Tiresome People

You guys know it is true.

I’m referring to the left populists and social democrats.

The anarchists and their culture of surveillance, public shaming, censorship and violence are politically toxic. The toxicity level has been steadily rising since 2017 as their visibility in left organizing has grown. The entire Left is becoming identified with BLM and Antifa and their brand of wokeness which is toxic to Republican and Independent voters and divisive among Democrats.

The image of people like Sadie Farrell has already been used by Republicans in the last two elections to 1.) expand their grip on the Senate in an otherwise bad year for the GOP and 2.) expand their majority in the House. With Donald Trump out of the picture, the orange lightning rod isn’t available to drive up Democratic turnout. COVID is going to be long gone. Wokeness is going to be the defining issue of the 2022 midterms along with other issues like open borders and rising violent crime.

Tiresome people like Sadie Farrell repulse far more people than they attract to the Left. People like that have already wrecked and marginalized the Left in Britain and other European countries. Nothing is getting done in Congress because of thin Democratic congressional majorities. You have people like Sadie Farrell to thank for those thin majorities, which empower centrist Democrats like Krysten Sinema and Joe Manchin, as well as congressional gridlock because the Democrats are increasingly uncompetitive outside of their urban and educated base in large coastal metropolitan areas and college towns.

Something is going to have be done before these people destroy you and it is the 1970s and 1980s all over again. You don’t even need us to tell you this. You already hate these people anyway for the same reasons everyone else does. It is not in your interest to have millions of voters showing up on election day and voting against your agenda because clips of people like Sadie Farrell toppling statues of George Washington and making you look ridiculous are circulating 24/7 on FOX News and Facebook.

Note: If you call him out, he is going to accuse you of “class reductionism” again.

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  1. > antifascist networks to tackle threats internally

    “Fascist” is a code word for “goy.”

    How does a left-winger become a “fascist?” By threatening the power of the Jew that is “supposed” to run the leftist organization.

    A “goy” left-winger that tries to “build bridges” with “goys” without the supervision of a Jew is “building bridges to fascism.”

    Really, ask yourself – why would “fascism” – a dead ideology from the 20th century that lasted maybe 25 years, be the perennial boogeyman for leftists?

    It is simply because Jews are globally organized outside of nations. Jews are only citizens of Israel, not any of the “goyim” countries – that is what the word “goyim” means – it means “nation.”

    So when they say they are “fighting nationalism” they literally mean they are “fighting goys.”

    “Anti-fascist” means “anti-goy.”

    Go to any of these “anti-fa” organizations and you will find they are led by Jews whose literal cousins – as in the children of their parents siblings – are toting guns on a hill in the West Bank and murdering Palestinians. They will say they are “anti-Zionist” but they sure as hell never bother to “organize” against their own Jewish families. Don’t let the “anti-Zionist” posturing fool you.

    The exact, precise reason why “anti-semitism” is so controversial is because once you see the Jews the entire “left-wing” gets exposed. They sure as hell do not give a damn about “working class people” – they hate and despise working class people.

    The reason “the left” never actually helps the working class is because it’s run by Jews who are in league with the Jewish ruling class.

  2. Sadie Farrell is an Irish name. I am telling you it is not going to be the Latinos or the blacks leading the charge against whites it is going to be the Irish. Just so you know.

  3. My favorite contemporary leftist political commentators/journalists would be

    Angela Nagle

    Max Blumenthal

    Jimmy Dore

    Glenn Greenwald

    Kyle Kulinski

    Arron Mate


    Hell I’d give Matt Christman & Felix of Chapo more credit for constancy over aimee Terese.

    They’ve even done multiple episodes where either a half or the whole episode was calling out FBI’s anti-white gay-ops of setting up social isolated white kids with learning disabilities and/or emotional stunted.

    And honestly they did a very good job at staying within their multiracial world framework while explicitly and in great detail calling out bogus FBI anti-white gay-ops.

    And no I’m not *only* giving them credit because they explicitly called the FBI actions anti-white, but because they’re staying true to their own moral framework. Which is one of the best/only measures you can judge someone who you ideologically disagree with.

    Aimee Terese will say you have to completely disengage from racial discourse while blaming racial discourse on white women in the same breath.

    She’ll say she doesn’t engage in identity politics while promoting a multiracial/multicultural society while being a mixed faith/mixed ethnic person…


    She rearguarded Israeli slaughter of Palestinians by applying equal blame to the Palestinian elites and the Israeli elites….

    If you’re telling me she isn’t a paid GOP operative, then she’s the biggest lolcow since Dinesh D’Souza,,, who should be getting paid residuals from her Patereon for all of his takes she’s stolen from him.

    I would also say I appreciate Chapo staying on message that feds, military, banks and corporations are your enemies and not some no named “SJW’s”- oops I mean “PMC”

    The Post Leftists are the new skeptics, and there’s only a dime’s worth difference between them.

    This anti-skeptic meme versus 1 & 3 apply basically perfectly to aimee Terese despite being written about Sargon in 2017

  4. Good luck trying to team up with supposedly non-woke leftists, Hunter. It’s the fantasy that refuses to die. It looks easy enough on paper, with all those cool charts and survey stats (along with BannedFaggot’s excited drivel), but I expect you’ll experience a very rude awakening trying to pull it off in the real world. There’s just something about the lefty brain that makes it impossible for those nutters to look past “muh equality,” and they’ll leave you and your racial values in the lurch in a second in order to advance their equality agenda. Just watch.

    • Oh my Silverstein’s quite ruffled by me, as is usual for the “stein” types.

      But he’s lying as usual, and I have written quite often about why there can be NO “Red-Brown Alliance” with leftists. Just last month I wrote a half dozens posts why there are no “non-woke leftists.”

      So why do they have to lie? If I was self-discrediting they wouldn’t have to lie.

      • Well, that’s actually good to hear that you see things so clearly. Your ant-cap schtick makes you something of a leftist to me, and this is what I was referring to with “excited drivel.”

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