Rising: Biden To The Right Of Obama On Israel Policy

Meet the new boss.

He is no different than the old boss on Zionism.

Note: Jewish donors either buy all of the politicians outright or the Jewish-dominated media prevents them from holding Israel to the same standard as other countries. Can you imagine what would happen if these shocking scenes were playing out in a country like Poland or Hungary?

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  1. When it comes to Israel, the new boss is the same as the old boss. If jews were White, Christians and were committing atrocities against some minority in the US or abroad , the media, the govt and every politician would be in full condemn mode and would most likely send in the military to squash the genocide but since it jews, the US govt and media look the other way and blame the victims, not the the jew supremacist aggressors. You see what side the US govt is on, not the side of the citizens but on the side of a foreign country that owns them.

    • Now we have instant partisan journalism right on the spot via Tic-Tok. There is a battle between Palestinians and Israelis to control the narrative by giving their version of events. Gaza sure looks more devastated than Israel.

  2. All of Biden’s children married Jews and all of Biden’s grandchildren are being raised “as Jews.”

    Biden himself said “I’m a Zionist, you don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist.”

    Biden’s entire cabinet is fanatical Zionist Jews, like Anotony Linken, whose grandfather literally started the Israel lobby, an unregistered lobby for a foreign state.

    This is what we mean we say “Zionist-occupied government.” We are all Palestinians now.

  3. Talking about the JQ is a recipe for increased viewership of OD which will lead to people reading HW’s articles on other subjects that are of concern to Whites.

    • We have always talked about the Jewish Question.

      The fact that Israel is doing all of these shocking things while our elites have their foot in their mouth is an opportunity for us. It is an opportunity for us to point out how Jewish power works in this country to people who are not as up to speed on that subject.

      • Whatever our gripes about subversive Jews in America & the West, the Israeli Jews’ enemy is our enemy. I’ve seen first hand what the Islamic hordes have done to Europe’s cities. We should support the nationalist Jewish right in Israel while insisting that our own Jews either move to Israel or whole-heartedly support American (i.e. majority White, Christian) nationalism.

  4. You stand with Israel, you stand against Christ, it is that simple. And the reason for betraying Christ and not doing what is right is the love money.

    • I attended a prayer meeting last Wednesday with a friend whereby the Baptist preacher said we need to pray for Israel. One person stated she hoped they drove every Palestinian in the sea. I am willing to bet there are more Christians among Palestinians than among Jews. I seem to recall a Palestinian Christian group coming to DC that Ted Cruz was supposed to speak at. He walked out when they wouldn’t pledge allegiance to Israel. He told them if you don’t stand by Israel I cannot stand by you and walked out. Of course, I believe Christian Zionism is a heresy. It is not traditional Christianity. Apparently they cant tell the good figs from the bad figs. I wonder if Christian Zionism knows that Orthodox Jews believe Israel is illegitimate and unbiblical because Israel can only be regather after the messiah comes. That is also what traditional Christianity once believed. I also wonder if they realize Christian Zionism is what will help bring the Anti-Christ to power as he will reign in the rebuilt Jewish temple as God and be worshipped by Jews as God.

    • Q told about this long ago.

      Both French letter and this one are what Military calls recce by fire and civilians call testing the water. Send some small group in advance and take a look about enemy reaction.

      At the end of the day, some sort of military solution comes anyway. Things go so bad that something have to be done and military normally is the last line of defense. Even in most corrupt country, military has some standards left.

      My personal prophecy is that first brats drain The Swamp and then army or fellowship of ex army will rout out the brats. Despite corruption and decadency, The Swamp has too much legitimacy left so that army can not go after Swamp Things directly.

      Stalin did his purges this way. First Stalin let the brats loose to get rid from Lenin Old Guards. This is how they called the Jews. And after the bloodbath , people agreed that harsh methods are necessary to restore law and order in the country so Stalin got chance to go after the brats.

      • Did you just cite Qanon or are you talking about Q from Star Trek TNG? If the former, please kys.

        • I am told Q is a security designation by the CIA. Just for the record I do not believe Q Anon is real. They are being played.

        • I just expressed my personal opinion based on similar historical events.

          Daddy Q is someone’s stunt to move Overton window from unthinkable to radical. Whoever this Q inventor was , he got what he wanted.

          I do not believe that Q inventor was from alphabet . Regimes normally do not expose their crimes and do not normalize military coup against themselves.

          So Q is someone from our side. Is he lone hyper intelligent troll from mother basement or real high position insider, we will probably never know. Like other modern ghosts, Mr. Satoshi Nakamoto probably best known.

  5. “Biden To The Right Of Obama On Israel Policy”

    I wish Israel well, and I wish the Palestinians well.

    That said, as a North Carolinian, I do not believe it is my business to be involved over there, or to think that I have the moral authority to tell any of them how to do anything.

    No, I do not, but, I notice, that The New England Yankee United
    States of America has been only too happy to teach Southerners to be in the habit of casting our judgements where they would like their next foreign adventure, in their pursuit of that Shiny City on a Hill.

    Jewry, let’s be clear, has been only too happy to redirect that New England impulse to it’s own ends, as often as need be.

    That is sad, terribly sad.

    For me, as a Southerner, it is very clear that we have so many problems at home, and, that so, we are ill-equippt to be solving the problems of the world.

    Does this make me an isolationist?

    By the standards of The Jew England Alliance, yes, it does.

    But, I am not an isolationist.

    On the contrary, I am a world traveler, a speaker of foreign languages, a great admirer of human culture who participates in the marvelous diversity of that each and every day – from listening to contra-basses sing Russian Orthodox hymns, to using East Indian medicine for maladies at home, or getting Chinese takeout for dinner.

    I simply do not wish to tell other races and countries how to be on their lands.

    It’s not my business, and it is NOT the business of America.

    In the history of the South, my view is not at all novel, but, actually overwhelmingly the standard fare.

    We, Southerners, have always believed in minding our own business, or, at least, until CIA-TV came along in the late 1940s and taught us to be otherwise.


    Yes, I would like to take this opportunity to give a heartfelt thanks to President Biden, who, as vice-president led an illegal coup to topple the then legitimate president of The Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovich, which began a disastrous civil war in the country, still ongoing to this day.

    Thank you, President Biden, for, listening carefully to Vladimir Putin, and doing what is difficult for us all – reversing course.

    Nothing good for us, Russia, or, indeed, anyone in Humanity, lay ahead in any prospective conflict in The Ukraine, and, because you have accepted Vladimir Putin’s terms, and stoppt with the incessant provocations, we are all a bit safer.

    Thank you, President Biden, for ignoring the misanthropes, clamouring for war in The Ukraine, and listening to sense and reason.

    Thank you.

  7. Seriously if I were Jewish and Israel meant as much to me as as Ethno-State would to us there is no way I would live among the Gentile majority. I would make a beeline to Israel. If there was a functioning White Ethno-State I would go live there. It is as bizarre as Black Lives Matter leaders being multi-million dollar homes in overwhealmingly White neighborhoods.

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