Bug Appétit: Eating Cicadas Is Good For You and the Environment

They are really excited about this.

Insects are the progressive caviar of the future. While eating chicken instead of beef “basically amounts to trading one moral catastrophe for another,” eating bugs is the key to sustainable food production because their carbon footprint is significantly less environmentally damaging.

Everyone is doing it!

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  1. You first kyke.

    Locust is the only insect which is considered kosher. Specific extracts in the Torah state that four types of desert locust – the red, the yellow, the spotted grey, and the white – can be eaten.

  2. Selling maggots to libtards seems like a pretty good grift. I might actually look into what it takes to set up a grub farm and sell them to progressive idiots for big profits (which will be used to buy ribeyes for me).

  3. The unbelievable fad’s that progressive types get into. How many of the goofballs writing these articles, actually have eaten cicadas. Another silly bit of moral virtue talk.

  4. Although John The Baptist ate locusts, I’ll pass on this latest food fad. I just had my first prime rib in a couple of years, and cicadas would be a downer for me!

  5. I am going to hate the coming epoch. I like meat too well. I wish someone would produce artificial vegetables synthesized from meat.

  6. What kind of drugs did they give to the negress so she would eat cicadas with a smile on camera?

  7. Shrimp, Lobster etc are a form of insect. So technically Shimp taste a bit like a fat bug. Let these morons eat insects like the cicada though. It’s less of a problem that leftist who has a full belly of beef or lamb who suddenly has the energy to fight you.

  8. This stuff was the realm of that fat bald guy on Bizarre Foods a few years back. Sort of an “I dare you” for thrill seekers like these overly hot “ghost” peppers that you simply can’t eat. I had fried grasshoppers off a Bangkok food cart and they weren’t bad, tasted like pork rinds, but not all bugs are quite as benign as a grasshopper. Really though, I don’t see how you could gather up enough bugs even if you did want to replace meat in your diet. It’s probably much simpler and efficient to let some ungulates graze the land and then eat them when they reach the right age, that’s what people have been doing since time memorial, not feeding Sumeria on a cicada diet.

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