ACLU Demands Uber Eats Stop Misgendering and Dead Naming Trans Delivery Drivers

Now that the ACLU has abandoned its original mission of defending the civil liberties of everyone, it has moved on to these more exotic woke progressive issues.

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  1. You would be surprised how many Jewish men want to transition to women. The ACLU is doing this to help its own kind. It was the same scenario with feminism and the queer movement. Jews do not care about women or queers they only want to help other Jews. And it just so happens there are a whole lot of Jews who want to cut their thingy off and prance around in a dress. It is the inbreeding. Mental illness is in Jewish blood. You know Jews have been producing kids with their sisters and cousins for centuries, and God does not approve.

  2. A few months ago, Michael Tracey tallied up the topics of the most recent 100 tweets from the ACLU and something like 80% of them were about trannies. They have just become a tranny advocacy group now.

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