Mehdi Hasan: Progressives Except Palestine Are Hypocrites

I will give credit where it is due.

Mehdi Hasan called out the hypocrites on his own side.

Joe Biden and the Democratic Party are subsidizing, supporting, defending and apologizing for white supremacy, systematic racism, settler colonialism and grotesque human rights abuses in Israel. What Israel is currently doing to the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank is the real “Jim Eagle.”

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  1. Deference to Israel is the default position for every ‘popular’ movement in this nation. Israel, and the Jewish diaspora are the home base, the one common point or support, and if stepped on, they are the third rail which will send any person, or organization into a perilous negative G dive of death.

    • @Gigolo Johnny…

      “Deference to Israel is the default position for every ‘popular’ movement in this nation.”

      And this default position will remain so until there are some strong incentives to posture otherwise.

      Presently, it is all upside for American politicians to be Zionist, with no tangible downside.

      Say what you will about politicians, they are, in the end, rational people. In fact, some would say a bit too ‘rational’ and not enough idealogical.

      This situation will only change when the electorate, at large, embraces the idea that we have no dog in the hunt in Palestine, but many of them, sick and diseased at home.

      It’s no more complex than that.

      Because, once the electorate, Left & Right, is against meddling in Holy Land, the rational politicians will have no choice but to follow.

      They always do, when many votes are on the line.

      Corporate money is not powerful enough to change that reality.

  2. You are correct, HW as far as it goes.

    ‘If’ the Khazars in Occupied Palestine are the “Jews” of the Bible, then it needs to be pointed out that many are overwhelmingly Caucasian, and many of them have Blue eyes and fair hair.

    That (of course) means that ALL OTHER FAIR, RUDDY Caucasians [ Gen. 1] are ALSO ‘Israelites’ by the racial purity laws of the Pentateuch (Torah). Which would include all of the [sic] ‘races’ of Europe- Irish, Spanish, Italians, French, Romanians, English, Dutch, Swedes, Norwegians, etc. And, as most of them have HISTORICALLY been Christians (who held to the Seven Ecumenical Councils) then their christian ‘orthodoxy’ shows that the ‘Israel of God’ (i.e., the Church) is one and the same- in both race and religion – just as it was in the O.T. Coincidence, or Divine Providence?

    Dr. Elhaik’s DNA research, however, showed that the vast majority of Ashkenazic Jewry are Khazars, almost a decade ago. The late Texe Marrs also has a book out on that very fact. That is, foreign ethnos/race TURKIC peoples, who were brutally defeated by the Rus, over a thousand years ago- are PRETENDING TO BE BIBLICAL JEWRY. Interestingly enough, they are ‘related’ to the Mischling Palestinians, as both areas were overrun and purposefully racially mongrelized by the Moslems, as part of their Conquest strategy.

    And, if racial purity means anything, then the concept of a ‘pure race’ lies NOT with Jewry, OR the Palestinians, but with the Homogenous, non-race mixing Whites- in whatever land they may be found.

    And our Southern Forebears’ disgust with Miscegenation is correct.]

    And the Woke/BLM/Tranny BS, is totally of the Devil. Romans 1:32, in other words.

  3. What the Palestinians’ Arab/Muslim cousins are doing in Europe is settler colonialism, setting up their apartheid areas in places like Paris, Brussels and Bradford. They gloat about colonizing Europe, but whine when they’re losing in Israel.

  4. When Jews pretend to be “anti-racist” what that mean is that they are accusing other people who are not Jewish of being “racist.”

    When Bernie Sanders “marched with the blacks” in “the Sixties” he doesn’t mean he protested a Jewish neighborhood for being “segregated.” No, he “protested” Christian neighborhoods.

    Bernie Sanders, the “Progressive” spends a lot of time complaining about “whites” and conservatives and “Southerners” and Republicans, but nevertheless has voted for Israel nearly 100% of the time. In fact, when asked about it he just complained that Netanyahu was “like Trump, a racist.”

    Specifically, Jews attack Christians and their political opponents, conservatives.

    It’s pure unadulterated open Jewish Supremacism but the Republicans won’t ever say it because they are getting paid by rich Jews like Sheldon Adelson and Norman Braman.

    The reason a “normie” is a “normie” is because everyone is lying to them about Jews.

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