NASA Launches Mission Equity

The big report on UFOs is scheduled to be released to Congress next week. Meanwhile, NASA is focused on achieving equity and celebrating gay pride. You can’t make this shit up.

Note: If we are being visited by aliens, maybe they are here to laugh at us? This is what a civilization in terminal decline looks like.

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  1. August 1969…

    America 90 percent White

    Put 2 Alpha Native Born White American Men on the Moon

    10 more after that..

    So exactly what was wrong with that?

    Absolutely nothing…

    But the Hindus in India were so up upset by this

    That decided to come to America LEGALLY

    To vote Whitey into a violently persecuted White Racial Minority

    Within the borders of America

    So that what happened back in August 1969…would never happen ever again..

    My late father…was one of the Gruman LEM Engineers…..

    • Guaranteed: the staff behind these missions, who are rarely seen on TV are overwhelmingly White. Diversity cannot run a space program. Diversity cannot run an electric grid (e.g. S. Africa). Diversity cannot run anything, except into the ground.

      The true test of Diverse NASA will come when one of their “diverse” missions gets into trouble in outer space like Apollo XIII did. The Apollo XIII mission, ground crew and engineering staff were all White males back in 1970. Their quick thinking, improvisation and sheer brilliance as well as their teamwork, camaraderie and dedication changed a failed mission that would have been fatal into one of NASA’s great successes.

      The diverse types don’t have “The Right Stuff”, to quote Tom Wolfe. They are good at mimicry (blacks) or copying (Asians) but they are no good at original thinking and that’s what is required in a crisis. “The Right Stuff” wasn’t confined to the U.S. astronauts, the Soviets had it too and by extension, the ground crew and the brilliant engineering staff, too.

      • Diversity would have left at 5 like they did for Columbia. The Old Nasa could have brought Columbia safely but New Nasa just plowed it into the atmosphere and let it burn up. Duh. Now we have Shlomo dust in permanent orbit.

    • Defund NASA. Problem solved. This earth is all there is, we aren’t EVER going to get off this terrestrial plane- even they admit it, with the van Allen RADIATION belts.. Either submit to Christ, or perish, cuz you and the Jews aren’t goin to Mars, Saturn, or Your ANUS… but only to Hell or Heaven.

  2. Is this how they are going to cover their lack of accomplishments ?

    “You can’t criticise us, we’re so SJW.”

  3. I was encouraged to study engineering by the Apollo lunar landings I watched on TV. As far as I am concerned, NASA can be dismantled and the unmanned probes be managed by the National Science Foundation.

  4. Well, I expect Chinese astronauts to reach Mars first. These people are delusional. I’ve hopes Elon Musk has got a clue.

  5. Why this new equity push?

    Did the Obama-era Muslim outreach not work out?

    It is not just a clown world… We now have clown outer space!

    • 1965 Immigration Reform Act

      1965 Nonwhite Legal Immigrant Increase Act


  6. The music in the background is White Supremacy classic style music, amazing it made it past the editing room.

  7. NASA with Shlomovision. I appreciate them telling the world what their plans are for us. If I recall the only “white” guy on the team is Jewish.

    • Ass fuck little boys in space! The final civilizational achievement of Jew infestation! Moloch will be so proud!

  8. Actually Space exploration is White Supremacy.

    White Slavic USSR was the first. You know what use to be was second,

    Both majority white economic zones will not call them nation’s.

    Both had weapons of mass destruction pointed at them and their allies.

    Seriously talk about White Genocide?

  9. Some days I just wish the alien UFOs would blow up this world. Our species is a failure at this point.

    • Not all of us. We are trapped by the idiots. Just like when you were young, and you had morons telling you how smart they were. We are outnumbered, just like the Bell Curve predicts, by low IQs. Low IQ whites (who don’t know they are stupid, but watch the MSM and TV), and the brown folk.

  10. “NASA Launches Mission Equity”

    This, and the many likeminded schemes of zog will crush America’s advancement, just as ‘integration’ ruined the reputation of American cars.

  11. Whenever I hear the phrase “At (fill in particular ZOG agency or globohomo corporation ) we are committed to…..” I know I’m about to be BULLSHITTED. BIG TIME.

    • UFOs are supernatural phenomena. That’s the only way to explain their ability to defy the laws of physics.

      • You’re correct Spahnranch1970. A cousin-in-law of mine had a run in with a spherical ufo when he was twelve years old. It knocked him unconscious, and when he woke up, he had psychic powers. Go to to learn more about the true nature of these things.

  12. Everything that used to be good, is now “onboard” with the whole diversity scam. They have to constantly ruin everything and show us photos of simian other races smiling it up.

  13. You can get away with believing in “equity” in a college lecture hall or employee diversity seminar, but not in the harsh vacuum of outer space, where the temperature is -300°, asteroids fly around at 17,000 mph and radiation belts can kill you almost instantly.

    • @spahnranch,

      Yep. The Orwellian named “affirmative action ” is the last failed leftist social engineering project to use to traverse amongst dark energy and dark matter, let alone all the incumbent hazards of interplanetary travel.

  14. Indeed.

    Racial inclusion and equity are an anchors around the neck of European kind’s rendezvous with Kardeshev galactic type civilizations.

  15. NASA finds “Equity” or rather “Equity” finds NASA and it’s not pretty.

    Homosexuality is one of the abominations which leads to the destruction of whole nations. Putin and 80% of Russia are against homosexuality and what is going to happen to us is not going to be pretty if God chooses to blast us off the planet using nations like Russia as His instrument of destruction.

    Wake up, Yankee Empire!

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