Fact Checked: The Rev. Robert E. Lee IV Actually Isn’t Related To Robert E. Lee

It was a hoax.

This weirdo was always lying about related to Robert E. Lee.

Washington Post:

“The Rev. Robert W. Lee IV, known as Rob, has, since 2016, parlayed his ancestry on behalf of what many may regard as a noble cause — removing Confederate statues and memorials. The pastor stood with Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam when the governor announced last June, in the wake of the George Floyd protests, that a statue of Robert E. Lee in Richmond would be removed.

“There are members in my family who are shaking in their boots. I’m sure my ancestor Robert E. Lee is rolling in his grave, and I say, let him roll,” Lee told a crowd.

When Northam introduced Lee, he said: “We’ve been talking about his great-great-grandfather.” …

But there is no evidence that Rob Lee, who was born in North Carolina, is related to Robert E. Lee, according to The Fact Checker’s review of historical and genealogical records. We were aided in our search through these records by a retired Los Angeles trial lawyer and Civil War chronicler named Joseph Ryan, as well as an official at Stratford Hall, the ancestral home of the Virginia Lee family. …”

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  1. Thank God you have brought this to light.

    Bad enough he is a fellow Tarheel, much more troubling to think that this Scalawag was in any way related to our great hero.

  2. With a goofy face like his there’s no way “Reverend Lee” could possibly be related to a noble, honorable gentleman like General Lee. The only Christian leader I like is Pastor Martin Lindstedt. Maybe he’s a jew, maybe he isn’t. But I still like him, dammit.

  3. These deceivers seem to show up to give their support every time some any anti-South project begins to unfold.

    Remember when the Republican “Southerner” (southern Asia–India–maybe), Governor of SC Nimrata “Nikki” Haley, called for the removal of the Confederate flag from the SC statehouse grounds? There was a Republican SC House of Rep. member who was in favor of removing the flag and made an impassioned speech to end debate on the Confederate flag removal claiming she was a descendant of Jefferson Davis. It turns out she was NOT a descendant of Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

    Jenny Horne

    Jenny Anderson Horne (born October 12, 1972) is an American attorney and politician who served as a Republican member of the South Carolina House of Representatives from 2009 to 2017… A member of the Republican Party, she served as a member of the South Carolina House of Representatives from 2009 until 2017. In a 2015 speech on the South Carolina State House floor, Horne claimed to be a “descendant of Jefferson Davis.” Subsequent media reports explained this to be the Confederate States President Jefferson Davis. Horne advocated the quick removal of the Confederate Battle Flag from the grounds of the state capitol…In the June 2016 debate with Mark Sanford, Horne acknowledged the results of grassroots genealogical researchers findings that she is not descended from the Confederate President Jefferson Davis, born 1808 in Kentucky. Her line goes back to a James Jefferson Davis, born about 1841 in Georgia.
    Wikipedia: “Jenny Horne”

    SC Rep. Jenny Horne makes an impassioned speech to end debate on the Confederate flag


    • What’s next is someone going to claim to be a descendant of Forrest and support Antifa

      • @Bill Richards…

        Very good point.

        I had not thought of that, BUT, now that you bring it up, I’d give you odds it will occur.

    • @Banned…

      Yes, it’s painful to recall Jenny Horne.

      But, as The South rises, and she detests it, maybe we can get the pleasure of seeing her self deport to Massachussets or California…

    • The reverend says we need to grow up, by taking down our sacred flag.

      Clearly he associates manhood with that of being a lowdown treacherous scalawag.

      What congregation would pay this guy to preach?

      Oh, yeah, I got it – one of them high-falutin’ city slicker self-hating types with the Mercedes, fancy Eyetalian loafers, and a sprinkler system that will come on, whether they are alive or dead…

  4. Why am I not surprised? I won’t tell the story again, about my old friend who is related to Robert E. Lee, and the Lee’s of Virginia.

  5. So the collared cunt was a liar all along. Oy, vhat a surprise, huh.

    Get a gander of that fugly face: I’d bet the farm on “boy-licker”.

  6. That’s good! I thought it was a little strange to condemn an actual ancestor. Normally the descendants try to be apologists of one stripe or another. Never outright hostility to your own folks. Even Hitler’s nephews kept a low profile when possible.

    • “Even Hitler’s nephews kept a low profile when possible” Seriously, Hilter was the greatest of them all ! His army killed more Red Punks and Amerifags than any other. I only wish he had won !

      • His Nephew joined the US Navy though, remember? But even then he avoided publicity. This asshole sought out publicity.

  7. “Even Hitler’s nephews kept a low profile when possible” Seriously, Hilter was the greatest of them all ! His army killed more Red Punks and Amerifags than any other. I only wish he had won !

    • Agree. He tried to keep Europe from becoming communist, but after the war, the Allies split Europe in two with the Iron Curtain. Wasn’t even ironic…

    • @Stormer…

      ““Even Hitler’s nephews kept a low profile when possible” Seriously, Hitler was the greatest of them all ! His army killed more Red Punks and Amerifags than any other. I only wish he had won !”

      My daddy served with the 116th Regiment of the 29th Blue & Grey Division that invaded Omaha Red Beach on D-Day at Normandie June 6th 1944.

      Though my daddy was of Hungarian Jewish extraction, he was the only one – the entire rest of his regiment White Anglo Southern Gentile Good Ole Boys from the boonies in the Charlottesville Virginia area.

      By a miracle, my daddy survived, until an 88mm shell knockt him out near Belgium in November of that year.

      At that time, he was one of the last non-replacement soldiers of the 116th infantry to be in the unit – many having been wounded, and many more lying dead across France.

      Though looking back we realized that our daddies were badly misled into a fight with those whom they had almost everything in common.

      They are not to blame for that, nor for the fact that they lived in a time without the Internet, when the Media was very controlled.

      They were not fags, but, real White Southerners who, all men, went to that fight because their country called them to do so.

      That you are happy those of your blood were killed, trying to secure a better place for you in the world, tells us everything about you we would ever want to know.

      • D-Day? Meh… MY daddy was an NCO in the 16th Ethiop Dragoons in Dunmore’s war in 1774. We don’t usually talk about it, because no one knows what we’re talking about and they think we’re crazy.

      • Good point Ivan Turgenev.Its so easy to fault people and say we’d do things better.Our ancestors opposed getting into WW2 by 90 plus percent.What could they do when the puppet Roosevelt and the puppet Churchill orchestrated a White on White genocide by lying totally and demonizing the Germans for freeing themselves of the Weimer Jews.How many among us are just finding out how badly we’ve been lied to thanks to the internet and great sites like this.The Germans,Americans,English and others who knew the true state of things at that time have been locked out of history.Satan has given those rebellious Jews power over media,education etc to a degree that these events could only have occured via demonic power.I believe it will take God himself to counter this.He is working through great men like you,Hunter and others to give us truth.Perhaps we are doomed or perhaps God will turn things around.Either way I am proud to be with all of you in this struggle.And Jesus has already won for us the victory that truly counts.

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