The Spectator: There Is No Appetite For The Paul Ryan Doctrine

The real obstacle to Republicans reclaiming the majority in Congress isn’t the Democrats. It is their own obsolete ideology. It is the donors, think tanks, elderly politicians and the policy agenda. It is conservative elites who are pining to go back to the days of having a two party PMC system.


Spectator (if first link doesn’t work):

“After whispering a prayer to St Ronald Reagan, Paul Ryan rose to his feet, solemnly kissed his bible, Atlas Shrugged, and gave a speech at the Gipper’s presidential library in Simi Valley about the perils of personality cults.

Though the former Republican House speaker did not attack Donald Trump directly on Thursday, it was obvious who was on his mind.

‘If the conservative cause depends on the populist appeal of one personality, or on second-rate imitations, then we’re not going anywhere,’ Ryan said. And if the conservative movement fails, he warned, ‘it will be because we gave too much allegiance to one passing political figure, and weren’t loyal enough to our principles’. …

Virtually no national constituency exists for what impotent Ryan, hawkish Cheney and obnoxious Rep. Adam Kinzinger have to offer. However, consistent with broader trends, most younger white, Hispanic and lower-income Republicans lean populist in their economic preferences. Trump showed in 2016 that a socially conservative, economically liberal platform is the key to the future.

The problem is the GOP has captured the insurgent populist movement of 2016 and is working to denude it of its anti-establishment, oppositional character by convincing voters that with Trump as figurehead, something has fundamentally changed. But a closer look at the coterie of Ryan associates in Trump’s orbit shows that’s not really the case. The solution is as clear as understanding why Trump won in 2016, why he lost in 2020 and finding or creating leaders willing to carry forth the torch against their own party.”

These people don’t want to win.

They would rather vote for Joe Biden and lose to the Democrats than have a new Republican Party and policy agenda that shifts against the values and interests of their social class.

Working class voters of all races tend to be social conservatives and economic moderates. Right PMCs tend to be social liberals and economic conservatives. The disaffected wing are overwhelmingly the suburban mods or Right PMCs. The old Republican base are social conservatives and economic conservatives. The Trumpists are social conservatives and economic moderates. The post-Trump era GOP is held together by social conservatism and particularly rejection of cosmopolitanism and modernism.

Republicans should be trying to polarize the electorate along the lines of education, values and ideology and portraying the Democrats as the party of affluent, cosmopolitan, socially liberal, out of touch, college-educated elites. This would automatically put them as a huge advantage because this position would have far greater appeal to working class voters and non-voters. The Democrats could be split down the middle like the Labour Party and would devolve into something like the old Republican Party.

This strategy makes far too much sense though. Paul Ryan has a Better Way to create a governing majority like running on entitlement reform and his health care plan while invoking “principles.”

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  1. Without a doubt, The Spectator is right, for not only do I have no appetite for Speaker Ryan’s Agenda, I know of none who do.

    Though I wish the speaker well, I pray he will confine his politicking to the golf course and local Walmart.

  2. These Roman Catholic Dumbos like Ryan are finished. A lot of these Cathoic politicians are afraid to even answer their mail on the most mundane of questions. The days of O’Asshole politics are over. I would suggest the O’Assholes pray thier Holy Mary’s and look for a new scam. LOL.

    • So Krafty. Are you a bitter atheist or a bitter protestant? Lol. Somehow, some way I am sure if you dig deep enough you can actually find good Irish Catholic politicians….non Democrat of course. The Dems. are the cat- licks! It could be worse. They could be Jewish! Always on the lookout for another Holocaust as they trash the nation that took their relatives in.

  3. As much as I despise the Ryan, Cheney, Romney brand of “Trickle Down” conservatism, they are as honest as the woke democrats. The frauds are these “America First” grifters who adopt gayness (Fuentes is gay) and trans from the woke crowd & pretend to be conservatives because they are Pro-White.

    No, no… This is a whole new brand of WTF? Woke, White males who promote 1 or 2 females who are mexican or phillipino.

    I can’t deal with so called Pro-White people even down here. It’s a Joke. MTG the adulteress and weird looking White woman or Gaetz a literal pedophile.

    Vote Democrat and Work for Cash. Share the Cash to buy land within a bigger perimiter. It’s the only Way.

    “Conseratisvm” as in Trump (a nasty liberal in his life) is our only hope? What have we become? Can’t blame Jews for this.

    Family and Land. We’re so into this other BS, we may never get back to it.

  4. Reagan Conservatardism resonated with people when there was a large number of “independent small businessmen.”

    But finance capitalism and high tech has essentially destroyed that small business culture, and the Reagan Republicans were the ones pushing the economic changes that destroyed those businesses.

    So the Republicans successfully destroyed their own economic base and now complain there is no one left who buys their ideology.

    Oh well.

  5. Vickey..Vote Democrat? Are you kidding me? Yeah because voting for the lunatic Biden and his band of anti Whites has been sooo great.

    I cannot believe any White person on a reasonably pro White site advocates voting for the Anti White party..

    You might not have liked Trump but he is light years better than this maniac we have now who literally promotes an invasion South of the border, is being sued by over 20 attorney generals for his lack of enforcement, promotes anything black, is for voter fraud. Gas prices are now getting high again. He also grifts on what the Trump administration did regarding vaccines. The guy is also clearly mentally not with it. Thus our vile fake media covering for him.

    Nah, I will go with the party heading populist looking to shake out the dead wood of guys like Ryan.

    There is a reason the Democratic Party is now majority non White in the House( including Jews). They have a massive anti White agenda! What’s next? Al Sharpton for president because Trump didn’t do enough!

    • Jeff, Whites in both houses of Congress were worse. I have never wanted to say it because I live in a house full of Strong White Men.

      You effed it up, and voting for the next White republican won’t change or save a thing.

      We thrived during Covid, bartering Goods and Services – without paying Uncle Sam a DIME. We did not see a non-white until Goveror RED opened the the GD bars.

      Yes Jeff – So Called “Conservatives” are Frauds.

      • Conservatives are frauds? What the %÷% are liberals and progressives? They tell you outright they are going to replace you and hate your culture. The communist Democrats are looking to give reparations to blacks. They push a literal invasion South of the border but hey, Vickey did well on the barter system for a bit so all is well? Lol. Any White person voting Democrat is either highly delusional, temporarily selfish or just plain brainwashed/ or dumb.

        Trump cut heavily into the section 8 program expansion into White areas. President Joe Dumb Dumb is now looking to wreck those suburbs because the monster thinks it will help him get reelected before he dies. For that alone Trump and any so called conservative deserves a vote. This is not hard to understand. Biden is by far the most anti White president ever and of course he is a Democrat!

        • @Vickey and Jeff…

          Y’all are both right.

          That’s the unfortunate reality of our situation.

          In the end, secession will be the only way out.

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