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  1. Fuck Boomers. They had a lifetime to at least try to prevent where we are today and they did nothing.

    • @KT…

      Kind Sir, it is true that we have been a weak link, yet, we were not alone, for, in the 1960s, when it was time to raise The Confederate Flag, outside of politically & economically unconnected Rural Southerners, who formed into mighty Klans, the two generations before us, then in power, did little.

      Moreover, you seem to take little into account how persuasive new technology was in the 1960s – particularly the television.

      At that time we had little idea of the nefarious relationship between the government and the press, and their consistent attempt to control our thoughts.

      We made a fatal error of thinking that those who reported our nightly news were like our neighbours on the porch, and that, because they lookt and sounded like decent White Men, we ought trust them.

      Only 50 years later can I look back and truly realize how truly dupet we were.

      There has been a vast conspiracy involving untold conspirators, and not only are their descendants still at work, they are still succeeding enough to keep this ill-begotten version of this country afloat.

      • I’m more sympathetic to Southern boomers as much of this was imposed on you but Northern boomers (at least the ones in my family) are hopeless.

        • @KT-88…

          Thank you for your kind qualification, Sir.

          As you seem somewhat new on this site to me, let me say this :

          Though this blog is the digital home of Southern Nationalists, Secessionists, and Confederates, Sons & Daughters of Confederate Veterans, League members and Southern Klansmen, we heartily welcome any and all Yankees who agree with us that this Republick was, was intended to be, and will soon return to what it is – a Constitutional White Christian Confederacy.

          You share our blood and our values, and for that I wish you to always know that you are welcome here.

          If someone is mean to you, or tries to chase you away, do not pay it any mind.

          You have been welcomed and that will remain in place.

        • My parents grew up in the South and can recall the Jim Crow (Jim Eagle?) Era. They raised a race realist.

    • @KT-88 Agree. They’re too busy buying RVs and going on vacations. Everyone knows that the Millenials are going to have to “solve” and deal with the problem.

      When people say that TV had some kind of control over them, it’s almost humorous. We are all agents that form our world views.

      The most liberal men are boomers. So many are naive and have never had to put up with anything. They think everyone retires at 50 with a big pension.

      They “think” the economy is good.
      They “think” everyone should get a college education.

      Most of them don’t think anything is wrong. As long as they can get their golf, their beer, their gambling, their movies, their beer, and cheap cruises.

      There’s been no real leadership from the boomers, except maybe David Duke.

  2. I truly hate conservatives. The only time both parties agree with each other is when it comes to the defense of jews and supporting Israel. Rep/Dem are opposite sides of the same jew shekel.

  3. Mitchell is just another Irish Roman Catholic asshole. He did, what Ricky Vaughn did in 2016, that is, he rewrote Trump’s press releases with his spin. McKay’s in jail. Mitchell is on the loose.

      • No it isn’t. It is absolutely what it was created for. Clarence Thomas is not deriding the 1st Amendment here (assuming the quote is real). He’s digging info the very essence of why we have a 1st amendment. The 1st Amendment was NOT put in place to defend the existence of pornography, or the proliferation of degenerate ideas, or to put a rubber stamp on tabloid journalism. It wasn’t created to protect the right to eat popular, non-controversial things. The 1st amendment was set in stone to protect the right of political dissidents who would speak the truth, even when it would likely offend someone. It is about “speaking truth to power.” Any effort to control or stifle or censor speech which speaks truth to power (ie hate speech laws) is an affront to the constitution. Period. Anyone who says otherwise is a fool and a tool:

        • @Memebro…

          Thank you for the concurrence.

          As a Southern Nationalist I find it downright ironick that the justice I must most often quote is Justice Thomas, a former Black Panther.

          That said, he is a great justice, one who has done more to defend our republick than most of the politicians in Congress, added up over the ltb30 years.

          As to Free Speech : it is one of a handful of bedrock ideas that defines our country – that you can think and say whatever you want and none can use the law against you.

      • “Hate speech” would have been a completely alien concept to the Founding Fathers, and rightly so.

        • You are correct that “hate speech” as a term would have been an alien concept. But speech that has political consequences would NOT have been. Just as they couldn’t have predicted the internal combustion engine or the Internet, they couldn’t have predicted hate speech laws. Regardless, their wisdom in protecting “freedom of speech” is an eternal wisdom that transcends fads, technology, religiosity, whims, or any other modernistic peculiarity of our time.

          Clarence Thomas is absolutely correct, and I’m not going to disagree with him solely on the basis that he’s black.

        • P.S.

          Semi-automatic rifles would have also been an alien concept to the founding fathers, but protecting the rights of citizens to possess them in the case that they might need them to fight a tyrannical government would NOT have been an alien concept.

          One can not project the mindset of 1776 on current affairs without distilling the constitution down to its essence. It’s fundamental purpose.

    • Thank God for Clarence Thomas. Really?

      This is why we had better vote in our economic interests because “conservatism” & republicans and the Grand Old Party has become a joke in terms of what I grew up hearing about.

      Maybe Democrats are the real racists. They segregate themselves without the likes of… Cruz. Diamond and Silk, and the other black fella.

  4. The one-two punch of Trump losing coupled with 1/6 and the subsequent financial deplatforming and third world police state tactics against dissidents has basically castrated Conservative Inc. It will never be what it once was and can’t command the loyalty of Republicans anymore.

  5. Bitchell blocked me all the time on Twitter and now he’s doing it on Gab too. Is he a real pansy or a joke account meant to make conservative boomers look stupid?

    • @Spahn…

      Most people would block you, just as they block me, because your knowledge is too deep and your forthrightness leaves them undone.

      Pursuant to this, I am reminded of an old Taoist Chinese phrases, which runs something like this…

      “The Man of The Tao looks crazy to the rest. If it were not so, how could he be a Man of The Tao?”

    • Conservative boomers aren’t really conservative. They just talk big and pat themselves on the back for their deep knowledge.

      • @Pilot…

        How very true what you say – that Conservative Boomers aren’t really’ Conservative’, something I’ve been saying for ages.

        The proof is in the pudding, for, since WWII, they’ve practically ‘conserved’ nothing.

    • Anyone who hasn’t been totally suspended from Twitter, isn’t contributing much truth about the Gentile’s predicament, it’s antagonists, or its solution.

  6. Bill Mitchell the ZioNazi:
    “I bElEiVe iN FrEe sPeEcH… eXcEpT FoR aNy SpEeCh mY JeWiSh pAy mAsTeRs dOn’t lIkE.”

    “YeLlInG FiRe iN A MoViE ThEaTrE Is wRoNg! yOu sHoUlD ReMaIn sIlEnT AnD LeT EvErYoNe bUrN To dEaTh!”

    Tyranny is free speech with exceptions.

    The only exception to free speech I support:

    If you don’t support free speech, then you shouldn’t be allowed to speak. Period.

    Torba runs a free speech website. If he doesn’t ban Bill Mitchell for using his free speech platform to attack free speech, then Torba is a cuck. Has Torba responded?

    • Torba did respond, he just said he disagrees with Bill. I agree, Torba should ban him for doing the jews work and to let him see how it feels to be banned for your political views.

  7. Bill Mitchell and all other White gentiles like him are contemporary Judas Iscariots. The price of cutthroat treason has become much more expensive.

    • LOL. I love your passion. People like Mike Cernovich and Bill Mitchell should be our number one target. I want to see stock market lovers completely destroyed.

  8. The Day of the Pillow can’t come soon enough.

    The more I read Boomer conservatives the more I literally wish they would all just die already. They are the worst generation of people to ever exist. If this faggot loves Israel so much why doesn’t he move there? Get the hell out of our country, you miserable traitor.

    Also, fuck the Jews.

  9. I used to quiz our boys at around 3:30 when I home schooled. “What did you learn today”? They learned the important thing. Family & Land. Nothing else matters.

    So, these internet groypers, Con Inc, Woke, Grifters, democrats or republicans. We will never vote for @GOP again. Dems? another hard no, unless they keep on helping us buy land in the area.

    Biden is the real racist, ya know… What if that’s true?

    There were no non-whites within a 15 mile area around here until our red governor opened the state too early in 2020.

  10. Gab is basically useless unless they can add a real search feature. You can’t search for words in posts, so there is no way to have a real discussion with strangers.

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