Oklahoma Onion Burger Recipe

I’ve been eating these for the last several days now.

I wasn’t doing it to own Greta. I have always loved local food and history. This is an old smash burger recipe which was created in Oklahoma during the Great Depression.

Note: Enjoying a good burger is the latest thing that used to be completely normal which is now a sign of “far right” domestic extremism and radicalization. See also statues of George Washington and the police and believing that women are women and mothers are mothers.

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  1. It looks like a good burger smothered in onions. I will enjoy it while laughing at the vegans.

  2. I watched that middle one: damn, it made me want one – and I had a Wendy’s burger for dinner…

  3. Ironically, I haven’t actually eaten a homemade burger in several weeks, as it seemed like my weight would plateau whenever I would cook them. I was eating the low calorie, lean meat burgers that whole time. Maybe, paradoxically, I should switch to the regular 80/20 patties even though they are like 300 calories per patty.

    In any case, I’ll never stop eating steak, chicken, and bacon, all of which I consume weekly, along with salmon. Its awful how “Progressives” – there’s nothing truly progressive about them – wish to starve their political enemies. I don’t think any conservative or populist would have considered doing that.

    • It’s adding the french fries that really packs on pounds. I noticed I’d gained a lot over the past couple of months, probably by making these huge pots of braised beef dishes from interesting flavored recipes I saw on YouTube videos like “Wolfgang Puck’s Beef Goulash” etc. So this weekend I limited my indulgement and had no carbohydrate sides ordering coleslaw and side salads instead.

      • For sure. I always substitute french fries with veggies or a salad when I get a burger from a restaurant. I also only drink water or maybe unsweet tea at restaurants. I’ll bet those beef dishes you were making had a lot of exotic seasonings with a bunch of unseen calories.

  4. Food is a great way to connect with family.
    The men in my family do most of the cooking.
    The women make side dishes or desserts.

    We bond around large picnic tables at holidays and the food is always delicious. Bonus: not a mud or rainbow in sight, although we have one or two closet liberals who know their place and mind their manners.

  5. The cheeseburger is one of the greatest foods ever invented, and that’s why I take it as a complement whenever Europeans calls us burgers.

  6. Omg I want that so bad.

    A few months ago I lost normal sense of smell during a sinus infection that may or may not have been Covid, as the PCR test I was given was negative but… idfk.

    Alot of things dont smell right anymore. Coffee, meat, Skunks and… Onions are just a few.

    Everything smells/tastes like rancid burned chemical ass, with some things more intensely so than others.

    Pretty sad. I didn’t even get a two week quarantine vacation from my chinese flu.

  7. “Enjoying a good burger is the latest thing that used to be completely normal which is now a sign of “far right” domestic extremism and radicalization.”

    We live in Dixie, not in Yankeedom, or on the Left Coast. We can just keep on living normal life. Like we always have. Just turn off the world outside of Dixie, and notice the reality right in front of us.

    You can get grilled onions on a hamburger at Whataburger. Sometimes, a burger with just mayonnaise and onions, and nothing else, is the best thing in the world.


    Do you realise that Yankeedom is just sixteen Northern States, plus their colonies on the west coast? Yet they hold the entire United States captive to their will. Simply because Robert E. Lee surrendered an army in Virginia.

    End Reconstruction, end the war

  8. Brad, have you realised yet that Texas and Oklahoma are Western Dixie?

    Here’s a link to the Red River Historian site.


    This is their intro;

    Welcome to Red River Historian, a
    website begun in the year 2000
    that is devoted to the Red River
    region of Texas, Oklahoma,
    Arkansas and Louisiana – where
    the South meets the West.

  9. Most can’t even see how pozzed it all is – even locally.

    Notice our “good ‘ol Muhrican cowboy” burger chef opening the vid by singing yid. This is pretty common in the Midwest tbh – this affinity for “Zion” (e.g., Zion National Park, Zionsville IN, lots of Zion churches, etc.).

    The R&H music – the Oklahoma state song, is largely influenced by Copland, whose dance music attempted to inter-marry the American pioneer spirit and aesthetic, with the concepts of Zion.

    BTW, the notion that “this” (degree of subversion within the American people) can be undone through some voting coalition is very wishful thinking, HW.

    Happy Tuesday. Keep up the good work.

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