USA Today: The Fastest Girl In Connecticut Can’t Compete With Trans Women

In Connecticut and New England, the concern that progressive activists would allow “trans women” to take over and beat the real women in women’s sports is coming true.

USA Today:

“It’s February 2020. I’m crouched at the starting line of the high school girls’ 55-meter indoor race. This should be one of the best days of my life. I’m running in the state championship, and I’m ranked the fastest high school female in the 55-meter dash in the state. I should be feeling confident. I should know that I have a strong shot at winning.

Instead, all I can think about is how all my training, everything I’ve done to maximize my performance, might not be enough, simply because there’s a runner on the line with an enormous physical advantage: a male body.

I won that race, and I’m grateful. But time after time, I have lost. I’ve lost four women’s state championship titles, two all-New England awards, and numerous other spots on the podium to male runners. I was bumped to third place in the 55-meter dash in 2019, behind two male runners. With every loss, it gets harder and harder to try again. …

The CIAC allows biological males to compete in girls’ and women’s sports. As a result, two males began racing in girls’ track in 2017. In the 2017, 2018, and 2019 seasons alone, these males took 15 women’s state track championship titles (titles held in 2016 by nine different girls) and more than 85 opportunities to participate in higher level competitions that belonged to female track athletes. …”

BTW, while we are on the subject: it is not women and mothers who get pregnant and give birth. There are all kinds of genders who can get pregnant and give birth now. Men can give birth.

USA Today:

“CHICAGO – One-and-a-half-year-old Zayn Brady-Davis jumped up and down on her father’s lap on a sunny park bench beside a model yacht pool on the South Side, where her father used to sit by the rocks and watch boat races as a kid.

“Jump! Jump!” Myles Brady-Davis whispered, lifting Zayn in the air before pulling her into a caress, punctuating it all with a kiss on the cheek.

Brady-Davis, who uses gender-neutral pronouns, is transmasculine and nonbinary. They were assigned female at birth but know themself to be masculine, and their gender identity falls outside the categories of man and woman. At the end of 2019, they gave birth to their first child, Zayn. …

Brady-Davis is just one of many transgender, nonbinary and other gender-nonconforming people worldwide who have given birth. The topic gained public attention this month when several U.S. lawmakers used the terms “pregnant people” and “birthing people” at a congressional hearing, spurring critique from colleagues and a swirl of backlash on social media. …

Based in Portland, Oregon, Reese and his partner, Biff, adopted two kids, Hailey and Lucas, in 2016. The next year, Reese gave birth to his son, Leo.

“Families like mine, like ours – transgender families, LGBT families – we want the same things that everyone else does,” Reese said. …”

“The fact of the matter is, not all pregnant people are women,” Brown said. “And so the moment that we use in legislation or in research ‘woman’ or ‘womanhood’ to describe pregnancy, we’re losing a people right off the bat.” …”

JK Rowling was right about “trans women” taking over women’s spaces that the very concept of womanhood was being deconstructed to accommodate them.

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  1. Women are not men and visa versa. Women can not compete with men when it comes to physical strength. If they could, the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB would be multi gender.

    • These women should stop whining and try harder, because women are the equal of any man. The reason these athletes are underperforming, is they’ve been protected from real competiton and it has made them soft. Now women’s sports is being opened up to real capitalist style competiton, they have a wonderful opportunity to improve.

      Proof that men and women are equal is found every night after Fox News and Tucker Carlson. I see women with spindly arms punching out men with huge muscles who, are four times their weight. Our most holy Hollywood movie directors say men and women are equal, so it mus be true.

      The Jews are our Greatest Allies! I’d send all my children to die for Israel. If I was starving, I’d donate my last dollar to Donald Trump. Amen! Hallelujah!

  2. What can you do but sit back in disbelief? Maybe this is what these girls and women need to see the harm that affirmative action has done to white men? What’s the difference?

  3. Women can not compete with men
    when it comes to physical strength.

    Women can not compete with men when it comes to mental strength either. That’s why men dominate women even in mind sports like Chess. No woman has ever won The World Chess Championship, for example.

    • With the tranny agenda, real women will just end up being pushed out of everything by trannies. Sports, schools, employment, and so on. There isn’t really any area that women can compete with men when put on a level playing field. The TERFs are right, the tranny agenda is dismantling feminism, but feminism is the greater evil when compared to trannies, so overall it is a positive development.

      • I agree feminism is the greater evil because feminism itself is the root cause of this tranny problem. It was feminists who first argued that sex didn’t matter and women were in every way equal to men. Now that the trannies have used that argument against them, the feminists are changing their tune.

  4. Give transgenders leagues, or gender divisions, of their own, including in amateur sports.

    If there are not enough of them, in a certain area, to comprise one, then let them compete with boys.

    No transgenders competing with our girls or pottying with them.

    • Even teams of talented high school boys typically beat female pro teams. But I suppose that lack of competition could be solved by pairing the ladies’ teams against boys’ teams from the local middle schools.

  5. Our country, and the entire West, has severe mental illness. This is all going to end badly, for very many people.

    • “They well know, that in due time, they, although powerless themselves, will be avenged through the same disorganising heresies under which they-(The Southern People.) now suffer, and through the anarchy and woes which they-(disorganising heresies) will bring upon the North.”

      -Robert Louis Dabney.

      “-the anarchy and woes which they will bring upon the North.”

      Seems like his prediction is finally coming true.

  6. This young woman is a courageous athlete, who faces impossible odds, and keeps trying. This is only biological discrimination against women, thinly veiled as socially correct trans acceptance. This is an egregious affront to girls and women, as well as, to common decency and to sportsmanship among athletes Years from now, they will ask themselves “Why did we ever think that was a good idea”?.

  7. This is a bit like slamming the barn door closed after the horse has bolted. If people were serious about fighting this insanity they should’ve done something when it first appeared 10 years ago.

    • Agree. I’m rather enjoying this stuff…watching the liberals/feminists suffer by their own hands.

      People were so worried about treating women better than men. Well, now they can enjoy this.

  8. Libruls reintroduced the Freak shows. You love to see it.

    Nothing easier now for a mediocre male athlete to score wins. Just declare yourself “trans” and run away with the trophies.

  9. Virtually every single documentary I remember from the 90s about gays reminiscing about how tough life was for them back in the day had these sissy gays all remembering how much they hated sports in school and how no good they were at it. Who are these transvestites who are into sports? Not even authentic sissy gays who dress as women. They seem to be mentally ill autogynepheliacs sadistic enough to want to enter girls sports and beat them down.

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