Joe Biden Strikes Infrastructure Deal With Bipartisan Group of Senators

We will see what happens.

I’m somewhat surprised that the Republican Senate is going along with this. After all, they thwarted Trump’s MAGA agenda and hurt themselves politically in the process when they controlled the House and Senate. Now, they are going to let Joe Biden get credit for passing an infrastructure bill?


“President Biden announced Thursday that he had agreed to a roughly $1 trillion infrastructure plan with a bipartisan group of ten senators, declaring: “We have a deal.”

What we’re hearing: The White House is planning to hold a ceremony at the White House this afternoon regarding the infrastructure deal, three sources familiar with the meeting tell Axios.

Details: The deal will cost $1.2 trillion over eight years, or $974 billion over five years and offers more than $550 billion in new spending. …”

Why is a basic infrastructure bill even controversial, anyway? What are the details of this?


“President Joe Biden on Thursday endorsed the bipartisan infrastructure framework clinched by 10 senators, appearing alongside them at the White House to declare “we have a deal.”

The Senate’s nascent infrastructure deal faced a crucial test as its negotiators met with the president to discuss a framework that’s won the endorsement of 21 senators in both parties. Several of those senators and administration officials reached a breakthrough Wednesday evening that raises the prospects of a successful agreement on a nearly $1 trillion infrastructure bill. …”

Anyway, I don’t care.

I’m not a Republican!

If we get the COVID relief bill and a decent infrastructure bill out of the Joe Biden presidency, but nothing else passes the Senate, that’s the best possible scenario.

Note: I don’t see anything else passing after HR 1 and the January 6th commission went down in flames.

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  1. like Obama’s trillion-dollar “infrastructure” scam, this latest glob of kosher funnymoney will largely disappear into the coffers of the Jewcommunist-controlled gubmint-employee unions.

  2. Nothing will improve. The money will just vanish like with the F-35. Stealth Infrastructure Bill would be appropriate.

    • If only they would fix all interstate highways & bridges, rebuild/upgrade the Electric Grid, start using ‘safe’ coal (to put WV back in the black) Arrest the G-D Sacklers who gave us the Opioid Epidemic, and not waste time on BS projects like 5G, and other glitzy crap, (cough, hack- COVID ‘vaccines’) I might believe them… oh, and making EVERY AFDC, Welfare/SNAP N-word WORK FOR A LIVING, I’d vote democrat next election…..

      but they won’t, so I don’t.

      Next. SECESSION, NOW!

  3. How much of that $1 trillion is actually going to be spent on much-needed infrastructure work, though? America’s international airports, interstate highways, passenger railroads, public transit, water pipes, etc….everything needs to be rebuilt to meet 21st century standards. And that’s probably going to cost $3 trillion.

    • We have the shittiest airports in the world outside of Africa and I bet even Ethernopia is better now.

  4. “I’m somewhat surprised that the Republican Senate is going along with this.”

    Why? You know better. The whole sham two-party thing is sport for people who think they are smart. Everyone else either doesn’t care, or realizes that no matter who’s “in power” the same agenda still gets advanced.

  5. The trillion dollar deal will be funneled off to other projects like more basketball courts in the hood or holocaust education in schools.

  6. It will be funneled to (((real-estate investors))) like (((Blackrock))) to buy up more single-family homes in YT’s neighborhood and rent them out as Section Ape. I note endlessly worthless Repuke darky Tim Scott is all for it – a bad sign. I wonder is Tim is Miss Lindsay’s butt-boy.

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