Nazbol Populist Candidate Pedro Castillo Victorious In Peru

I’m dying laughing watching the DSA congratulate Pedro Castillo who ran and won as a rural populist on his victory in Peru.

Note: In this country, rural voters also hate social liberalism, but are much more moderate on economics and far from sold on neoliberalism.

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  1. He won and can say those things because Peru isn’t controlled by jew lobbies. When you’re free of jew influence, things can get done on a national level.

    • American so called whites are so hopelessly dumb that they are easily controlled and managed by a few thousand Jews, but it’s not an impediment at all to give opinions about countries they don’t have a clue
      Sux to be stupid.

    • Yeah…but Jews control the IMF, and WB so he is gonna have to make some tough decisions.

    • “Crazy ultra-Maoists like (((Shining Path))) do horrendous damage to our movement, and it takes a long time for leftism’s image to recover”

    • In spanish america, it’s always the same cycle, grand policies of great social reform, followed by economic failure, continued poverty.

      Race is everything.

  2. Say no to homo marriage…..the anus is not a vagina…..the anus is for shitting…

  3. Seems the DSA only has a problem with “class reductionism” when it’s White people doing the reductioning.

    • Populism is mere reform, not revolution. Populism is still capitalism, not socialism, but big business/the Usurers cannot alllow populism to hinder their activities and reduce profits.

      “Democracy is a crock and a lie”:

      That is PSEUDO democracy. True Democracy IS the people’s will.

      • Democracy can work in a NATION. But the globalists and the Tribe have done their work well, so NATIONS no longer exist in the formerly White West.

        • “Democracy can work”

          The Framers hated democracy,
          that’s the reason they gave us a constitution.

          • “The Framers hated democracy”:

            They hobbled democracy, because they knew it would limit private accumulation of wealth.

            The vast majority of Chinese people say they believe their nation is democratic. In fact there is direct democracy on the local level in China. By contrast, a recent poll of U.S. citizens found only 28% believe the U.S. is democratic. The vast majorities are correct in both cases.

  4. “American shitlibs don’t know what to think”

    Right, not only are they flummoxt, so, too is the whole Democrat Party Heirarchy; that which allied itself in recent decades to a Koch-Soros Open Borders elaboration on the Javitz-Kennedy mid 60s Immigration Act – in hopes of enlisting the new Latin arrivals in their war on Smalltown & Rural White Gentiles.

    Yep, The Rule Corporate/Globalist Leftist Elite are in the early stages of shock, this as the now substantial Latin Electorate begins to migrate over to a Nationalist/Populist perspective on how this country ought be run.

    Nope, The Corporate Dems bet the house on bringing in a people who, almost completely unwoke, believe staunchly in Family, Faith, Tradition, Honour-Culture, and Chryst.

    In recent weeks, my family and I have had more than a few cynical snickers over the new Latin voting bloc in a developing coalition with American Nationalists, Evangelical Conservatives, and White Nationalists of every stripe.

    God is good – oh, yes, indeedy, He most certainly is…

    • “Why do the nations rebel?
      Why are the countries devising plots that will fail?
      The kings of the earth form a united front;
      the rulers collaborate
      against the Lord and his anointed king.
      They say, “Let’s tear off the shackles they’ve put on us!
      Let’s free ourselves from their ropes!”

      The one enthroned in heaven laughs in disgust;
      the Lord taunts them.” – Ps. 2 NET

      • @Fr. John+

        Interesting, Father, interesting.

        Everything is constantly changing and yet, everything stays the same…

    • Democrats are dependent on the shitlib-black coalition and take the Latno vote for granted. However, Latinos don’t like the DNC black pandering much (you could also say they are usually so called “anti-black racists”). I count on big rows between latinos and blacks in the near future.

      • “count on big rows between latinos and blacks”


        Mexicans will roll over blacks , like a bulldozer over an egg. Mexicans can will fight, on a much higher level than blacks.

  5. Hopefully he does better than Evo Morales. Does anyone even remember that coup? It was under Trump btw.

    • @KT-88…

      Yes, I do remember President Trump removing the very popular 4 term Bolivian president, Evo Morales – this because he nationalized Bolivian lithium mines to pay for Bolivian national health care.

      It was a big reason why I very nearly did not vote for President Trump again.

  6. Much of it is because these people live out of a Leftist oriented faculty lounge. The realistic fact that the rest of the world isn’t like them, just goes over their head. They are just unpleasant, nasty, fringe people.

  7. How is ZOG going to react to the results of this free and fair democratically conducted election?Sanctions? Assassinations? Student demonstrations? Military intervention? After all this country is the sworn enemy of respecting the sovereignty of other countries, especially in Latin America.

  8. Thanks for posting this news. I’ve been following it for some time. The capitalist Right has not given up Peru. There will be a hard struggle, as in Bolivia when another indigenous socialist – Evo Morales – was duly elected and then removed by a coup.

  9. How long before the “Intelligence Community” of “Our Democracy” (TM) begins to plan a regime-change coup against him?

  10. The woke lemmings will only care about social liberalism for Peru if their masters tell them to. Since they’re not white, the power elite probably won’t stir up the activists as long as they don’t try to criminalize homosexuality or something. On their own, white progressives are much less likely to publicly espouse social liberalism for non-whites because a white person telling non-whites how to live would be racist. Anti-racism will always triumph over any other value.

    I know it’s just a meme, but I’d argue Castillo is more national socialist than national bolshevik.

  11. The one positive about the Spics is their unabashed hatred of the niggers. They also have no regard for Jews.

  12. Listen to some Aimee Terese for how normal women are “leftist.” She wants a husband with a good job so she can get pregnant and raise children. She thinks “socialism” is the best way to do that, so regular “white” men can get good jobs and have enough money to support a wife and child.

    All the rest of “leftism” is just jew bullshit.

    This isn’t even really complicated. Also, GOP Delenda Est, all Republicans are scumbag f*gs blackmailed by Israeli Mossad.

    Not a joke – look at Josh Hawley. Does that look like a normal white man to you? Absolutely not, which explains his love for “Israel.”

  13. Japanese act just like Jews outside of Japan in places like Peru and Hawaii. Senator Maizie Hirono (D, HI) is just as shrill and ridiculous in her rhetoric as any Bolshevik feminist kike (maybe even more so) Nice to see Fujimori lose.

    • Yes, that’s true. The ones in Japan are sane & reasonable in their dealings with Whites; the ones here inevitably become anti-White “POC” shitlib enemies.

  14. The French call it: “Gauche du travail, droite des valeurs.” Alain Soral, among others, holds that line. Economically socialist and socially conservative. That type of a political platform has my full adherence.

  15. He’s coupled cultural sanity with populist economics (maybe too commie on that front, but we shall see). Good luck to him. With the inevitable machinations of the (((CIA))), he’ll need it.

  16. “Populist” Castillo has clearly won the election against massive foreign (think U.S.) meddling interference. But still, as of today, almost two weeks later, he has not been officially declared the winner.

    The wealthy elites and upper middle class, all of corporate media, and most of the military and police are opposed to letting the majority indigenous people’s party take power. Expensive, high-powered law firms are delaying ratification with hundreds of challenges and Madam Fujimori’s fascists stage street demonstrations complete with Nazi symbolism, carrying torches and giving Nazi salutes, even though Castillo and the “Liberate Peru” party have already renounced communism, and are promising they will only make reforms, that there will be no expropriations and not even any nationalization of natural resources if their electoral victory is ratified!

    The U.S. is playing the Peruvian election by the very same playbook as it did for Bolivia and Ecuador.

    What else hasn’t changed is Julian Assange being imprisoned and tortured in the real Gulag system, which the “free” press (corporate mainstream media) totally ignores.

  17. Re: “Nazbol Populist candidate victorious”:

    Not yet! Weeks later the U.S. still refuses to acknowledge Castillo’s victory, and a slow coup process is underway, complete with O.A.S. (CIA) involvement, wholesale bribery of election officials and nullifying of hundreds of thousands of rural indigenous votes, to maintain the U.S.-allied pro-corporate Neoliberals in power. The Empire RULES nearly all of Latin America.

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