TAC: Breaking Up Big Tech Won’t Put America First

I’ve been a ferocious critic of the Biden adminstration.

Nothing that I have said about Joe Biden in anyway implies that I have changed my mind about mainstream conservatism being a proven self-defeating loser ideology and racket that exploits popular grievances and harnesses endless rounds of backlash politics to gain power to enrich wealthy people and make life easier for America’s beleaguered multinational corporations.


“The drive to break-up Big Tech is building among America’s progressive politicians and bureaucrats. From Tim Wu’s appointment to the National Economic Council to Lina Khan’s nomination for the Federal Trade Commission, Democrats are making an antitrust crackdown central to their political strategy. In May, the District of Columbia joined the Democrats’ crusade by suing Amazon based on local antitrust law.

The left is not alone in this crusade, however. Conservatives have joined the parade of rising anti-tech antitrust fervor, too. Some Republicans are thrilled at the thought of wielding antitrust laws and expanding government powers to punish tech companies because of their moderation decisions regarding conservative speech and the influence they have in Americans’ daily lives.

In response, senior Trump economic advisor and free marketeer Steve Moore recently released a report detailing the devastating economic and foreign policy implications of breaking-up American tech businesses. His argument is, in short, that conservatives should not cut off our nose to spite our face.  …”

Would you like another tax cut, sir? Maybe some guest workers?

This is the second time in recent months that Rick Santorum has made the case for doing nothing about Big Tech censorship at The American Conservative. This time he asks: what about China?

Indeed, what about China? Who gives a shit about WeChat or TikTok? It is Facebook, Google/YouTube, Amazon, Twitter, Apple and PayPal and the rest of the gang who are the problem. These corporations have established a monopoly over the public square in this country and collude with the ADL to silence populist and nationalist speech on the internet as a campaign contribution to the Democratic Party. Most of their workers aren’t even Americans either. They put people out of work in retail.

I’ve never been censored by anyone in China. I don’t care that Facebook, Amazon and Google / YouTube are competing with China. It hardly follows that Mark Zuckerberg or Jack Dorsey or Sundar Pichai are on my side. These people are far bigger threat to our rights and liberties than China.

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  1. This is why “America first” isn’t really a very good slogan. It’s easy to argue that shilling for corporations is “America first.” Various imperial wars can also be easily defended from that position. Fuentes did that with Iran. Even foreign aid can be defended as America first because it’s usually just blatantly bribing foreign nations to go along with American policy.

  2. No one takes those “Muh free market/Screw working class America” cockservatives Moore and Santorum seriously. They are trotted out for comic relief.

  3. Breaking up these big tech firms would cause an explosive growth of new companies. They are already there. Big tech just swallows up all the oxygen in the room. Typical of Republicans to defend the big and bloated. China is beside the point. Republicans still have their head up their rotary phone era rear D’s.

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