Tucker Carlson: Anti-White Training Almost Mandatory On State’s Schools

Tucker Carlson discussed the problem last night on his show.

By the problem, I mean the issue which we have discussed here at length on this website for the last several months: the affluent, White upper middle class, college educated professionals who tend to live in urban areas or wealthy suburbs who have always been the progressive base in this country who have been going through this transition from progressive liberalism to woke progressivism. Basically, the problem is the professional-managerial class (PMC) and their downwardly mobile children.

White Nationalists have framed the issue as an ethnic conflict between Jews and White Gentiles but this doesn’t really capture the whole truth. Jews are much more likely to be secular, affluent, highly educated, urban professionals than other Americans. Jews are highly overrepresented among the oligarchy and within the PMC. The extremely wealthy and the highly educated in American society are the top two social classes and both of these classes are multiracial and multiethnic now. There are the super rich (billionaires), the modestly rich (millionaires) and the professionals (upper middle class).

PMCs aren’t the upper crust of American society. As a social class, they are below the rich and the super rich, but above the American middle class the working class. They resent the rich and look down on the middle class and working class. It is people who come various racial and ethnic backgrounds, but who are predominantly college-educated White people. These people are the social base of progressivism. They are united by their values and their politics. Their values have traditionally been liberalism, modernism, cosmopolitanism and antiracism. Within the mainstream conservative movement, the big divide has always been between Right PMCs who are socially liberal, fiscally conservative moderates and the conservative base which is socially conservative and fiscally conservative. Right PMCs and Left PMCs are both socially liberal urbanites and suburbanites. It is just that one faction is more libertarian and wants tax cuts while the other is more obsessed with environmental issues and climate change.

White people in America are more divided by density and education these days. If you are a college graduate who lives in a dense urban area, you are more likely to be a modernist progressive bugman. Similarly, if you live a sparsely populated rural area and you are a high school graduate, you are more likely to be a conservative with more traditional values. There is a lot of truth to the stereotype that people who live in urban areas and wealthy suburbs are more likely to be PMCs and thus more likely to be cosmopolitan, modernist and antiracist in their values. The people who live in the cities thinks this makes them better and more enlightened than the “backwards” bigots who live out in the small towns or the countryside. The various types of suburbs are the battleground with the wealthiest suburbs and college towns being the most progressive and the working class suburbs being the most conservative.

The PMC are currently going through a crisis. Their downwardly mobile children who congregate in bohemian neighborhoods in urban areas are going to college only to graduate and become Starbucks baristas and Uber drivers. There has been an explosion in the college-educated population combined with a shortage in white collar professional class jobs. This has led to elite overproduction and the radicalization of the downwardly mobile spawn of PMCs. These are the Millennials and Zoomers who tend to get “woke” and who become socialists and anarchists. They are anti-white and anti-rich.

In the liberal vs. conservative era, the PMC was much more stable than it is today. There were fewer college graduates and more white collar professional class jobs to go around. There were significantly fewer radicals infesting big cities like Portland. These people had the same values – modernism, cosmopolitanism, liberalism and antiracism – in a much milder form. It was MLK-era liberal antiracism and JFK-era cosmopolitanism, not our present day more extreme version. As the number of leftwing radicals has soared over the past decade, liberalism is being dropped in favor of wokeness and socialism. The exact same phenomenon of education polarization and elite overproduction is playing out in the UK where the very same people with the same worldview got behind Jeremy Corbyn.

My theory is that downwardly mobile PMCs are responding to their economic decline by emphasizing and intensifying the cultural values of their social class. We’re still higher status than the working class because we are even more anti-White. We’re even more anti-traditional and cosmopolitan than our parents. We’re woke now. We’re socialists now who really want to stick it to the man.

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  1. I grew up in the 80’s. This is nothing new just more obvious now that the clever jews have died off. Same agenda. We were lost when Germany surrendered. The US was lost with the Federal Reserve Act. Boomers still clueless except for maybe Van Morrison. Roger Waters kinda gets it but I think he would support BLM too.

    • “We were lost when Germany surrendered?

      and before that,
      when the FBI and jwish mobsters destroyed the German Bund in America and The Silver Shirts.

  2. None of this would be possible if the 1965 Immigration Reform Act had not been passed.
    Once the 1965 Immigration Reform Act passed, it was off to increasing the scale of nonwhite LEGAL immigrants. A positive feedback loop generated increasing the scale of nonwhite LEGAL Immigration. And here is the real scale of it:Nonwhite LEGAL Immigrants+their nonwhite US born Children….a rapidly expanding highly racialized nonwhite Democratic Party Voting Bloc that nullified the Native White Working Class Vote on Nov 3 2020……..And this is the demographic basis of Anti-Whitism=WHITE GENOCIDE-THE GREAT REPLACEMENT….




    20 years after 9/11…Muslim “Americans” taunt us about our demographic demise within the borders of America….Only a cucked White American Male Population obsessed with NFL Tyrone ball would let this happen…

    • “None of this would be possible if the 1965 Immigration Reform Act”

      affirmative action/fair housing social torpedoes.

      • Wait a minute, just wait a minute here. Fox TV tells me that Democrats are the real Racists, MLK would be a conservative Republican were he alive today and Our Greatest Ally is in trouble. Again. Those are the real problems says Fox TV, the voice of “conservatives” who have never conserved a damn thing.

        • @12AX7…

          I have long enjoyed the nightly opinion shows on Fox, though, you are absolutely right – the network, as a whole, has long been a purveyor of disinformation, if only of a slightly different kind than CNN & MSNBC.

      • That’s right….The way to understand the 1965 Immigration Reform Act is how it interacted with other policies such as affirmative action and the 1964 Civil Rights Act…All the African LEGAL Immigrants comming into America 2021 are the beneficiares of these policies-including reparations….

  3. Bring back the one room schoolhouse. Most kids don’t need anything beyond a sixth or seventh grade education. After that they can either go to work or enroll in an apprenticeship. The public school model is an anachronism from the age of factory workbenches and textile mills.

    • You won’t have any engineers, doctors, or scientists, if you limit education. There’s nothing wrong with education, it’s the aholes imposing their views on it. Whites are notoriously smarter than the other races. Why should Whites be limited to being tradesmen?

    • “.Bring back the one room schoolhouse. Most kids don’t need anything beyond a sixth or seventh grade education. ”


      AS technology and science rocket ahead, every WHITE child should be educated to the fullest of their capacity.

      E-learning potential is limitless.

      Get rid of holohoax/SJW brainwashing and allow WHITES to excel in their natural interests.

  4. > downwardly mobile children.

    I think this is a very important aspect of this. The supply of PMC jobs is shrinking, and of course “anti-racism” just means anti-white. All the white children of the PMC are facing competition their parents and grandparents never did. All Whites get picked last, all whites get fired first, all white get promoted last – all in the name of “diversity” and “anti-racism.”

    So the kids of the PMC, already indoctrinated by the anti-white hate cult, literally have to be “woker-than-thou” and anytime a “Person of Color” wants to take them down they can just say “she touched my hair” or “he said the n-word” and the white person is immediately fired, cancelled, defamed.

    In this situation, I *am* an accelerationist. I want white children of PMCs to be purged and the sooner the better. Then it will be really quite straightforward to actually – YES – “vote our way out of this.”

    The probably isn’t numbers, it’s consciousness.

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