Secular Talk: Joe Biden Gives Up

The Populist Left is feeling blackpilled.

I’m significantly less so because I am a social conservative. I already have plenty of good reasons to hate Joe Biden and the Democrats. I wasn’t expecting much from him anyway.

Virtually all of the common ground that I share with the Democrats is with the Populist Left or the Disaffected Democrats. We disagree on social liberalism, but largely agree on economics and foreign policy. We have more or less the same beliefs on subjects like imperialism and infrastructure. We even share the same views on key issues like wokeness and cancel culture, civil liberties and censorship.

The Democratic coalition suffers from many of the same flaws as the Labour coalition in Britain. White working class voters tend to be socially conservative and are much more efficiently distributed across the country than affluent, college-educated White professionals who are concentrated in urban areas in coastal blue states. Democrats are more competitive at the level of the presidency, but much less so at the level of the state legislatures, the House and Senate and the Electoral College. They pile up lots of surplus voters in cities and states where they don’t need them. By polarizing the electorate along cultural lines into shitlibs and non-shitlibs, they can never assemble the congressional majority to pass their agenda.

The Democrats also have also assembled an unstable upstairs-downstairs coalition of affluent metropolitan professionals and Hub City working class voters. The class interest of the dominant establishment governing wing of the Democratic Party is opposed to the base of the Democratic Party. This is why they have quietly shelved issues like student loan debt relief and a public option in health care. They have a coalition which is willing to spend trillions of dollars on infrastructure, but which is unwilling to tax the wealthy professionals who are largely Democrats to pay for it and which hinges on suburban voters in metropolitan Phoenix and rural Trump voters in West Virginia.

Note: I basically agree with these takes.

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  1. Trump and Biden have a lot in common when it comes to making and keeping promises don’t you think so, Brad?

    • “keeping promises”

      Promise breaking is typical for 90+% of politicians.

      The stupid American electorate doesn’t demand a written contract from candidates.

      The jews do.

    • Politicians gonna politic….

      The problem is that Americans for a variety of reasons (some good and bad) are demanding politicians actually do what they say they’re going to do.

      Whether republican or democrat the bases are giving their party’s less slack for getting nothing done.

      So far it’s mostly been loud talk from each side but I wouldn’t be surprised by a new sizable third party forming out of a D/R civil war.

      Each passing election the bases get more & more pissed. Each side feeling like their always losing.

      Cultural conservative republicans can never get a cultural win and labor/socialist democrats can’t get an economic wins.

      *I think any big third party would also be fake & gay but what they have doesn’t have legitimacy.

      The fact the establishment really tried to roll out aliens as a means of asserting a non-cultural divisive fringe conspiracy theory AND IT FAILED shows how desperate they are.

      Obama, former presidents are major narcissists and wouldn’t go out and risk their reputation/legacy if he didn’t think the aliens lie was important/would work….

      Sorry Feds/Intelligence agencies but you’ve boxed yourself into a position where saying the richest ethnicity/religious org(Jews) in America might have an outsized influence on american politics is considered more crazy than aliens you’ve lost all legitimacy and are merely a rat stuck in a maze trying to claw your way out.

      Sorry uncle Ronny Reagan was a senile moron. Humans won’t ban together under alien threat… Swing and a miss.

      You stupid intelligent spooks are largely responsible for destabilizing the country, don’t cry now that some woketards are “going too far”

      I see this push back against wokeness as kind of useful while completely bullshit at the same time. THE ONLY REASON you’re having an establishment support for anti-woke shit is because they’re scared.

      Poor whites were dispossessed decades ago. I’m now supposed to care that some greedy striver who never gave a fuck about anyone is now being attacked???

      To quote Huey Long on the civil war…. Why would a poor white man fight for a rich whitemans negro’s?

      Only this time it inversed, why would I fight off a pack of non-whites on behalf of rich whites????

      Rich whites better cut some checks if they want any assistance from “wokeness”

  2. We’ve retread all this ground a hundred times about the DILES and PMC and how you’re mad at Joe Biden for doing exactly what we all knew he would do. There’s not much ground left to cover here.


    Everybody has covered this to some extent (just about everybody…), and I gotta say Anglin has it pretty much nailed here. I could tell when I looked at this black that he was a fag and the little kid was probably raped or being raped before being brutally murdered and dumped in the street.

    The media blackout on this is an outrage. Indicative of the antiWhite bias everybody else has been talking about while we were all arguing about whether to waste time supporting Palestinians in a conflict that has already totally left the news cycle, for no other reason than we dislike Jews and need excuses to say so publicly.

    Why, isn’t this case being pushed back into the spotlight? Its the perfect example of the double standard of the legal system.

    If we have any juice at all, it should be used elevating these sorts of examples, not advocating for brown people half the world away.

    • At least on our end, one of the reasons is that I have been banned from Twitter dozens of times and never went back, so information doesn’t flow from there to here like it used to.

    • @IronicSockAccount

      The very reason I keep harping on The need for WHITE media.

      Support HW, redice, therightstuff and others, within your means.

    • Leave it up to someone shilling daily stormer to try to bravery-shame people into self marginalization when our issues are now cracking into the mainstream….

      Instead of being happy Israel is finally getting the attention it deserves you want people to focus on self a marginalizing topic? One that isn’t going to change anytime soon, whether people talk about this crime or not or another murder a month from now or another rape a year from now is irrelevant. You could check the local news on any given day and find a terrible story of black criminality.


      Are you going to organize a group of professionals who could lead legit group therapy for victims of black and white violence?

      Are you going to food bank/raise rent/mortgage for a grieving family?

      If you’re not willing to lend a shoulder to lean on or an ear to listen to for some “mudshark” who’s the victim of inter racial violence. Don’t hold up her picture and say LOOK AT WHAT THEY DID. You don’t give a fuck about any white person but yourself.

      Anyone who was ever foolish enough to think the daily stormer was ever a legit website is either a moron or internalized all the enemies propaganda about themselves.

      Let’s listen to a guy to steals money from his own supporters. Who before any major censorship/crack down (eg before trump/alt right) Anglin and Weev were already living in third world countries doing drugs and banging whores while demonizing non-whites???

      And I’m supposed to believe anglin or weev ever cared about anything other than their own cummies & bank account???

      Is the criticism of Israel kind of dumb/superficial? Yeah, but it’s being criticized by our systems own liberal logic… Which is a major step forward. Before shitlibs wouldn’t criticize Israel even from their own shitlibs standards.

      The fact shitlibs are critiquing Israel from their own standards shows that a level of fear/”double standard’s” has been stripped away and shitlibs are treating them more like they’d treat another country america is friendly with that we’re upset with,,, rather than like clapping seals begging for chum at APIAC conventions

      There’s still many double standards surrounding Jews & Israel but why you wouldn’t want to strike where the iron is hot?

      Why would someone post a daily stormer link in 2021 who isn’t a fed/adl?

      Why would anyone listen to anyone who posts links from a Jewish supremacists hate site?

      Why would you post Jewish supremacists hate on hunter Wallace’s website? I don’t think he’s interested in protecting jewish rapists or shaming their victims.


        Yeh, it’s called WHITE media.
        If we can’t communicate the idea, it goes nowhere.

      • Group therapy? Are you serious? The whole psychology field is totally against whites. Do you think people need to be shamed down for not liking nonwhites?

        Maybe you are just joking around. The hidden smile of the clown as he turns away from you…

  3. We can’t pretend republicans aren’t against all proposals that help working people. It’s not Joe, it’s them. I do not think this is the end of this.

    It’s not Joe’s first time at the rodeo.

  4. “Secular Talk: Joe Biden Gives Up”

    Too late.

    The price of everything has shot up. The companies are talking about layoffs and wondering if they’ll still be in business this time, next year.

    It’s harder for ordinary, law abiding citizens to escape the scrutiny of the police, and a host of new federal fines and offenses.Taxes are gonna shoot through the roof.

    The Yankees are gonna stomp on Dixie even harder than they usually do, because they need a scapegoat for the misery that they inflict on themselves in name of some social revolution.

    Working folks are gonna drown when the Democrats “soak the rich.”

    Same things that always happen, anytime the Democrats are in power.

    At least with the Republicans, gas is relatively inexpensive. Otherwise, they’re just as worthless.

  5. @ “yankees”, are walking on thin ice and thee ” party of lincoln”, aint gonna save them, they can stomp off too the corner and.stand there.

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