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  1. “Merrick Garland and Alejandro Mayorkas are focused on the rise of “far right domestic extremism.””

    While they ignore international drug gangs, ms13, 13locos, crips, bloods, rolling 60’s etc.
    To focus their ethnic hatred on WHITES.

  2. Just because I am unfond of Senator Romney and oft disagree with him means that I cannot appreciate a moment like this.

    I do appreciate it and thank him for it, and the elegant gentlemanliness with which he did it.

    Because he is so moderate and centrist, taking such a stand should, you would think, get President Biden’s attention.

    I doubt it, though, because White Replacement and Slave Labour for corporations has long been the raison d’etre of The New England Yankee United State’s Government.

    As one of my Negro neighbours just said to me tonight, he who has absolutely no problem with The Confederate flags flying off my front porch : “I hate The United States’ Government, because they are f***ing us all like we were from San Francisco, and have been doing so for a very long time.’

  3. That jew has the balls to say this is the US and those baby beaners have a right to be here with their border jumping parents is an insult to anyone with a brain. Romney should have said…”We are a nation of immigrants, European immigrants” Romney half fought that scheming jew. Romney isn’t against illegal immigration, he is just upset at the overwhelming numbers.

  4. Don’t worry, folks. This is like going into a car dealership and low-balling the price of a car, knowing for sure, you won’t get that. You really knew you’d get something else.

    Just like how all of those Hondurans got in, even though the talk was they weren’t going to be allowed to.

    They always carry on, rant and rave, “they’re NOT getting in”, and then strike…A DEAL…and probably thousands or even millions will get in.

    There’s ghost towns in Central America, because they “walked” through Mexico and came here. No one sends them back to Mexico, because Mexico actually is fine with them coming here. We all know busses, planes, and trucks, bring them HERE.

    It’s a planned invasion.

    • And the people who planned it are killing the Golden Goose. Everyone except the One Percenters will lose in the end.

  5. “Conservatives” love “Diversity” as long as it’s done “legally”. “Conservatives” have no problem with Whites becoming a minority in our own country because America is based on a set of words in the Declaration of Independence: “All men are created equal”. The head shrinking savage from South America and the dog eating Asian from China can become just as good Americans as Whites by believing in those words. Racial and cultural differences mean nothing to “conservatives” so race blending Whites out of existence is okay by them because everyone is equal. “Conservatives” are Anti-White.

    • Agree. Most “conservatives” fall far left of center.

      It seems almost retarded for any of them to think it’s just fine letting all of these people in, because of “votes”, when the voting system is just GONE.

      The lines that they come here for jobs or are “hard working” or “they do the jobs Americans won’t do”…have faded away, as the majority of them don’t even work.

      That these politicians are so willing to destroy the US is such an aberration.

  6. Republican senators make me laugh when they go after affirmative action hire Mayorkas. They always act like he, Biden and so many other Democrats are simply ” dumb” or ” inept” on the immigration issue. Or why our vice president, given the slot only because she is a woman and hall black, never goes to the border because she ” just doesn’t understand.” This is classic conservative cowardice. Will just one of them say the obvious that this is all done on purpose to replace White voters whom are the heart of the Republican Party? Of course they won’t. It’s such a pathetic shell game.

    Democrats talk about race all day long. They bash Whites all the time with total backing from our trash media. Republicans counter with stupid lies like ” blacks are coming to our side now.”

    Only Marjorie Taylor Greene is doing big cat attacks on Democrats and that is why our serpent media goes after her. We are at the point to just totally crap on the media. Trump did it pretty good but as usual, did nothing to help destroy leftist media. He used some good terms on them yet he did nothing to truly weaken them.

    Trump Jr. is really not much more than a standard conservative. He doesn’t have the guts to dig deeper. He enjoys his meme wars with ” the libs” but if he does run for office( I expect him to) he will be a classic conservative.

    Race is so clearly in the open but only Democrats consistently use it. Republicans talk nonsense pretending all races of people are open to voting for them. Clearly not true.

    • Agree. They are not “dumb or inept”…they know exactly what they are doing. The “dumb” thing is a cover.

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