Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin: Transgender Rights Are Human Rights

“Trans women” are in.

BTW, anyone who can be labeled a “domestic extremist” is out. If you have a Confederate flag tattoo or believe in traditional values and have said the wrong thing on social media or even worse associate with the “far right,” you don’t have a human right to serve in the military.

Note: The point of this isn’t “inclusion.” It is the perverse desire to turn the world upside down and to rub it in the face of social conservatives.

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  1. “said the wrong thing on social media”

    No one, especially of our opinions, should be using their identity on social media. This is addressed to the young or naive.

  2. Wars are won by healthy normal bands of young men. A lot of people are going to be hurt, likes happen to all arrogant stupid empires, because the other side will be much more serious about war, than this bunch of dumbasses. And oddly, I’m almost hoping we lose a short war with somebody, enough to knock some sense into people, but not enough for great defeat that threatens democracy. But what do l know.

  3. Stupid monkey. There’s no way he even believes this garbage, so he’s willing to say anything in service of his Jew masters, same as moron Biden. An empty suit.

  4. We can’t be one nation under God though Lloyd, God didn’t make a tranny freak. A tranny freak is a man made creation.

  5. The same affirmative action negro even came out and said transgenders fought in the civil war. You can’t make this up. This nation is gone.

    • He might have been thinking of–wait, that’s a stretch, that he was thinking … Ok, his speechwriters were thinking of the several Civil War women spies who sometimes disguised themselves as men during their daring escapades, and the few weird girls who enlisted as men, like Sarah Emma Edmonds. This stuff happened in every big war in history. They’re obviously not the modern type of transgenders we unfortunately know. Some must have been lesbians, but they never took blockers or other drugs and never underwent reassignment surgery.

    • I had thought Austin’s skin color was his primary qualification for his job, but now I am at the point that I could accept that his skin color is his only qualification for his job. Just as teachers who can’t teach, engineers who fail math and physicians who can’t cure are hired because of their skin color, clearly, the same is now true for Defense Secretaries.

      What a circus: Biden, Harris, Blinken, Garfinkle, Mayorkas and now Austin.

      • Nah Lloyd Austin’s secondary qualification is that he was a Raytheon executive; on the board of that “defense” contractor he made millions of dollars. Now it may be that Raytheon only appointed him to their board due to his race to fill a “diversity” quota, however for his current sinecure he has “Woke Capital” credentials, making millions of dollars off selling weapons to the US government as a Person of Color, as Austin has gone back-and-forth through the revolving door of holding government offices and private sector lobbyist positions that feed off each other…

  6. That moment when all the young men start rooting for the opponent of the US, at any given time, to win. This is the new cassus belli. Transwars.

  7. It’s funny this guy obviously doesn’t even know what is going on. He just repeated the “hide the person you love” language from gay marriage messaging even though it has nothing to do with the tranny issue.

    Most of these people pushing the tranny nonsense don’t even have any idea of what it is they are supposed to believe, but they won’t think twice about cancelling you if you don’t know the ins and outs of this ideology that was invented a couple of years ago.

  8. What happens if one of these trans soldiers is unable to get their hormone medications because their battle unit (no pun intended) is cut off?

  9. To what extent is trabssexualism comparavlr to the seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Russian religious sect, the Skoptsi?

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