Willamette Week: Portland Protesters Chase, Tackle and Punch Someone They Believe To Be Andy Ngo Until He Hides in The Nines Hotel

Gay Andy is the most hated heretic in Portland.

He has been engaged in blasphemy against Rose City Antifa. It is fair to say that Andy is even more hated by them than Ted Wheeler. A woke lynch mob chased someone who they thought was Andy through the streets of Portland on Friday which illustrated how it has become a sundown town.


“The Portland Tribune has not independently confirmed the fleeing man’s identity, and Ngo did not immediately issue any public statements on the matter.

One longtime protest observer told the Tribune he saw Ngo working out at a gym in a southeast Portland neighborhood one week ago, with gym staff reportedly greeting Ngo by name.

The Friday evening protest — which had lasted for several uneventful hours, at least by Portland standards — had not been declared an unlawful assembly or riot by authorities as the clock neared 11:30 p.m., with the crowd of perhaps 100 marching through the city without any reports of property damage before returning to a staging area outside the Multnomah County Justice Center.

At that point, many in the group became suspicious of a fellow protester, who was wearing tinted oversized ski goggles, a mask that obscured his face, black clothing and a Black Lives Matter flag worn as a cloak. Protesters said the man was attending the demonstration alone and did not respond to questions.

Suddenly, a foot chase broke out — with around a dozen people chasing the person they believed to be Ngo away from the Justice Center. The man attempted to seek refuge in several buildings but was eventually tackled to the ground and struck repeatedly. His goggles and cape were torn from him.

The man then fled up Morrison Street and received shelter inside the swanky The Nines hotel. He was seen crouching behind the front desk as confused clerks attempted to secure the premises. Protesters chanted and pounded on the glass windows all the while.

“I want Andy Ngo!” one cried.

“He’s hiding right here!” said another.

“Come on out!” shouted a third.

The man eventually entered an elevator and was not seen again.

Portland Police Bureau officers, who had already made at least one targeted arrest earlier in the night, soon arrived by van and arrested another person outside the hotel. The arrested person’s phone continued to stream video from inside an evidence bag.

Officers eventually withdrew from the scene, leaving a small crowd to tangle with hotel valets and befuddled guests. …”

Ngo is an Asian homosexual.

They stood around outside the hotel screaming “Nazi.” He was on the verge of killing them.

In Joe Biden’s America, Ngo doesn’t have the right to walk down the street or operate as a journalist in Portland without being assaulted by a mob. This is the moment when Rose City Antifa thought they had finally got the Nazi who had assaulted them on Twitter with verbal violence:

Attorney General Merrick Garland has no interest in prosecuting these “domestic extremists.” They have been given a free pass to terrorize Portland.

Willamette Week:

“People in a May 28 protest crowd in front of the Multnomah County Justice Center chased, tackled and punched someone they believed to be right-wing author Andy Ngo, pursuing him through the streets of Portland until he hid inside The Nines hotel.

The enraged group pulled on the hotel’s front doors and shouted, “You wanna kill us? You wanna kill us, Andy?” at The Nines staff while the hotel staff frantically tried to hold the entrance closed. …

The person believed to be Ngo was not observed leaving the hotel, so the crowd waited in front of The Nines for at least an hour, telling people entering the hotel that it was “sheltering a Nazi.” …

When the fleeing man took shelter in The Nines, he appeared to be pleading with staff. “They’re going to kill me,” he said. …”

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  1. It’s a shame this mysterious masked man had no Fu. He pulled an impressive disappearing act like a Chinese magic show.

  2. One of these days, some poor old fella and his family, coming to town from some back country area, is going to get lost with his family,looking for some address downtown,not understanding what’s going on with antifa, and antfa is going to do something stupid and threatening. He’s going to feel his wife and kids are threatened, and a legal gun is going to come out, and several antifa are going to get hurt,or even killed. Yes, the stupid left local attorney general will prosecute, but for the dead antifa, and seriously wounded antifa, it won’t matter. Attacking and chasing people, to harass people you don’t know, and feel threatened, is really stupid. And is going to get one of these fools hurt

    • About 25 years ago I was in Boston around the 4th of July. The area where I was walking was a park near where there are concerts and fireworks. The place was packed with tourists, many young families with children in tow. There are footbridges in the area which cross over the park which were also crowded with tourists.

      Suddenly 5 or 6 fags on one of the footbridges dropped their pants and started exposing themselves to the crowds, many of them tourists with children. The young children, not knowing any better started pointing and laughing at the spectacle as the adults tried to divert their children’s gaze from the ugly sight.

      Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere about a half dozen Boston Police descended upon the fags, nightsticks in hand and clubbed them then arrested them. It turned out that the fags were part of some nationwide protest group who had done similar things in other cities to call attention to whatever their cause of the moment was. Whatever their bad cause, it couldn’t have been worth the beating they took.

      The beatings and arrests from the BPD, which were done in several areas of the city put an end to the fags’ obscene protests. It’s doubtful any of the tourists complained either. It was an object lesson in public morals for the little ones and what happens to bad people when they try to corrupt public morals.

      Something like that although from either the National Guard or Regular Army troops is what is needed to restore order in Portland at this point. It’s way past the point where civilian police can restore order now.

    • ” but for the dead antifa, and seriously wounded antifa, it won’t matter. ”

      Junkies are a dime a dozen.

  3. Sessions watched them rioting for a year, and drew up an unconstitutional ban on bump stocks in response.

    So, they really are untouchable.

    • Yep. Sessions did nothing to either blm or fagtifa for their actions in Charlottesville. They crossed state lines to commit crimes, and they were in communication beforehand, which are federal crimes.

      Sleepy dwarf Sessions, by not prosecuting both blm and fagtifa domestic terrorist organizations emboldened them.

  4. It is absolutely outrageous that these ‘antifa’ scum are given virtually free rein to hunt down journalists (in the sense that there won’t be any serious consequences for this).

    If they do not qualify as ‘domestic terrorists’ then just who the fuck does?

    What an insane clownworld, top to bottom, beginning to end.

    You really have to admire law enforcement for still being willing to do their jobs in that lunatic region of the country. Anti-cop commenters on the dissident right piss me off almost as much as ‘tifa scum.

    • It is simple. If you are not backed by the US establishment which is the Repubs, Dems, and their billionaire owner donors, you are a terrorist, even for thinking incorrect thoughts. If you are backed by the US establishment, you can block streets, beat up citizens and journalists, shoot Republican politicians in broad daylight, burn cities down, invade and bomb Congress. For all of this, you’ll be remembered as a courageous freedom fighter.

      Smart cops have already retired or moved to red states Idiot cops stayed behind to protect shitlibs from the consequences of their actions. The job of a cop is to protect the regime. If the cops fail in their duty, the miltary will be called out to crush the population. I’ll pass on worshipping the defenders of the anti-White regime.

      • Cops have an obvious interest in doing the bidding of their paymasters, but when those paymasters are anti-cop themselves, you’d have to be either wilfully blind or congenitally anti-cop to fail to realize the altered dynamic and, I would argue, fresh opportunity.

        Further, I’m sure you’re an enormous tough guy who’d just go Rambo on any ‘tifa that fuck with you, but all the same, wouldn’t it be nice if cops, in their heart of hearts, felt that you’re not really the bad guy in that scenario and went as easy on you as possible? Does that amount to “worshipping” cops? Really?

  5. “If they do not qualify as ‘domestic terrorists’ then just who the fuck does?”

    You do !

  6. Druggies and low level criminals end up working for the ones that can make charges go away. and is used by glowniggers to do the oppression the neutral democratic west can’t be seen doing themselves, and the proof is that it’s the same in EVERY god damn western country.

    Spain, France, Germany, Norway, USA, etc all let Antifa beat up anybody trying to organize public opposition to their people becoming a hated minority in our own countries, so China have a lot to learn, as they do the oppression themselves.

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