Poll: Joe Biden’s Honeymoon Is Over

The hard part seems to have finally arrived.

The country has been grateful to Joe for distributing the vaccine without putting a foot in his mouth like Donald Trump. We’re officially over the COVID pandemic now though. We’re starting to see attention shift back to more polarizing and less favorable issues like open borders and policing.

Yahoo News:

“As COVID-19 cases continue to fall and an increasingly vaccinated America emerges from the worst of the pandemic, the biggest political challenge facing President Biden may no longer be the virus itself.

Instead, a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll suggests that the more the U.S. recovers, the more Americans may start to question whether the administration’s multitrillion-dollar policy agenda is helping or hurting the economy.

The survey of 1,561 U.S. adults, which was conducted from May 11 to 13, found that Biden remains relatively popular with the American people — far more popular, for instance, than Donald Trump was at any point during his presidency. Yet Biden’s current job approval rating (49 percent) is 5 points lower than it was in late April, and his disapproval rating (40 percent) is 3 points higher. That’s one of the smallest splits in any Yahoo News/YouGov poll since Biden took office. …

Americans are not yet sure what to think, but they are wary of the government overreacting. While 54 percent still approve of Biden’s coronavirus response, and 47 percent still support how he’s handling the economy, the public is split over how the administration should proceed. Asked how much the government should do to “help Americans affected by the pandemic,” only 29 percent say it should do more; a higher share (33 percent) say it has “done enough and should start doing less.” About a quarter of Americans (26 percent) say the government is currently doing the right amount.

Likewise, 43 percent of Americans — a plurality — say the government should end its $300-per-week unemployment supplement for Americans who lost their jobs during the pandemic (which is paid out on top of the usual weekly benefit of $600, and which several Republican governors have already curtailed, citing corporate concerns that it is discouraging people from returning to work). Slightly fewer (41 percent) say the extra payment should continue. …”

49 percent is a big decline.

It could be a fluke, but I doubt it given the numbers on the economy. The news on that front has been terrible: the devastating jobs report, inflation and the rise in gas prices.

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  1. George Wallace should have been elected President in 1968, we would have avoided so much trouble since then. He would have been re-elected in 1972 by a landslide, maybe Bull Connor could have been VP. There would have been no Watergate scandal.

    That is my comment every time I see HW put GW’s picture up.

    • George Wallace’s appeal was limited to blue collar voters and nobody else. That’s why even in the South he only won a handful of Deep Southern states and was wiped out in the more civilized outer Southern states.

      • Mike Malloy- Yes, but one cannot discount the FINKELTHINK that was ALREADY going strong by the gay Jew Finkelstein’s tampering with the American political process, even back then:

        ” Finkelstein entered the American political scene at a time when America was 88% White and was just concluding what we now know was one of the most fundamentally transformative decades in U.S. history. Most prominently, the 1964 Civil Rights Act weaponized blacks as a means of further breaking down centuries old White America, while the 1965 Hart-Celler Act sowed the seeds of the rapidly accelerating demographic destruction we see today. It wasn’t enough to control groups of politicians via political blackmail – that could only get you so far. The only way to ensure the long-term success of these and countless other initiatives was to divide and polarize White Americans.

        Enter Arthur Finkelstein. After cutting his teeth in exit-polling analysis for NBC, Finkelstein created a complex demographic analysis for Nixon’s re-election campaign. It was during this time that young Arthur Finkelstein developed a political methodology that now became the cookbook for the GOP brand of populism.”- http://read-right.com/finkle-think/

        In other words. Jews- EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

        • @Fr. John+…

          One thing to note here : Finkelstein did not rig the 1972 election, President Nixon did.

          Why did he do that?

          Because polls showed that, if George Wallace ran on a 3rd party ticket, Nixon would lose.

          How did President Nixon get Wallace out of the way?

          He sent the FBI & IRS down to Alabama, where they relentlessly investigated The Wallace Operation for kickbacks.

          Some Wallace associates, such as Seymore Trammel, went to jail.

          Eventually, in 1971, Wallace made a call to Nixon, to ask him what he would want to call of the dogs.

          Nixon’s answer?

          Run as a Democrat in 1972.

          And Wallace did exactly that.

          The moral of this story, My Dear Father, is that you cannot blame the Devil for everything, or his agents, when others, many others, in fact, choose to follow him.

          Jews, and Jewry, are NOT alone in the corruption of this nation – nowhere near alone.

          So, permit me, I will tweak your concluding statement :

          “In other words, it’s a stinking collaboration between corrupt ungodly Gentiles & Jews – EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.”

  2. If you believe these poll numbers I have a bridge to sell you.1,561 adults…where? Manhattan? SF? West Palm Beach?

    • @Gigolo Johnny

      “If you believe these poll numbers I have a bridge to sell you.1,561 adults…where? Manhattan? SF? West Palm Beach?”

      Exactly what I was gonna say. They didn’t pole Southerners, cattlemen in Wyoming, or Oregon loggers. They never do.

  3. Biden is the darling of the left and the leftist nation we now live in. If the nation was turning right, Blumph would have been re-elected even with all his faults.Hillary had Blumph beat in 2016 according to the “polls”

  4. All of you can cry and whine like cry babies about Biden all you want and while he’s far from FDR, he’s surprised former critics by supporting many progressive measures and he’s way more popular with independents and Democrats which means he’ll wipe the floor with orange snake oil salesman Trump again in 2024. Your tears don’t matter because you’re outnumbered, geniuses!

    • We will see if this is a trend.

      It is a terrible poll for Joe Biden and Democrats though. Remember, Joe Biden needs at least 52% to win due to the concentration of his voters in urban areas in coastal blue states. If Joe’s approval drops below 50% by the end of the year, you can kiss the House and Senate goodbye.

    • @ mike malloy show listener, your pimpin president, mr.malloy, will in all likelihood, not even last a year in office, we are not republicans, or married to thee trump machine, your party doesnt offer enough for a second look, quite frankly, that being said, on this site, we know its our country, we are keeping an eye on you losers, as soon as possible, all you hacks will be replaced, we find your reruns and your comments mr.malloy, ” boring”.

  5. At least you neo-fascists can try to get one thing correct. No candidate including Wallace stood to defeat the immensely popular Nixon in 1972 and that’s why he swept 49 states and got the popular vote by the largest percent. Wallace getting shot by Arthur Bremer doomed his already limited campaign and the Democratic Party had changed too much at that point to even consider nominating him. Try twisting the Capitol riot next time.

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