Politico: The Green Schism Threatening Biden’s Climate Plan

In the middle of a spiraling energy crisis and warnings of summer gas shortages, progressive activists are currently angry that Joe Biden’s climate plan doesn’t go far enough. Joe has already been blasted by Greta Thunberg who personally sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to throw a fit on Earth Day for only wanting to slash carbon emissions by the impossible goal of 50% by 2030.


“President Joe Biden’s ambitious proposal to wean the U.S. electric grid off fossil fuels, already a non-starter with congressional Republicans, has run into a new band of politically inconvenient enemies: Left-wing climate and environmental justice activists who believe it isn’t ambitious enough. …

More than 600 groups sent a letter to Congress on Wednesday warning that a CES would promote “false climate solutions” such as natural gas, nuclear and biomass power plants, as well as efforts to keep polluting plants open by capturing their carbon. The dissenters instead called for a stricter renewable electricity standard limited to wind, solar and geothermal power, not only to accelerate the deadline for a zero-emissions grid from 2035 to 2030, but to “avoid perpetuating the deep racial, social, and ecological injustices of our current fossil-fueled energy system.”

“This isn’t some fringe protest. It’s a real coalition, and it’s a real fight,” said Tamra Gilbertson, director of climate policy for the Indigenous Environmental Network. “We’re not just going to hope for the best with Biden, and we’re not going to be sidelined or silenced.” …

The dissenting groups — including Friends of the Earth, the Center for Biological Diversity, 350.org, the NAACP and Food and Water Watch — say that no plan would be better than a flawed plan that values political viability over scientific necessity and could help prop up natural gas. The behind-the-scenes dialogue has gotten testy, with one critic accusing CES supporters of protecting a culture of white supremacy and “energy violence.” …

Most mainstream climate leaders rejoiced when Biden endorsed a clean electricity standard last summer, because they see it as by far the best way to drive fossil fuels out of the grid, and they’re incredibly frustrated to see it trashed as a kind of backdoor protection for fossil fuels. Biden’s goal of reducing power-sector emissions 80 percent by 2030 would probably require retiring just about the entire coal fleet and about half the gas fleet — and there’s real skepticism among scientists that the dissenters’ goal of zero emissions by 2030 is even possible. Greening the power sector is also vital to Biden’s larger goal of cutting all U.S. greenhouse gases in half by the end of the decade, partly because it’s the only sector that’s already making real progress in reducing emissions, thanks to the rapid replacement of coal with cheaper solar, wind and gas, and partly because progress in other sectors will depend on electrifying vehicles and buildings. …”

The Clean Electricity Standard is part of what the Biden administration is trying to pass off as “infrastructure,” but which Ezra Klein who used to run Vox.com describes as “at its heart, the American Jobs Plan is a climate bill.” It is a climate bill crossdressing as an infrastructure plan.

In order to fight climate change, we have already seen how progressive activists are upset that Joe Biden has shied away from explicitly drawing a line in the sand over our “meat eating obsession.” The gripe here is that industrial animal agriculture and the consumption of red meat by the masses has led to too many farting animals which is ruining the climate of the planet. The much bigger gripe of progressive activists is over coal-powered power plants and gasoline burning motor vehicles. Although it isn’t clear how nuclear power plants are responsible for carbon emissions, but they have to go as well.

E&E News:

“Broadly defined as a policy mandating that all or a portion of electricity come from carbon-free resources within a certain number of years, a clean electricity standard is a central part of the administration’s climate agenda and a plank in President Biden’s $2.2 trillion infrastructure package. The administration has said it backs a mandate that would incentivize not only renewables, but also nuclear power, carbon capture and other technologies. …”

Natural gas, nuclear power and fracking are … wait for it … protecting “a culture of white supremacy and energy violence.” It isn’t “energy violence” when working class people can no longer afford gas or electricity anymore like in Germany because of the extremism of progressive activists.

Ecological justice also requires getting rid of natural gas, nuclear power, fracking and biomass power plants. The electric grid should be based entirely on renewable, intermittent sources like solar, wind or geothermal which can vary wildly depending on environmental conditions.

The progressive ideal is here it to completely eliminate fossil fuels as well as nuclear power and gas guzzling automobiles and “energy inefficient” homes and industrial animal agriculture and get everyone disarmed and driving around in electric vehicles powered by renewables and eating Beyond Burgers while being surveilled and censored on the internet. The science of this, the practicality of this, the politics of these proposals and especially the relative cost of this green utopia to the working class does not even figure into it. It is only affluent, college-educated progressives who think this way.

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  1. Yet more proof that the world will be a better place after the Jewnited Snakes and Western Europe are permanently neutralized.

  2. They don’t want hydro-electric. Why? Because the goal is to torment you not to reduce CO2.

  3. China is firing up new coal plants at a fantastic rate. Selling millions of new cars every month, 99% gas or diesel, 1% electric. They couldn’t care less about carbon. And they aren’t in the least bit serious about electric cars. All that pomp is for western consumption.

    China is a nation run by engineers. No doubt they have examined the case Toyota has made against electric cars, done some calculations, and come to the conclusion Toyota is right. There is just no way to scale out electric cars. It cannot be done.

    We will have to wait for hydrogen cars and trucks. They aren’t good enough yet. Maybe in ten years. The Japs know that, so do the Chinks. Only whitey doesn’t get it, as usual.

    We had armies in the field, hundreds of thousands of men. Why, why did Lee have to surrender? Everything since then had flowed as a result of that terrible decision.

    We will be the most wretched nation on earth. The third world has fantastic commercial transport, busses, jeepneys, vans that run routes, trains. It is possible to get by in the third world without a car. It is not possible in America.

    They are trying to take our cars away. Not just the guns, the cars as well. The only solution is secession. There is no other way.

  4. If CO2 levels are rising (doubtful) it’s because of the deforestation of the trees. Trees live of CO2 while giving off 02. Same with plants and corral. It’s just another way for the govt to make money by taxing you to death with a “carbon” tax.

  5. I am convinced that Wokeism is actually a primitive death cult. It did begin with liberalism and political-correctness, but it drew the naturally logical conclusion of those two diseases and now simply sacralizes human death. It is a suicidal death cult.

    Note that these people do not support the traditional, conservative cultures that coexisted with older, less polluting forms of technology like the buggy and horse, or the sail ship, or the blackpowder flint lock or bow and arrow. Those peoples, white and nonwhite, also subsisted on a diet of meat, dairy, nuts, and resource intensive agriculture just like us. All of this is ignored and instead they exclusively focus on what you mentioned; banning guns, banning any form of autonomy for the citizen, banning speech, enforcing bug diets, enforcing pitifully warehoused living conditions, and thinking that even a semblance of the degenerate cultural norms they worship can survive once the plug is pulled entirely and we have to once again depend on the whims of nature.

    Theirs is all emotionalism and hatred without a single consistent line of thought. Intellectual consistency is white supremacy. They are entitled to unfettered, random, anomalous resentment and outrage with no rhyme or reason. Just lash out as anything. Everything is white supremacy. Even pointing that out is white supremacy. They are quite literally de-ranged.

    • I remember when Rhodesia was the definition of white supremacy. Whenwewaz…

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