Tony Blair: Without Total Change, Labour Will Die

In light of the ideological and political bankruptcy of Conservatism, Inc., maybe Republican politicians would be better off just copying Boris Johnson and the Tories for now?


“An influential group of Conservative Parliamentarians are set to publish a new book with a long term vision on how the party should adopt “common sense solutions” to crime, immigration and the culture wars.

Among the policies proposed are the break up of the BBC, taking on the internet giants, scrapping the Supreme Court, defeating woke-ism, ending hate speech laws, tackling immigration and supporting marriage and the family. The book by the Common Sense Group founded by former minister Sir John Hayes which has more than 60 MPs and peers says the Tories need to be the party fighting for British values.

The group has already made headlines with its successful campaign to have the Union Jack flying from public buildings and taking on attempts by “woke” executives at charities like the National Trust to “denigrate British history” including Winston Churchill.

In its preface to the book, the group has stated: “The business of politics is values – it’s about place, purpose and pride. The Battle for Britain has begun, it must be won by those who, inspired by the people’s will, stand for the common good in the national interest.”

The book also aims at providing a blueprint to help keep the former red wall seats blue.

Rother Valley MP Alex Stafford said: ‘We, as the Common Sense Group, believe that the Conservative Party has the opportunity to adopt a political philosophy which will keep the North and the Midlands blue for decades to come.’ 

“By opposing unpatriotic political correctness, conserving British institutions, and reversing the diminution of our country’s stature and history, we can end the culture war and in doing so defend British values and our way of life.”

“If we remain true to the voters who put us in power and stand by social conservatism, the Conservative Party will be the cornerstone of the Blue Wall for many years to come.”

Each chapter has been written by a different MP or peer and tackles a range of challenges ahead.

Sir John wrote: “‘The Conservative party must look to its past, to the tory tradition and Disraelian ideal of ‘one nation; if it is to develop a policy platform that can inspire the electorate. Winning the culture war is vital to such a national rebirth.”  …”

These ideas would be an improvement.

I should add here that the bar is extremely low. There is definitely much to gain in embracing the “rise of far right domestic extremism,” i.e., working class populism. It appears that their recent political success that has followed their embrace of populist and nationalist causes like BREXIT has made them more receptive to our agenda. Who knew that doing what people want would be popular?

The Tories have spent most of the past twenty years relentlessly fighting against people who wanted to do things like securing the border or getting rid of political correctness or deporting Muslim sex criminals who groomed young English girls or getting out of the European Union. Don’t even get me started on Theresa May who as Home Secretary personally banned several of my friends from entering the UK. They banned Americans from Britain who are so Anglophile that they regret the American Revolution and the demise of the British Empire while allowing “The Jihadis Next Door” to settle in London.

Tony Blair is now saying that Wokeism is destroying the Labour Party because it has alienated socially conservative, center-left White working class voters. It is happening all over the world.

New Statesman:

“The challenge facing Britain’s Labour and Liberal Democrat parties cannot be overstated. Political parties have no divine right to exist and progressive parties of the centre and centre left are facing marginalisation, even extinction, across the Western world. Where is the French Socialist Party of François Mitterrand or the German SPD of Willy Brandt? And dominant national parties can very quickly become small fringe parties under the hammer blows of poor leadership and social and economic change. Look at the Liberal Party of Asquith and Lloyd George, reduced from 397 to 43 seats in just 18 years in the early 20th century.

Joe Biden’s victory in the United States apart, progressive politics across the globe is badly placed: four election defeats for the UK Labour Party and no one betting against a fifth; the German SPD placed behind a moderate Green Party; the French Socialists, who won the presidency in 2012, now polling at 11 per cent; the Italian left imploded and divided; the Spanish and Swedish socialists hanging on to power, but way below their earlier levels of support.

And truth be told, no sensible Democrat or democrat should overplay the Biden victory. He won against an incumbent like no other, considered by centre-ground voters to be uniquely strange and unacceptable in his behaviour. …

The result is that today progressive politics has an old-fashioned economic message of Big State, tax and spend which, other than the spending part (which the right can do anyway), is not particularly attractive. This is combined with a new-fashioned social/cultural message around extreme identity and anti-police politics which, for large swathes of people, is voter-repellent. “Defund the police” may be the left’s most damaging political slogan since “the dictatorship of the proletariat”. It leaves the right with an economic message which seems more practical, and a powerful cultural message around defending flag, family and fireside traditional values. To top it off, the right evinces a pride in their nation, while parts of the left seem embarrassed by the very notion. …

The right knows they’re on to something on these cultural issues. They are revelling in it and setting traps for the left all over the field, which the left is falling into one by one. (Or not. A key moment for Biden was when he comprehensively disowned “defund the police”, while backing police reform.)

Keeping your head down isn’t a strategy. There is a big culture battle going on. Progressive folk tend to wince at terms such as “woke” and “political correctness”, but the normal public knows exactly what they mean. And the battle is being fought on ground defined by the right because sensible progressives don’t want to be on the field at all. The consequence of this is that the “radical” progressives, who are quite happy to fight on that ground, carry the progressive standard. The fact that it ensures continued right-wing victory doesn’t deter them at all. On the contrary, it gives them a heightened sense of righteousness, like political kamikaze. …

At present, Labour expresses perfectly the progressive dilemma. Corbyn was radical but not sensible. Keir seems sensible but not radical. He lacks a compelling economic message. And the cultural message, because he is not clarifying it, is being defined by the “woke” left, whose every statement gets cut-through courtesy of the right. Equally, “spend more” is a weak slogan when the Tory government is already spending around record levels. And the inheritance from the 2019 Labour manifesto – a £1trn programme – is a huge albatross, accompanied by the usual misguided argument from the left that the individual items poll well (they always do, but it’s their cumulative effect which is deadly). …”

Tony Blair doesn’t have any confidence in woke progressivism.

Blair shares our assessment that progressives have skated out onto thin cultural ice and that conservatives have been pulling their punches and defeating themselves to cater to the suburban moderates. In the United States, the mainstream Right lacks an economic message and has been way to soft on cultural issues. Trump has a cult following because he wasn’t as inhibited as these people.

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  1. Without total change (that won’t happen) Britain will die .
    The “Brit” is like a cow wich has a juvenile puffed up ego because it created a lot of milk and ice cream in the last two centuries.
    It’s true, but the cow really only exists to provide milk and ice cream to her (((owner)

  2. There is little hope for the British now as they chose to fight on the wrong side in World War Two and have been cuckolded to jewish capital since.

    A Muslim is the mayor of London & I believe Britain will become an Islamic caliphate in my life time.

    On a brighter note Palestinian freedom fighters & Zionist oppressors are having street fights this evening in NYC & Washington DC. Eventually these Palestinians will be augmented by White populists & National Socialists joining their ranks taking direction to the Jude. The tide may he turning against world jewry.

    • They didn’t even need to “choose” a side. All they had to do was stay out of Continental squabbles. They messed up, not once, but TWICE. Now their genes are going to be dissolved in a mud swamp.

    • “There is little hope for the British now…”

      Oh, shut up. The UK is as white as the USA was in 1980.

  3. I see a lot of now classical, though, anachronistick liberals, from James Carville and Bill Maher to Prime Minister Blair, rueing the misanthropick and nihilistick arc that has overtaken Democrat & Labour Parties.

    They courted and fertilized the grounds for a Woke Garden, and now that they successfully rode it to certain Globalist positions and policy goals, they have remorse.

    The thing of it is that I do not think that they have they power to put the genie in the bottle.

    No, I see this Woke Thing like a forest fire that will rage until IT gets tired of reshaping the political and national landscape, and THAT will leave the Nationalists ascendent.

    Let’s be clear – that’s what Prime minister Blair really fears, isn’t it – a resurgent Nationalism, both in his country and abroad.

    • Dear Sir, for over 3 centuries Britain has been dancing on Judaic strings.
      And the British have offered zero resistance to the Jewish takeover of their own island, they are complicit from top to bottom, they love their bullies.

      That half mustached painter from Austria utterly failed to see the obvious truth because he swallowed that infantile “Aryan” crap and lost a golden – maybe the last – opportunity, and here we are.

      British the water carriers for the Hebrews are now pretty much obsolete and the native population is in the process of being pacifically replaced by their superior (((overlords)))

      • @Nemo…

        Yes, I am aware of the history of relationships between Charles !, his moneylenders, parliament, Cromwell, The Restoration, The Bank of England (Rothschild) the ensuing Anglo-Jewish Alliance, the flagship of which, now over three centuries later has transferred here.

        History shows that Jews have found a favourable place offering valuable services to monarchs, and then, after their power has grown, attempting to either replace the monarchs or simply content themselves to a partnership where they are boss.

        I quite agree with you about your take, though, I would tweak it to say that the British Gentiles, as a whole, have been enthusiastically complicit and willing allies in the establishment of an International Corporate/Globalist Empire that now has engulft them mind, body, and soul.

        I think this is The Good Lord, because, if we venture to engulf others mind, body, and soul, then, we, too, eventually have the same revisited upon us.

        As to Hitler, I have said it only many times before, here, quoting Winston Churchill, who said : ‘If Adolf Hitler had died in 1938, he would be remembered as Adolf The Great.’

        But, after 1939, he made a whole slew of mistakes, one to which you allude of turning to The East, before coming to some better conclusion with England.

        Unlike you, I do feel Hitler made other mistakes, in the eyes of The Lord, chief among which are trying to annihilate Jews and massacring so many Slavs.

        I agree with Bishop Richard Williamson of the Sedevacantist Roman Catholick Church,who said, ‘Such a thing as trying to get rid of The Jews, God will never permit.’

        That is is why, when it was not quite the middle of October, the most furious Russian winter in a century befell the Russian Wehrmacht and effectively finisht The Third Reich.

        As to where Gentiles and Jews go from here, I think it is glaringly obvious : White Gentiles have to stand up and insist on what will be in Gentile lands, without resorting to the sorts of things that Hitler did, which tweakt the ire of Jehovah.

        After that, White Gentiles have to avoid the temptation of conquest and empire, something which, though it may feel temporarily good, never ends well for anybody.

        Thank you for your comment.

    • Blair and other liberals in Labour are responsible for how “Woke” the party is today.

      Mind you, Blair et al WELL knew what they were doing; one of the first things they did was make sure that high treason could no longer be treated as a capital offense, i.e. execution.

      I imagine ALL the immigration traitors here in the USA on the other side of the pond did the same, because the last executions for high treason, I believe, were the Rosenbergs and by rights, not a single lamppost in the District of Corruption should not have a politician dangling from it.

      All this yelping about “Wokeness” and “Cancel Culture” Blair and his doppelgangers in America are doing is because they never expected the chickens to come home to roost in their lifetimes. The little monsters they created are howling on their doorsteps and their rank and file citizen rightfully blames them and is furious enough with them that they are in absolutely NO mood to rescue them from their own folly.

      They are all right where they deserve to be; with BLM/Antifa on one side of them and a furious citizenry who loathes them with the fire of a thousand suns on the other. Literally between the metaphoric rock and hard place or devil and the deep blue sea.

      If any of them had a lick of sense, they’d retire into anonymity or disappear into all those expensive bunkers they built, but that would involve relinquishing the power, they clawed their way into. So, they probably won’t.

      Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of jerks.

  4. This page has gotten a little gay, going over the top on gop conservative stuff. Still interesting, but definitely gayer, and for boomers. This is boomer candy with an edge.

    • If more people are coming around to our point of view and the self interest of politicians is beginning to align with adopting our messaging and agenda on key issues, this website thinks that is a positive trend and should be encouraged. Objectively, it would be an improvement to, say, regulate the tech companies to allow free speech. Why? Because that is our position on that issue. It is in our interest for that to happen.

      There are some people who prefer self-marginalization. I disagree with those people. If Republicans do something that I support because that is my position on an issue, then that is great. Likewise, if Joe Biden does something that I agree with like stimulus checks, then I support him on that issue. It makes no sense to attack people when they agree with our position or they are moving closer to our positions on important issues. Why would we discourage people from embracing our views?

      • Blair will write this and push to replace Sir Kier Starmer with David Lammy. Just you wait and see. He doesn’t mean a word of what he’s implying but not quite saying, so as to cover his stinking agenda.

    • @Anon…

      While I respect your right to feel the way you do, I don’t see anything ‘gay’ ‘frivolous’, or ‘irrelevant’ about a Southern Nationalist news blog that reviews practically every element of news that is affecting the Southern Nation, within The United States.

      I totally agree with Mr. Griffin that it serves no one’s interest (other than that of our our enemies) to self-marginalize by adopting non-mainstream poses.

      I also think it very wise to support all trends which benefit Southern People, no matter whence they arise or who is their author.

      Have a great day!

  5. This limey puke was all-in with W Bush on the endless ZioNeoCon Middle East wars on behalf of Israel so everything he says is moot. These guys go through some half-assed Come-To-Jesus-Moment later in life to try to atone for their sins of tearing the world apart in order to appease their masters in Tel Aviv.

    • He will endorse an exciting black sensible leader for Labour once he pushes out Starmer.

  6. It’s rich to hear Toni Bliar to issuing dire warnings about wokism, when the Labour party under his aegis opened the borders explicitly to replace the White working-class they openly despise with Allah ape Pakis & Africoons.

  7. I’m pretty sure that Blair is still advocating for more diversity and extra immigration. He’s bizarre. What should be done is to encourage the windrush black to migrate out. Give them all scholarships to study someplace else. They’ll never return. Same with the Muslims. Give them money for a graduate program abroad, they’ll never darken our door again.

    • @Captain John…

      “I’m pretty sure that Blair is still advocating for more diversity and extra immigration. ”

      Of course he does. His main worry is that you and your family and neighbours have reacht the point where, because of overweening Wokenastinesses, y’all will no longer tolerate it.

      Therein lies his concern.

      Rising White Nationalism, of every kind, is becoming a very serious threat to ongoing Globalization.

    • “Give them all scholarships to study someplace else. They’ll never return. Same with the Muslims. Give them money for a graduate program abroad, they’ll never darken our door again.”

      I don’t believe it. They would take what was given and come back for more.

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