Tucker Carlson: The Fall of Lord Fauci

Speaking of people who already have all the answers


“Dr. Anthony Fauci‘s upcoming book about his “life philosophy” has been removed from the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites after thousands of his emails from the early days of the COVID pandemic were released on Tuesday.

The book, Expect the Unexpected: Ten Lessons on Truth, Service, and the Way Forward, was set for publication on November 2 and was open for pre-orders earlier this week.

Now the 80-page book, announced on May 17, has disappeared from the websites of major booksellers amid criticism of some of the emails Fauci wrote in the first half of 2020. National Geographic was listed as the publisher of the book.

The original Amazon listing for Expect the Unexpected said it would offer “an intimate view of one of the world’s greatest medical minds” and “universal advice to live by.” The book also promised to offer a “unique perspective” on leadership and difficult times. …”

The libs who we used to own turned their backs on everything that they used to believe in a fit of madness last summer: reason, science, skepticism, free speech, civil liberties, non-violence, tolerance, due process, centering the individual, equality, etc. They made a cult out of George Floyd and Anthony Fauci and shouted down and silenced anyone who had the audacity to criticize their new idols.

Now it is coming out that Fauci was going with the flow all along. He was saying one thing in public and another in private. This was obvious to anyone who saw what happened when public health experts spun on a dime and did a 180 to endorse the George Floyd protests.

Note: The lab leak theory was false because it was tarred by association with Donald Trump and the “far right.”

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  1. The conclusion I came to last year, was the virus was deliberately released to get rid of Trump, and not by China, but by the American Deep State. It was released inside of China, so they could pin the blame on the CCP. Now it turns out the USA was funding that research in this Chinese lab. Fancy that!

    If you want to predict the moves of the American establishment, just think of the most cynical/evil thing imaginable, and you’ll be closer to the truth than anyone who follows the news cycle.

    The. Release. Was. Not. An. Accident. It. Was. Deliberate.

    • 12 monkeys is still maybe the best bruce willis film aside from Die hard films Hudson hawke and the jackal where he played the villain

      12 monkeys is also the best acting role Brad Pitt ever had

      • The first Die Hard is just typical Hollywood anti-German, anti-White, simpleton trash. I don’t think I watched another one after that. 12 Monkeys is a good movie, if I recall.

        • I can’t recall die hard being pacifically anti white but I agree the German villian archtype is a ridiculously overused trope by hollywood

    • An accident is not at all unrealistic if your familiar with the nature of Mainland Chinese. They are unbelievably careless and irresponsible. They will build an entire shipment of products and not do ONE SINGLE quality test only finding out they built it with the completely wrong internal component months later when it arrives in the US. (Then they will try to sell the defective crap anyway just like a ferengi on star trek.) There is astounding nepotism and incompetence in China, their first world cities are a facade on a second world mindset. Everything built by a Mainland Chinese company falls apart right away, why wouldn’t they screw up a virus lab as well?

  2. “The conclusion I came to last year, was the virus was deliberately released to get rid of Trump, and not by China, but by the American Deep State. It was released inside of China, so they could pin the blame on the CCP. Now it turns out the USA was funding that research in this Chinese lab. Fancy that!”

    It had multiple purposes. Among these: 1) force mail in ballots for maximum voter fraud 2) destroy white owned businesses 3) lock down the economy and create a police state.

    #1 was part of removing Trump. I got most of these but missed that we actually funded the fucking research IN CHINA. Too much chutzpah even for my Jew weary imagination.

  3. I think I’m located at about (4,2) on that coordinate graph.

    Where ever the “gives no fucks, just likes White people preferentially and dislikes queers” coordinate is, thats my spot. Idkwtf.

    HW, tell me where that is, yo.

  4. “He was saying one thing in public and another in private”

    That’s yeshiva 101.
    ((They)) all do that.

  5. I’ve seen the question raised of whether Fauci is an Italian or a “fellow Italian”.

    I now see that one of the Israeli settlers involved in displacing the Palestinians from East Jerusalem – the one in that video, is surnamed Fauci so it makes me wonder.

    • @IAN…

      There is no conflict here.

      There have long been Italian Jews.

      You can see this in his skull structure, eyes, and manner of speaking.

      So, voila – there we have Dr. Fauci!

      His ancestry, however, is not my concern, but, his seeming utter inability to string along the same story for more than a month and, even more damning, lack of concern for his Fellow Americans…

  6. As someone who never wore a mask, and who refused to take the quackccine that President Trump hastily proliferated to defend his political career (not us), I feel more and more a sense of vindication, and am relishing watching the beginning of the downfall of some of those who foisted this bio-weapon attack on our country and who perpetuated this conspiratorial hoax to destroy President Trump’s reelection chances.

    Though I have little doubt that the real schemers behind the curtain will not suffer an immediate fall, I have a suspicion justice will, inevitably, be coming for them, and, when it falls upon them, they will not like it one teentsy-weentsy little bit.

    No, they won’t.

  7. @Brian Douglas Frakes


    I’ve had a suspicion for a long time, that Fauci is an Italian crypto-Jew. His physiognomy certainly suggests it. Especially the root of the nose being flush even with the forehead. Which I’ve noticed about a lot of them.

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