Jacobin: We Can’t Cancel Ourselves Into a Better World

I would probably also be labeled a “far-right propagandist.”


“Changing that reality is immensely difficult. But it’s easy enough to get a Democratic Socialists of America convention to enforce rules as extreme as prohibiting clapping during debate in the name of accommodating the disabled — something that resulted in a notorious montage of clips circulated two years ago by the far-right propagandist Tucker Carlson. …

The effect of the behavior captured by Tucker’s clips — cherry-picked and wielded in bad faith by a man who clearly doesn’t have our best interests at heart, but still real — was to make socialists look like strange scolds all too ready to excoriate each other for daring to clap instead of waggling their fingers or for using “gendered language” like “hey guys.” The effect of abandoning a candidate on the basis of unproven accusations is to make left-wing primary challengers extremely easy to neutralize. All of this is troubling enough on its own. …

This helps to explain the strange excesses of performative radicalism we often find on the online left. Taking extreme positions that alienate most people outside of our political bubble often feel like a way of taking an even clearer and sharper stand against those injustices. …”

I don’t even really disagree with Ben Burgis on imperialism or social democracy.

It is clear to me though that the political divide in this country between the Left and Right is centered on culture and it is getting worse because the two parties are resorting around this axis. The voters who the Democrats are steadily losing whether they are White or non-White tend to be culturally conservative and the ones who they are gaining whether they are White or non-White tend to be culturally liberal. The country is becoming less racially polarized and more polarized based on education and values.

When Barack Obama was president in 2009, Democrats had 60 Senate seats and 258 House seats. Democrats were competitive in White working class districts in Congress. Democrats even won White working class voters in the 2006 midterms. In the 2012 election, college educated voters backed Mitt Romney who was even fairly competitive with post-graduates. It is reversed now.

The Left is defined and hemmed in by its cultural values: modernism, cosmopolitanism, antiracism, political correctness or wokeness. They are shrinking down to the Left-Libertarian box. The glue that holds them together is social liberalism. It is not socialism, communism, anarchism, liberalism or social democracy. There are a variety of views in this sphere all of which are culturally liberal.

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  1. I don’t want the assholes who are primarily responsible for Cancel Culture mania to get away with what they’ve done. They would include (but are not limited to) @jack, Sundar Pichai, Mark Zyklonberg, Susan Wojcicki and Dan Schulman.

    • @Spahn…

      Don’t worry, Friend – nobody gets away with anything in this world, for, even if it looks like they did, for a time, it catches up to them, sooner or later.

      God is very just that way.

      Just because you don’t see the comeuppances does not mean that they do not come.

  2. These “leftists” are FAKE – they are not workers, they are not working class, and they have zero interest in doing anything to help the working class.

    They are Emmanuel Goldsteins, meant to ensnare people trying to organize and instead infiltrate Zionist Jews in otherwise serious labor organizations.

    The DSA is the wealthiest political party in America, even more than the Greens. This is NOTHING but a club run by wealthy Jews to control the “left.”

    I mean, come to think of it, that is the entire point of the Communist movement – confiscate the productive property of “Gentiles” and put it in the hands of Zionist Jews.

    • I’d have to BIG disagree.

      I grew up in a blue state and have no lived in more states than I’d like to have (thanks to our “dynamic business forces)

      and I was shocked by how crappy red states are.

      Red states are effectively third world hellholes that want you to die so they can replace you with a pajeet.

      America has by and large been a third world hellhole for most parts of the country since the 90’s.

      I’ll never forget flying back to America from Europe as a kid realizing the gap between americas and European standards of living was like comparing americas standard of living to Mexico’s.

      The only blue state that rivaled a red state for pure crap quality of life was California.

      Living in a red state is basically like living in Brazil.

      Everything is extremely economically segregated and none rich areas get basically zero resources and look like shit…. Why do I want to live in a state where I have to hide out in a gated community????

      Why would I want to live in a state that’s so classists if you’re not a millionaire you’re can’t enjoy any public beauty???

  3. But democratic socialists are strange scolds who get upset when people use gendered language. That’s an accurate portrayal of DSA.

  4. “The country is becoming less racially polarized.”

    We must live in different countries.

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