation is so bad that Labour’s current leader Sir Keir Starmer is already facing calls to quit after being in the job for just a year, following a disastrous performance in last week’s UK local elections, the nearest equivalent to the US mid-terms.

Labour’s capitulation was so bad it even lost control of the northern town of Hartlepool, a place it has held since it was formed in 1974.

This would be like the Democrats losing New York or the Republicans losing Utah.

How did this electoral earthquake happen?

Simple: wokery.

Labour, like the Democrats, has allowed its agenda to be dictated by an army of woke warriors dripping in demented self-righteous virtue-signalling.

The rot set in back in 2015, when, in a moment of political insanity, Labour elected as its leader a man named Jeremy Corbyn who is so far left that he makes Biden look right of Mitch McConnell.

Corbyn – think Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with a beard – dragged the party down into an obsessive abyss of identity politics fuelled by race, gender and sexuality that decimated Labour’s support.

By incessantly preaching woke ideology, and speaking in unintelligible woke language, Labour enraged its legendary ‘Red Wall’ of voters in the once committed northern heartlands like Hartlepool to the point that the wall collapsed – and Labour voters ran fleeing into the shameless arms of Conservative populist opportunist Boris Johnson. …”

If the GOP stops sabotaging itself by clinging to the past, reforms its agenda like the Tories who embraced BREXIT and finds a more articulate champion in 2024, American politics will likely continue to run parallel to the UK: Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, George H.W. Bush and John Major, Bill Clinton and Tony Blair, Barack Obama and David Cameron, Donald Trump and Boris Johnson. Political developments in the UK have away of foreshadowing events in the United States and vice versa.

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  1. Corbyn didn’t do this. He actually held up okay at the ballot box. The writer is badly mistaken. People saw the election of Biden in the US and realised that even a genuinely nice chap like Sir Kier Starmer is just a captive to Jews, niggers and queers. No thanks, whatever Bojo is he’s not a captive of the black vote or the Pakis. Slave to Jews and possibly queers though. Corbyn’s anti semi Tim’s or anti Israeli stance might have helped with whites who are aware.

    • Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil. Is. 5:20

      Comments, HW?

      Luther’s nominalism is coming home to roost….

  2. “COVID is also fading as the vaccine rolls out.”

    According to ryan dawson, the Japanese are not allowing the use of the vaccine in japan, because of its limited testing. It’s important that this be followed. To see if Japan’s death rate is substantially different from vaccinated nations.

    Has the vaccine really mitigated the lethality of covid19, or has the virus struck all the vulnerable hosts and will naturally recede to a background pathogen ?
    ( the Seychelles is the most vaccinated nation on earth, over 60%, they are now in a second surge of the virus.)

    Ryan dawson does a good interview on presstv, talking about some of our j-issues.

    ( i see that adam green”s knowmorenews.org has been taken down.)

  3. The purpose of “woke” ideology is to distract Democratic voter’s attention away from the Zionist Jews that control their party by scapegoating working class white people in rural America and the South.

    Democrats ALWAYS have money for Israel, but when Democratic voters ask for health care, they say “those redneck Christians in Kentucky won’t let us pass health care, blame them and give Israel more money!”

  4. I would think Morgan would have a lot in common with Biden admin. He supports liberal causes such as gun control.

    • Obama’s visage was more damaging than old man Biden. People actually thought a gay N-word was ‘teh One’ as if he were a Messiah.

      Everyone knows Biden is merely a shill.
      So, it’s a toss-up. If Obummer had not been elected, Antifa and BLM might not have gotten off the ground.

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