Oracle: Rockefeller Center Unveils Giant 25-Foot African Statute

It looks like one of those stone heads from Easter Island that the Rapa Nui built as their civilization collapsed around them.

Smithsonian Magazine:

“References to classical mythology abound in and around Rockefeller Center. An iconic Art Deco complex in New York City, the space boasts a gilded bronze sculpture of the Titan Prometheus, a 1930s relief of a fearsome Zeus that adorns the 30 Rockefeller Plaza entrance and a statue of an overburdened Atlas that looms over Fifth Avenue.

Through June 29, members of the public can visit (and eventually interact with) another monumental addition to the Manhattan landmark: artist Sanford Biggers’ Oracle, a 25-foot-tall, 15,280-pound bronze sculpture. Unveiled last week, the work depicts a person or deity with an enormous head who sits majestically on a throne in front of Rockefeller Center’s Fifth Avenue entrance. …”

“Oracle” is to sculpture what Lil Nas X’s “Montero” is to music. It is another vivid illustration of art bolshevism and cultural degeneration.

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  1. Biggers’ “Caniggula” is a classic Greco-Roman sculpture with a marble African mask covering the head. Is “Caniggula” a parody?

  2. Yes, this what countries do just before going under. Make big, dumb stupid expensive statues. That’s pretty ugly. The gotta make it big. Or nobody would care. This way nobody will miss it. And nobody will when it’s gone….

    • The guys at the foundry with all the skills to cast bronze are white metal workers, modellers, and they have sadly been put to work making an effigy of a black emptying its bowels on a toilet while smoking a blunt. It was one thing when Giuiani moaned about a painting showing the virgin with dung attached to the canvas. Quite another when you have 15,000 lbs of bronze used like this to annoy whitey.

  3. The Rockefellers are what happens when you give infinite money to the type of white Christians that adopt black babies.

    • I’ve seen a lot of that. They think they are saving the world, and God will make a nice place for them in heaven.

      • Often, these big trusts are started with the noblest of intentions, but over the years the boards are infiltrated by SJW libtards, ie the Ford Foundation.

  4. It really is getting frightening. The local school I attended which was 100 percent white less than twenty years ago now has a giant BLM mural along with a diversity statue and just yesterday i had to pull a group of blacks off of beating a group of Sikhs. I tell my parents they need to move I am met with “you are indoctrinated” despite the fact they watch nothing but Fox 24 to the 7. They are just kids and the mural is bringing “unity”. The fact that i feel out of place visiting them and being the only White in any store or market near them is my imagination. People shouldnt notice or care about race or ethnicity.

    It is heartbreaking but makes sense why this country is total shit. The Boomers are a lazy useless lot and things are beyond repair in large portions of this country

    • My parents are the same. My brothers and sisters are the same. My father kind of woke up a little after he saw what they did to Trump. Now he wants us to fight China because they want to take away our freedumbs. I asked him what freedoms? All the people you agree with have been censored, are on no fly lists, they are castrating little boys, and now you have to call lunatic males she, or you will get in trouble with the law. Then I asked him how is America going to beat China in battle? With transexuals in helicopters?

      • Years ago, the target to blame was the Muslims. Now it’s China or Russia. But the real enemy is at home, right here, right among us.

      • It is depressing isnt it Ricky? Your family who you love above all else and would do anything for cant appreciate how lazy they are to allow the work generation after generation of our ancestors put in to just be wiped away. I dont think they understand fully and the diversity is our strength crap is just embedded in their minds. I asked them how they felt about my families plague in town hall being torn apart by machete swinging primals.

        They said “it wont be in our lifetime”. I have never been more disgusted or ashamed. I am hoping i was adopted

  5. I am aware many people dont like Anglin but he did post a relevant story today about a twelve foot migrant statue being marched across Europe to celebrate the invasion. It isnt only in the states the humiliation is everywhere

    • Whites shouldn’t have killed each other by the millions. It wrecked our gene pool, and our spirit.

    • A reflection of the ugliness that America has become.

      Dorian Gray had his portrait, now America has one.

  6. There’s the big tumor known as US and the little tumor known as Britain. The two tumors are pushing and dragging all European peoples to the abyss

    • Yes, since ww1.
      Both US and UK have wasted their vast wealth on destructive causes, instead of using it for constructive purposes, schools, free college, cheap healthcare, research institutes, on a massive scale.

      • The standard of living in 1900 in the US was probably the peak of civilization. They had no idea it was already gone.

  7. People would go nuts if a giant Cross was put up but a huge sculpture of fat Albert is all good. What were you expecting from any Democrat place? It’s also another token of ” give the blaxx some more toys so they don’t riot.” Of course the black whatever it is, has to be the biggest ever. Sort of like when some cheese ball rapper moves into a White area and buys the most expensive home in the area or “glams” it up with stripper poles and huge party rooms. It reminds me of an episode of ” Million Dollar Listings, New York” when rapper 50 cent was looking to sell a humongous pad he bought from Mike Tyson in Connecticut. It literally was the biggest in the area equipped with stripper poles and party The neighbors must have been thrilled..

    • ” give the blaxx some more toys so they don’t riot.”

      Don’t think so.

      That may be the superficial excuse, but the deeper scheme is to so humiliate and degrade WHITES, weakening WHITES, so that the chosen may further their ambitions to global control.

      • I agree with that too, Arrian but it’s also just general leftist ideology that is 24/7 butt licking of black people. Been going on for decades. But with the Blm riots it’s been ramped up.

        There is no doubt an agenda of weakening and replacing Whites has been going on for a while. I do think this fat Albert statue( remember Bill Cosby was the voice of fat Albert- lol) has been put up with this so called urgency of pandering to blacks.

        Television is in a massive suck up mode putting blacks into everything. The only thing that does not change are the heavily Jewish bosses. Just like in Ivy League school admissions, the only ones who will pay the price in the duuuhh versity push will be non Jewish Whites.

        I never understand why an ” alternative” to Hollywood is never created. There certainly is enough ” goy” money to create it. It would be a smash hit and tons of actors suddenly would be conservative or certainly more so in a non Hollywood world.

  8. Negro “artists” are probably the most talented people in the world at producing ugly, vile, repulsive works which seems entirely appropriate given their history and natural station in life. Since it is reported that this repulsive thing weighs 15,280 Lbs. and scrap bronze sells for approximately $2.50/Lb. this thing is worth about $38,000, minus haulage charges.

    For a truly appropriate statue celebrating the negro and his accomplishments I propose melting down this monstrosity and replacing it with a piece that shows a negro with a hammer chasing a petrified Asian woman clutching her pocketbook. The title of the new statue could be something like: “Gibs me da money, bitch! (White Privilege)”. Various mystery meat types could be in the background watching in the new, diverse America. Any money left over could be used to provide free weed and 40 oz. beverages at the unveiling.

  9. I’m going to bet this gets taken down before the end of the year. Maybe they can put up the Christmas tree buttplug from Paris. Mocking Christians is always cool.

    • “It looks like one of those stone heads from Easter Island that the Rapa Nui built as their civilization collapsed around them.”

      In a like manner, this travesty is a harbinger of our collapse.

    • Christmas became a money transfers from gentiles to Jewish merchants in the 1930s…the buttplug wasn’t far off base tbh. Christmas is good for a kid still thinking in magical terms. For adults it’s a debt spiral.

  10. If I’m not mistaken, the newcomer at Rockefeller Center is in sight of and just feet away from the statue of Atlas, holding the world on his shoulders. If Atlas wanted to he could shrug his shoulders in such a way that the world would roll off and bound towards Biggers’ thing and knock it flat. But Atlas was suckered into not doing that by a little girl in a Rankin-Bass cartoon, no doubt. The Biggers’ statue is impressive and not clumsy and oafish like the DC Mall MLK thing, but I still want Atlas to demolish it.

    • White man working as the nog is taking a shit on a pot while burning a joint.

    • @CTW Rockefeller Center is magnificent. It really is one of the last parts of New York City I can stomach because no matter what the crowd looks like or what the smell might be I can look at Atlas the amazing carvings and reliefs reminded that my Uncles and Great Granddad did that work. I still take great pride in that. Christmas was magical and it is still nice but it is more like putting lipstick on a pig. The tree, rink, music and architecture is magnificent but everyone there is not

    • They lack self-awareness. They run around proclaiming how great they are, meanwhile attempting to steal other races’ achievements, such as ancient Egypt. It just makes them look even more stupid.

  11. This statue aside, we, Whites, have been too niggardly with our monuments, celebrating ourselves, whilst basically acknowledging very few Negro heroes.

    That was morally wrong.

    Every people deserves to have monuments to those who they see as outstanding of their tribe.

    But, even if you totally disagree with me, this longterm anti-Black attitude, long quietly held by many White Gentiles, has very negative anti-White consequences, this because it has made Negroes fodder for The Judeo-Bolshevik-Globalist coalition.

    As someone who is active in local politicks, and who is oft a guest at Black Churches, I can tell you that White and Black Rural and Smalltown Southern have a tremendous amount in common – from a desire to see a good local economy and, therefrom, better schools and services,to a belief in Chryst, and all the things arising therefrom – from traditional marriage and anti-pornography and abortion stances to closed borders, and an end to the secularization of institutions that leads to the promotion of things such as Transgenderism.

    As a proud descendant of those who served The Confederacy in the 1860s, from Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia, I can tell you I am all in favour of monuments for Negroes, IF that goes along with preserving ours.

    • “I can tell you I am all in favour of monuments for Negroes, IF that goes along with preserving ours.”

      NOPE !

      The two races are a deadly mixture, chlorine and ammonia. Let blacks build whatever, in Nigeria !

    • Dammit, Turganev, you’ve been one of the posters on here who mostly has their head on straight.

      Why’d you have to go and reveal yourself as some kind of delusional normiecon race cuckold?

  12. ” this longterm anti-Black attitude, long quietly held by many White Gentiles, has very negative”

    Can’t live among blacks.

    “Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them.”

    Jefferson was absolutely right.

    • Correct. Apart from the small minority of money-grubbing plantation owners, niggers have been nothing but a curse for White Americans from the moment the first one set its stinking black foot onto out shore, They cannot be placated by statues or any other form of memorial because they are resentful, ungrateful, rabid apes who cannot be convinced to not obey the genetic compulsion to ruin & destroy all that they could never have built.

      As for this latest masterpiece of nigra geenyus: just what (((‘Murca))) needs – another scowlin’, big-haid coon…

  13. Lol haha are you serious?! Is this real life? Wow unfrickingbelievable

    Think how much that sculptor was paid for this monstrosity half a million at least I’m guessing probably even more wakada he we go Look at his massive head lol haha

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