Washington Post: Grievance, Rebellion and Burnt Bridges: Tracing Josh Hawley’s Path To The Insurrection

Sen. Josh Hawley became an insurrectionist because he comes from a small river town in Central Missouri that was settled by Southerners. This is what passes for a “hit piece” in The Washington Post.

Washington Post:

“LEXINGTON, Mo. — Joshua Hawley was 13 years old, living comfortably as the son of a bank president, when his parents gave him a book about political conservatism for Christmas.

Hawley became enamored with the ideology. He began writing columns for the local newspaper that seethed with resentment against the political power structure. Even domestic terrorist Timothy McVeigh’s bombing of a federal building, killing 168 people, sparked him to speak up for groups that express anger toward the government.

“Many of the people who populate these movements are not radical right-wing pro-assault weapons freaks as they were stereotyped in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing,” he wrote.

Twenty-six years later, those far-right rumblings reached a crescendo during another deadly attack on a federal building — this time with Hawley at the center of the action.

On the other, he has expressed sympathy with some of the country’s most far-right, anti-government extremists, demonstrating a willingness to see the world through their grievance-infused prism even after horrific attacks — from Oklahoma City in 1995, when he was 15, to the Capitol attack in 2021. …

To combat criticism that he is an elitist, Hawley has urged people to examine the place where he grew up. “I come from a town called Lexington, Missouri,” he said in his maiden Senate speech. “It’s a place that reflects the dignity and quiet greatness of the working man and woman. These are the people who explored a continent, who built the railroads, who opened the West.”

That, however, is a simplistic description.

Lexington, a city of 4,700 by the Missouri River in a region still known as Little Dixie for its historical ties to the Confederacy, prides itself as a place rich in history.

But the history long told in Lexington, including during Hawley’s childhood, focused almost entirely on the story of Whites who backed the Confederacy, including a battle in which Union forces were defeated. Nowhere in town is there a commemoration of the fact that it was also here that thousands of Blacks were enslaved in the 19th century, the largest such concentration in Missouri, according to Gary Gene Fuenfhausen, president of Missouri’s Little Dixie Heritage Foundation.

“That’s not something we talked about,” said Mayor Joe Aull, who was superintendent of schools when Hawley was a student. “I just never really heard it mentioned.”

Lexington’s lack of recognition of its role in slavery has meant that the city did not have the kind of introspection about inequality that might have broadened Hawley’s outlook, according to his former classmates.

“It’s a small town. There’s a lot of ignorance and a lot of people that don’t leave the county and see the world,” said Patrick Keller, who went to school with Hawley. “He had an insular life in this small town.” …”

We know this.

I come from an “obviously racist, backwards” small river town too. It is true that these towns were the heartland of the Confederacy. Didn’t the Confederates obviously have a point about the United States becoming an “empire” and a “consolidated despotism” with a degenerate culture? The Confederates claimed that slavery was only the “incident” or “occasion” of the war that masked enduring sectional divisions which would persist long after the demise of slavery like over 150 years later.

The Federalist:

“Take Hawley’s hometown of Lexington, Missouri. Lexington is a small town on the Missouri river of about 4,700 people. Like a lot of small towns in the South, it was once home to black slaves and white slaveowners.

It was also the site of two of the largest battles in the western theater of the Civil War, the First Battle of Lexington in 1861 and the Second Battle of Lexington in 1864, and a center of operations for Confederate guerilla forces under William Quantrill, including a young Jesse James, who was wounded by federal troops while riding into town to surrender after the war. …

It’s unclear if the person quoted even knew Hawley, let alone knew him well enough to know whether he had an insular life growing up in Lexington. The point is, according to Kranish, that if you come from an obviously racist, backwards place like this there’s a good chance you’re a racist, or at least racially insensitive. You know, like Hawley. …”


This is what they have got on Josh Hawley? He has always hated the feds? He has a deeply thought out ideology? He has gone rogue on the Republican establishment? George Will feels betrayed by him? He named Pelagius? He denounced Black Lives Matter as a Marxist organization? LMAO.

The fact that Josh Hawley comes from an “insular small town” like Lexington in Little Dixie that was used as a base in the War Between the States by Quantrill’s Raiders to attack the Jayhawkers is something that he should be running on down South. Every real Missourian who I have ever known who has deep roots in the state and isn’t a deracinated suburban faggot admires Jesse James and William Quantrill. Hating Kansas and the federal government runs deep in the DNA of every true Missourian.

This piece makes Josh Hawley look good. If I were him, I would be promoting it.

Note: Seriously though, Kansas has come around and is on our side now. The same is true of virtually all rural voters in this country. Progressives live in dense places.

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  1. “It’s a small town. There’s a lot of ignorance and a lot of people that don’t leave the county and see the world,” said Patrick Keller, who went to school with Hawley. “He had an insular life in this small town.”

    Didn’t Hawley go to Harvard Law?

    • The implication here is that metropolitan suburban/urbanites don’t live insular lives. That seems wrong considering they are out of touch with almost everyone else on earth. The most insular and out of touch people in the world are shitlibs, so much so that they can’t even imagine any people having legitimate disagreements with them.

      • @Dart

        In NYC they brag about having never gone north of 14th Street.

        So, not that they have never left New York City. Not even that they have never left the island of Manhattan. No, they have never traveled outside of the southern tip of Manhattan – never been more than walking distance from their apartment.

        Well, of course, except for the Birthright Israel trip.

        “Provincial” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

    • He taught history at an elite school in London, UK. St Paul’s. The idea this kid is a Hick is laughable.

  2. Not all Missourians fought with the South. Half of the state fought with the Yankees. Hence brother against brother, father against son.

  3. It’s hard to take seriously any article which talks of a ‘insurrection’.

    If you want to call what happened in D.C. on January 6 a ‘quiet riot’, okay – but, an insurrrection?

    No, it’s silly to think of such a thing, for if there had been an insurrection, there would have been firearms and, consequently – given the mood of the people – heads on a plate.

    As to Hawley, they, The Judeo-Bolshevik CIA media, will continue to give him all the favourable publicity he needs, just as they did Candidate Trump in 2016.

    Many thanks to them!

    By the way, great painting of our great great granddaddies in action!

  4. I know what the Republicans are doing. They can’t fool me. Deep down they still hate Trump while mouthing his praises in public. They do not do so in order that he can run in 2024. They do it to steal his voters and merge them back into establishment Republicanism while flattering their egos and heaping praise on Trump. And it is imperative they do this by 2024 so they can undercut his base. The ship is going down regardless of who occupies the captain’s seat. Get off the USS Titanic before she drags you to the bottom with her!

  5. Seriously, anything that WaPo, NYT, WSJ, USA Today, et al write should be considered as credible as World Weekly News.

  6. I like Hawley. My gawd the man smiles and he’s likeable.
    Now I’m sure he is not perfect (and I admit I haven’t spent hours researching his life story) and I can somewhat guess where the disagreements lay; China Bad, Israel Good.
    That is not an insurmountable issue. We must merely “nudge” him into a more isolationist position, meaning NO MORE FOREIGN AID. He can say all the nice garbage he wants about Israel as long as he at least supports a reduction or cancelling of all (all meaning not just Israel) foreign aid.
    That is probably possible.
    We need to start choosing a flag (candidate) to rally around.
    I understand that there are many among us who believe it is better to reject mainstream politics in favour of niche parties (i.e. NJP). I see no problem with supporting those endeavours. However, taking over the Republican party is better and doable. It is already happening. It is going to be a long slog and there will be concessions, but it is where we should be focused.
    Our secondary task is converting right-wing liberals to our more conservative outlook. It is possible, many of us here on the fringe used to be either basic bitch conservatives (i.e. right-wing liberals) or lefties.
    Keep up the great work here Hunter!

    • You like him because he smiles and is “likeable” ?
      No expectations of reversing amnesty, deporting illegals, stopping the massive taxing of working people to support nonwhites, and the whole anti-white agenda.

      No one expects any of these guys to do their jobs anymore. It’s the old “vote Republican” crap.

      Oh, but don’t ever say the world’s coming apart, because then not only are you a racist, but you’re a pessimist, too! Oh no, let’s all just act happy, patronize football games, and drink sodas.

      See, when I see Hawley, I see another nail in the coffin of what was once the United States. These guys are like the “help” showing up to a fire, after the house burned down.

  7. I proposed to my wife at a Confederate Ball in Josh Hawley’s home town, wonderful place….the type the establishment seeks to completely destroy.

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