Mark McCloskey Announces U.S. Senate Run

I don’t think this will be close.

My wife’s family in Missouri love this guy. I knew that Missouri was going to go big for Trump back in 2016 after Ferguson. The other guy Eric Greitens who is also running for Senate became governor after running that machine gun ad. He later resigned from office after he was exposed for having an affair.


“Mark McCloskey, one half of a white couple who pointed guns at Black Lives Matter protesters in St. Louis last year, filed paperwork Tuesday to run for Missouri’s Senate seat. …

Flashback: Mark and Patricia McCloskey, both personal injury attorneys, were indicted in October on charges of unlawful use of a weapon and tampering with evidence after they pointed guns at anti-racism protestors from the lawn of the St. Louis mansion last July.

Their actions made them popular in some conservative circles and were subsequently invited to speak at the Republican National Convention in August.

They are due to stand trial in November …”

Missouri is a very Trumpy state. I think McCloskey will win the primary. I just don’t see him losing after brandishing weapons at BLM and Antifa to defend his property.

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  1. You have to admit the picture alone is so awesome it’s the entire campaign right there.

    Yes, I’m fully aware they are doing it wrong but it’s art, not science.

  2. A lot of good in that ad, especially the direct mentioning of & attack on cancel culture, critical race theory & systemic racism, but unfortunately counter-balanced with some of the old MAGAtard nonsensical labeling: calling the nig-antifag mobs “fascists”, etc. Too much about our “GOD-given rights” for my taste (wouldn’t once have been enough?) but hey, I know the type he’s trying to reach love that.

    I’ll keep my eye on him.

  3. If Mr. McCloskey would like to confront our enemies, I’m all for it.

    I think he would be a promising second rook to a state that already has a great rook in Senator Josh Hawley.

    At this point, I see that we have gone into a second stage, after awakening – watching a new class of leaders arise.

    Some will be duds, though, as duds are weeded out, the crop of new leaders will grow stronger, each and every year.

  4. Great ad. Reminds me of the great Kemp ads, when he was running for governor of Georgia.

    Though I did not like Kemp’s performance in the election conspiracy debacle, I think he has shown some very good colours, otherwise.

    Hard to think that a man who could deliver this ad would be false in his heart.

    It feels right, he feels right, and we know he is battle-tested.

    This is why our forefathers almost always preferred someone who had military experience and had excelled at that.

    I have come to believe that this standard of theirs is correct, and cannot be replacet or dispencet with.

    • He had direct experience with the nightmare of all these black communist DAs and AGs Soros is installing across the nation. Like that scumbag in MN who turned a manslaughter at best case of Chauvin into Murder 2? On the reality police shows Murder 2 is what all these black thugs who murder people during ARMED ROBBERIES end up going down for. Now a black communist 90 IQ black female AG in NY is going after Trump himself showing the historic American nation truly is over. We don’t prosecute ex presidents by political opponents. This standard of decency is now over, another jolt that America of the 20th century doesn’t exist anymore. Do the nice “Flanders” type middle class white people get yet that the blacks didn’t really want an end to a race based system of injustice, they just wanted to trade places.

      • “Trade places” isn’t really the correct phrase. American blacks have it better than any other blacks on the planet. But think about how they would treat whites if they ever actually became the rulers.

      • @Nightowl…

        Yes, Mr. McCloskey has been through the crucible and, therefore, is qualified to be given a chance to lead.

  5. I am pretty sure he is more qualified for pretty much any job than Claire McCaskill is. She’s been a worthless bureaucrat her entire adult life.

  6. “The fascist mob.” Ok, boomer.

    This guy is probably an upgrade from Roy Blount, but he’s a slimy lawyer who lives in a McMansion inside a gated community. He’s a Trumptard too.

    • It’s not a McMansion. It’s a ca.1900 mansion he spent something like 5 million to restore to it’s belle epoque glory. It has always been a gated street since the mansions in that area were built around the same time. It’s basically surrounded by the hood since the 1960s so security has been a big deal for the rich folks living in those places for some time. The carriage houses for these places are nearly as large as some contemporary McMansions. The mansions (there are several gated streets like these in St. Louis) are more like the palaces erected by folks like the Vanderbilts, et al as their ‘city homes’. (nothing as huge as the Biltmore).

      Yes he’s arguably a step up from Blount and a Magatard to boot. He and his wife should take a course on basic gun safety for starters.

      • “He and his wife should take a course on basic gun safety for starters.”

        Yes, it’s stupid to brandish weapons so openly.
        Especially, pointing them at someone.

        • @Arrian…

          I respectfully disagree.

          Next time you are confronted by a riotous crowd of untold thousands, on your front lawn, let us see how you respond.

          By brandishing his weapon, McCloskey was trying to tell the would-be arsenists that he did not wish to harm that, but, if he had to, he would, and well had the capability to do that.

          His actions not only saved his property, possibly that of himself and his wife, but, as well, those in the crowd.

    • I wonder whether there is some advantage he gains legally for his defense during his upcoming trial by being an official candidate in an election around the same time.

    • @November…

      Most of The Founding Fathers, and our Confederate Generals were filthy rich aristocrats.

      Some of them were duds, that’s for sure.

      Some were not, however, and it is upon their courage and ideas a nation was built were, even today – in spite of all the oppression and tyranny, there still are things to appreciate that other countries either do not have or are in much shorter supply.

      Also, McCloskey is doing a rational and good thing – attempting to turn what was a traumatick event for him into something good for the entire community.

      Will he be a eagle-eyed politicians from the 1880s?


      But he is probably going to be one from the 1980s, and that still is a vast improvement over the vast majority of what we have today, in the senate.

      • We don’t have to idolize the founding fathers. We can idolize Huey Long.

        The banking system has allowed corruption since day one. We owe the past nothing.

        • @ps mike…

          To dispence with our heritage, and our respect for it, is not a Southern point of view.

          As to idolization, I idolize only Jesus Christ.

    • Spot on, November.

      I picked a fight with you many months ago when I was in a sensitive place. I have read your posts ever since and I essentially agree with most everything you write. Sorry about attacking you(if you recall it). I’ve had a grudge against unearned wealth 2008 bank bailouts. That was my awakening.

  7. I like his wife better. He’s just bluffing with that AR but her based ass is pointing that lil pistol straight at the jews and orcs with her finger on the trigger.

  8. No mention of the attack on the First amendment in the ad. Will he stand up to the Israel lobby which is bribing republicucks into eviscerating the First Amendment?

    • Jim- THERE is the crux of the matter. If pseudo-Xtians still worship the IDOL of Apostate Jewry, and the FALSE NATION of Antichrist Isra-hell, they are just as damned as the most insane member of a Hassidic Synagogue of Satan……

    • He mentioned god several times in his ad. My guess is he is a fan of Israel because of the jesus thing.

      Wasn’t Claire McCaskil’s qualification for the senate that she survived her husband?

  9. This guy spent years and years working for black causes and donating to Democrat candidates. He is a life long Democrat and complete shitlib. Trust me, one incident with a pack of feral groids won’t change that. RINO alert.
    Don’t be fooled Missouri.

    • @Tim…

      Valid point, however, he changed, because, as so often happens to us, humans, he underwent an ordeal that altered his previous perspectives and awakened him to a new reality.

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