New Rising: Joe Biden Refuses To Cancel Student Debt

New Rising is bombing.

This is a subject worth talking about though. Joe Biden performed better with Millennials than Hillary Clinton. The big turnout for Joe in college towns like Madison made the difference in Wisconsin. He seems determined to make good on his promise that nothing will fundamentally change when at least in this area he has the power to deliver something for a key part of his base.

Yesterday, Joe Biden told NATO that Trump was a fake populist. You would think a real populist like Joe would sympathize with so many young people who voted for him who are being crushed by debt because the cost of a college education has soared to the moon, but apparently he sympathizes with the banks. He walks to his desk every day and can’t be bothered to lift a finger even if it is in his political self interest to do so before the 2022 midterms. Sadly, Joe is owned by Wall Street, but the Bernie Bros knew all along he was a neoliberal establishment snake and voted for him anyway.

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  1. Maybe it’s because plenty of this college debt is held by private banks, ie, the rich Jews who control Biden? And non-dischargeable college debt is one of the primary ways the “economy” forces graduates to be bugmen serving drinks at Starbucks, after listening to Counselor Schlomo and getting a degree in African American studies.

    • When Solon reformed the Athenian Polis he forgave the debt small holding farmers had that made them bondsmen (body slaves). Student loan debt is a form of body slavery for whites. If it isn’t forgiven twenty somethings will start slaughtering older people. Blood will flow in torrents over this issue.

  2. All student loan debt needs to be canceled, and the entire higher education system needs to be reformed in this country. Advanced job training should be “free” and available to every citizen that wants it. However, this should not apply to liberal arts programs that are not hard sciences, and federal loans for the remaining liberal art programs should be eliminated. Sports need to be divorced from K-12 and universities altogether. We should move to a club system like they have in Europe.

    • The US is now far too corrupt to create a world class higher education system I’m afraid. The next generation will be stuck with the collapsing remnants of the old system.

  3. Biden was head of the committee that wrote the law which made it impossible to get rid of student debt in bankruptcy. So why is this a surprise?

    • Can’t stand Harris. But it could be interesting to join with the left, (in an ad hoc way), to get behind a push for Harris, to lever out the doddering old fool installed by the swamp last January.

      After Bidet’s performance at the G7 this last week, things have stopped being funny.

    • If he doesn’t then young whites will start burning and killing. The US student debt is similar in certain respects to the pre Solon Athens’s Body Slavery that farmers toiled under. If it’s not forgiven the young are going to cut the throats of the older generation who hold the chit.

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