Russian President Vladimir Putin Meets With Joe Biden

I’m not sure what was accomplished.

PMC TV is agitating for a new Cold War with Russia though.

Daily Mail:

“Time magazine’s fawning cover of Joe Biden looking younger with Vladimir Putin in his aviator sunglasses is Twitter‘s newest meme playground, with the president’s critics ripping into the publication.   

In Time’s tweet introducing the cover, the magazine wrote: ‘Biden takes on Putin,’ which elicited an onslaught of snippy jokes about 78-year-old Biden’s age and gifs of Putin laughing on Twitter. 

‘What in the hell kind of fan fiction comic book is this cover?’ one user said. …”

This is how the obsequious corporate media has been covering the summit:

Vladimir Putin held a long press conference afterwards.

He brought up the fact that the Deep State has arrested hundreds of Trump supporters and Merrick Garland is treating them as domestic terrorists for entering their own Capitol.

I think these people are a little out over their skis.

We’re certainly not in a new Cold War with Russia. PMCs are in a Cold War with Russia and a “Domestic War on Terror” with us. They are the people who are menacing our rights and liberties, not the Russians. John Brennan is embarrassed to be a White male and wants the state to fight Trump voters. Hillary Clinton is also the autocrat who wants to censor the entire internet.

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  1. Biden will seek to bribe, carrot & stick Russia away from China, so that it can try to intimidate China.

    Meanwhile Russia, not expecting anything truly constructive, will simply bide it’s time, smile, all the while finishing Nord Stream II and it’s preparations for the next round of vitiated aggressions by The Jew England Yankee United States’ Government.

    Nothing will change, because those at the head of The US Government are incorrigible, both in their arrogance, lawlessness, and aggressions, and The Russian Government because they are not out of their minds, or at least, not anywhere to the degree that those who work in The District of Columbia are.


    Democratic Party Family Values=Homosexual Tranny Freak Pederasty….

    Vladimir will go to Heaven to be with Jesus….for an eternity

    The other was spawned hell……and will go back to hell to breed in Satan’s personal toilet bowl…for an eternity….

    • Yes, Dear Patrick, here, for the sake of the NSA, CIA, FBI, MI6, SPLC, JDL, ADL, Facebook, Antifa, The Clinton Foundation, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Jack Dorsey, Keith Olbermann, Joe Scarborough, Paul Singer, BLM, and Google, I second your request that God might bless Vladimir Putin.

      Other than Viktor Orban, he is the only leader in The West I see consistently speak out what I feel and think, and, as well, follows up with concrete action.

      I know he is not angelic, nor is the country he governs, but, in the opening decades of the 21st century, he was the very best we, The West, had.

      So, yes, I stand with you here today to say…


  3. A man (Putin) and a Monster (Biden)? No, hardly. Biden is a senile old ass.
    Die, Joe. Just DIE. And May Kabala Ha’aretz go with you.
    Dear Lord, hear my plea.

  4. Russia is controlled by ZOG and has been since 1917. Putin is just giving something to the peasants unlike the USA which seems determined to genocide them.

    • @KT-88…

      You certainly are right that Jewish interests are well entrencht there, particularly in individual cities with formidable mafia-oligarch-politician relationships.

      However, on a national level, ZOG does not control diddly squat in Russia, which is why The Jew England Yankee United States’ Government has spent almost the last 20 years trying to knock over Putin and take back what he removed from their grip – control of Russia.

      ZOG, both the Gog and Magog side of them, did control Russia from 1917 until the early 2000s, at which point Czar Vlad ended all that.

      Nothing more demonstrative of this than the Russian government’s refusal to allow LGBTQ propaganda there, or the Russian Orthodox Church going from just slightly over 300 active parishes in the country, (at the fall of the Judeo-Bolshevik Soviet government in 1989) to now, surpassing it’s Czar Nicholas II level of over 30,000!

      Moreover, Russia now backs young heterosexual families by giving them financial incentives to have children – these incentives as high enough to make a payment for a house so significant that the remaining mortgage is very very low.

      I could go on, Sir, but, one thing you can know – ZOG has no control of the Putin Cabinet, otherwise such things would NEVER EVER be so.

      Be well!

  5. Biden’s admin has declared half of the country to be “domestic extremists” and borderline terrorists. Mirroring Biden’s question: what are they so afraid of?

  6. America and post-Communist Russia have no reason to be at odds with one another, and every reason to seek better relations. Currently we have thousands of nuclear weapons pointed at each other, and one miscalculation on either side could set off a nuclear holocaust,

    Our rulers don’t seem to care, blinded as they are by their hatred of Putin. The sight of a white Christian leader who stands up for his country is more than these globalists can abide. Do these fools really think they’re immune to radioactive fallout? May God help us.

  7. The Empire, which intends to overthrow, punish and eradicate every trace of socialism/ethno-national socialism worldwide, has especially marked Russia and China, the past and present champions of socialism, for destruction.

    Meanwhile evidence accumulates that SARS Co-V2 might not have originated in China, but perhaps in the U.S. or another Western country months before it appeared in China:

    Russia is not doing much better than the U.S. with the pandemic, and with inequality. Both Russia and China are weighed down, being dragged down, by the acceptance of some measure of capitalism.

  8. The US has eclipsed N. Korea in going after their own citizens (Whites) Putin may play both sides but he is right about the US arresting and jailing its White citizens for wanting political change. Maybe Putin does the same but I don’t believe he just picks on one group and ignores the others like our esteemed govt. IMO, that makes him better than they are.

  9. Vladimir Putin is to Gold

    As Kamala Harris is to feces….mixed in with incurable twat disease….

  10. Putiin the Russian is speaking out for our rights, not the Irish Mick Brennan or Biden, the Russian guy.

    • @Robert…

      You noticet that, did you?

      It’s a sad day when it’s the Russian leader who has to be the one to speak out for your and yours…

  11. I’ve been thinking about why. Why the secret politburo ruling America forced their puppet to go through this humiliation?

    Perhaps they just wanted the world to see, to see how far gone Biden is, before they replace him.

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