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  1. “Vladimir Putin Believes the United States Is Declining Like the Soviet Union”

    Unless you are in government, or the wide web of government allied services, media, and corporate institutions, I do not know how you could look at this country and think anything else.

      • @Arrian…

        Yes, I agree, though, at that time, though there was internal strife, it was hard to realize the decline, because so many things were working so well.

        That was a great era to live through, though, the cost of it has been high.

        This is a very very dark time compared to then, and because of then, though, the seeds for the seed were planted a long time ago – starting when our Founding Fathers agreed to allow The Bank of England have a piece of our ass after we had beaten them to deny them that.

        After that there was the fight in the 1960s and the wrong side was left in charge of the federal government.

        After that there came the disasters of Woodrow Wilson, compounded by an ever more wayward 20th century, which, had it’s destructive apex in the 1960s.

        Then came Alan Greenspan and his economy which devastated small towns and rural areas everywhere, an unconstitutional ‘Free Trade’ rubber-stampt by numerous presidents and congress for 3 decades…

  2. The US of ZOG is almost certainly in terminal decline but I don’t see it following the same path as the USSR. Unlike this country the Soviet Union remained a conservative, authoritarian and traditional society up until the end, they didn’t make pathetic ass-clowns of themselves on the way out.

    • @Spahn…

      “Unlike this country the Soviet Union remained a conservative, authoritarian and traditional society up until the end, they didn’t make pathetic ass-clowns of themselves on the way out.”

      You and I may think that, but, many many Russians, of that time and space, do not. No, the very words I have often hear them use, when describing Gorbachev and his ‘Glasnost & ‘Perestroika’, are ‘bozo’ and ‘clown’.

      They also use other words, like ‘Moodak’, that sobriquet which, for the sake of decorum, shall not be interpreted here…

  3. Soviet Union didn’t have Negroes or any real “diversity” problems. Communist bloc was lily white when it collapsed. 1990s Russia had many problems with skyrocketing crime and chaos with collapse of ???? and U$A-adminstered “Shock Capitali$m” under drunk puppet Yeltsin, but Russians becoming a hated minority in their own country was fortunately not one of them. It would take a lot more than just a Putin to turn around the racial crisis situation in the former United States.

    Warsaw Pact Eastern Bloc states were even better off. Per CIA World Factbook in 1990, the “ethnic divisions” of German Democratic Republic (East Germany) were 99.7% German, 0.3% Slavic and other. Was it worth tearing down the Antifascist Protection border wall to become part of the Mohammedan Caliphate?

    Does ‘Communist’ DDR really look so bad compared to no-go Moslem kebab zones of modern unified BRD under EU Führerin Merkel (whose parents actually fled TO the DDR, via its very well-defended national border, for Protestant religious reasons)..?

    • The Berlin Wall was not just for keeping East Germans from leaving it was also used to prevent infiltration from the decadent bourgeous West.

    • The DDR had a lovely national anthem. Our anthem only sounds good when Jimi Hendrix played it on his amplified guitars.

    • “Warsaw Pact Eastern Bloc states were even better off. Per CIA World Factbook in 1990, the “ethnic divisions” of German Democratic Republic (East Germany) were 99.7% German, 0.3% Slavic and other. Was it worth tearing down the Antifascist Protection border wall to become part of the Mohammedan Caliphate?”

      Hell no. It’s a tragedy, considering the current situation.

    • @Jacobite…

      “Soviet Union didn’t have Negroes or any real “diversity” problems. ”

      Given that the current and former Russian Empires (and the erstwhile Soviet Union, as well) are the most multicultural and diverse entities that have existed since The Roman Empire, I am not sure I can follow you here.

      No, Sir -The Romanov Empire, and, The Soviet, and current Oligarchical/Bureaucratick Russia, as well, are, and, indeed, have all been, political entities that feature scores and scores of different tribes/races with different languages, cultures, customs, and faith (almost all not White, or many just partially so)

      That said, if you want to know why ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘diversity’ were not a problem for any of them, it can be summed up by a quote from an interview Mikhail Gorbachev gave just a few years ago, when, following the interview conversation about The New Woke West, the former Soviet Secretary General said something to the effect of, ‘even in The Soviet Union we never dreamed of attempting to force people to live together.’

      This Gorbachev said with a noticeably wry grin on his face.

      • I’m sure he was grinning. They shipped Balts to Siberia and injected Russians into the Baltics. It happened in every one of their “Republics”.

        • @Diversity…

          ” It happened in every one of their “Republics”.”

          When you speak as one whose knowledge of Russia is solely through 3rd parties, then you could believe this…

  4. The USSR was still producing kick-ass nuclear subs and airplanes up nearly to collapse. The US can’t do shit anymore. Twerking negroes on cop cars is not really a cultural export either. Maybe the Brits run with it I don’t know.

    • @KT-88…

      Yes, very true, and, up until the very end, The Soviet Union was still producing a giant culture – from it’s amazing poets and classical musicians, to it’s brilliant chess players, winter sports’ athletes, ballet, cinema stars and works, and landscape painters.

      Materially The Soviet Union was something of a failure, no, not from a national point of view, but, from an individual, yet, from a cultural and intellectual point of view, The Soviet Union was the champion of the 20th century, it’s real achievements, and the vast scope of them, oddly enough, almost entirely unknown and unrecognized in The West.

      • How many of their own people did they kill? Millions and millions of just their own, along with all the others. They almost poisoned most of Europe with radiation to a much greater degree than what happened, if not for the desparate actions of a few men. Not sure I would call them champions of the 20th century.

        • The ‘THEY’ you speak of in the USSR and before Putin, were either JEWS, and judaized in mind and heart OLIGARCHS- NOT the much-suffering Russian People. Stop regurgitating CIA-approved propaganda from the 1980’s.

        • @Diversity…

          You’re preaching to the choir, Sir.

          I do not admire the Judeo-Bolshevik Soviet Union, and detested it, though, in largely political terms.

          Culturally and intellectually, however, it bore good fruit, something which many Russians would be quick to tell you, which is why more than a few are nostalgick for the old Soviet days.

          As to my assertion that The Russians were the intellectual and cultural champions of the 20th century, I cannot withdraw the claim.

          As a chess player, admirer of poetry, the arts, and a retired classical musician, I can personally vouch for the richness of 20th century Russian culture.

          I know of no nation that even comes close to what they did.

          • richness of 20th century Russian culture, in spite of Judeo-Bolsheviks.

            Imagine what they could have accomplished with National Socialism.

          • @Arrian…

            “richness of 20th century Russian culture, in spite of Judeo-Bolsheviks.”

            You could make an argument for that, because The Russian People are very rich in their collective soul.

          • @Arrian…

            “Imagine what they could have accomplished with National Socialism.”

            Yes, well, that is exactly what Alfred Rosenberg said about occupied Byelorussia and The Ukraine in 1942, when arguing with Erich Koch over how the new territories of the 3rd Reich were to be treated, and that they ought be welcoming and inclusive to them, instead of exploitive and adversarial.

            Erich Koch, however, was contemptuous of Rosenberg’s view, and is on record as having said that the entire population of The Ukraine was not worth one single German.

            When the argument reacht Hitler, he sided with Koch and remarked that the only that that ought be extended to these territories was enough education so that the new Reich Redskins could read their street signs well enough to stay out of the way.

            Imagine the difference in this world, today, is Hitler had gone with Rosenberg’s view?

            Certainly Eastern Europe had welcomed the German push eastwards in 1941, and saw them as liberators. But, but, 1942, they understood that the Germans had not come as anything remotely close to that.

  5. Economy is the key for secession.

    Inflation kicks in, supplies vanish and better supplied regions start protecting themselves. Road blocks, stamps for food so that only locals who have them can buy stuff. Then economic borders and food stamps develop into local money. Next local laws and more secure border, direct deals with other regions and foreign countries and finally independence, real border, army and so on.

    • “Economy is the key for secession.”

      Yes, that’s one big reason all major nations fear crypto currency.
      One of the fastest paths to secession and independence is crypto.

      Ppl oft define nations by language, geography, ethnicity, religion, but often overlook currency. Currency is one of the most binding of all social power structures.

      And crypto breaks those bonds

      • @Arrian…

        Yes, crypto-currency is full of potential, but, just as you say – that the governments fear it – I doubt it will survive.

        For that reason I advised my wife last year to stay away from it.

  6. The same people that destroyed the Soviet Union are now destroying the US. The Russians made a comeback because they didn’t have diversity on their side.

    • Dear John,
      There never has been a country so diverse as Russia – as they have scores and scores of different races with very very different languages, customs, and religions.

      Please see my longer comment above.

      Though we could have a long conversation about why they are now making a comeback, the conversation is too long to have, other than it starts and ends with the initials V.P.

      As to your comment about ‘the same people’, you are right – Jewish power, just like any other power that becomes too big, becomes oppressive.

      Essentially the world is like one great big classroom – one kid gets the flu, until, 6 weeks later, every other kid and his family has had it, only, with political diseases, it takes a century for it to circulate around.

      • ” a country so diverse as Russia – as they have scores and scores of different races with very very different”

        Yes, but they don’t include furless apes and Mayan cannibals.

        • @Arrian…

          Many many White Russians would disagree with you, Sir, they regarding those non-White Asians or half White Eurasians in The Russian Empire just as you regard ‘The Furless Apes and Mayan Cannibals’.

  7. The American empire may be in decline, but Jewish power goes from strength to strength. If things get bad enough in the US they will find another host to be sure.

    • @Ricky…

      Absolutely true what you say, Sir.

      Jews learned very long ago to look relentlessly comb the horizon for every opportunity and to surf that opportunity to wheresoever it takes them.

      As to ‘finding another host’ – they already did it, Jewish business interests as long ago as early in the last Bush Administration transferring their energies to China, and other places in The Orient..

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