Socialist E-Girl Neekolul Reignites The Simp Question

In this follow up post, Neekolul aka Bernie Girl has returned in 2021 to explain to all of us why the Gen Z boys hate feminism so much.

Note: If anyone should be deplatformed, it should be the pornographers, e-girls and their simps.

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      • You are indeed correct,very few even try to go down the incel rabbit hole to investigate.Think about it,how do you feel going to work knowing that some random girl who treats average guys like shit makes millions on that stupid OnlyFan

  1. Simp-shaming is a positive development, but unfortunately wherever there are thirsty boys there will be whores trying to take advantage of them.

  2. Okay boomer girl Vote Biden Tax the rich
    Also okay boomer girl 2 million dollar apartment and customized BMW my simp incels payed for

    She must really hate capitalism with all this vastly accumulated material wealth lol a true socialist! “breadline an social justice for thee but not for ME”

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