Farstar: Artistic Genius

I’ve continued to work with the brilliant White African artist Farstar to create political and cultural comics that just “notice” current events in the U.S., UK and the West.

I’d like to share a few here for OD readers. So far, I haven’t found any existing Dissident Right website willing to publish Farstar’s work. These comics are my ideas and Farstar puts them to canvas. The feedback has been overwhelmingly supportive, but for some reason I can’t find anybody to publish them.

We should probably just publish them ourselves, but it’s always best to try to find profitable ways to publish. White Americans have lots of bad habits. They expect everything for free. If it’s free, they don’t support or promote the product. Anyway, enjoy the comics.


  1. My friends from Illinois call Pritzker J.B. the Hutt. (Is that a kosher bacon cheeseburger he’s stuffing his fat punim with?)

    • More like J(ew).B(oy). the Gut.

      J.B.’ s first cousin James (now “Jennifer”) Pritzker. Is the world’s first and only openly tranny billionaire.

      Cohencidentally, in the summer of 2019, Governor Pritzker signed a bill requiring that all Illinois public schools teach history that includes the contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual people.

      From Magnus Hirschfeld to J. B. Pritzker, the agenda to promote sexual degeneracy continues.

  2. The first one is good, but Chicago would spell it “Center.” The second one is very good.

    The third, I didn’t get at first or, maybe, still don’t get. At the risk of being accused of being autistic or retarded, I’ll take one for the team: Who are Tom and George? Why is D Day 1944 equated with current black crime and antifa? I mean, I know you’re saying the Brits and Germans shouldn’t have fought, but it’s a bridge too far to expect anyone who casually views it to get it immediately, especially with the confusing “Stay Home, Save Lives” current reference, and comics should be understood immediately.

    • Good morning Dick. Glad you liked my/Farstar’s comics.

      Yes, you are correct the correct Anglo American spelling would be “Center” – other White languages/cultures have it as “Centre” – Farstar is White African of British and Irish heritage.

      But, since civilization is falling down here in Chicago and other cities, towns, states – the anti White cult marxists are openly calling the teaching of basic math and basic spelling as “RACIST” – I wouldn’t worry too much about proper spelling, enforcement of immigration laws, enforcement of traffic laws, laws against mass looting, BLM riots, car jackings, murders etc. We look a bit petty to concentrate on strict spelling rules when White Western civilization is falling down on around us.

      Now to explain the 3rd comic about “D-Day 1944 and in 2021.

      The soliders in the first panel D-Day 1944 are German or German allied soldiers defending Normandy Beach from the Allied (British, American, Canadian) invasion. They are shouting at our confused, idiot “Greatest Generation” soldiers to “Get back” to the other side of the English Chanel “save lives”

      The second panel has some old geezer British WW II veterans just noticing the BLM mobs attacking statues of Winston Churchill and other historic British patriots, British nationalist heroes.

      The one British war vet old geezer says to the other:

      “think we should have listened to that German corporal?” He’s talking about A Hitler. The other responds “Yes, I think about that every single day”.

      They are sadly noticing the horrors of BLM, POC, cult marxist destruction of their beloved Merry Old England and admitting that:

      AH was right.

      We should have listened to that German/Austrian corporal when we had the chance.

      I hope that explains things.

  3. Mr. Ryan,

    Good to see that you are still around and creative. I will have to remember that you are sometimes a guest on the Political Cesspool. If I can not catch it live I will listen to your part of it later.

    • Thanks for the kind words Cristina.

      Yes, I still contribute to the Political Cesspool as TPC’s Cultural Correspondent.

      I usually close out the last 30 minutes of the show at 8:30 pm

      Our shows run live on Sat 6-9 pm

      And the shows are also archived.

      • Mr. Ryan,

        Glad to also see you recognize the value of the latin female. I do not know if Southern women are wonderful from the male perspective. I have mainly only lived in Mexico, California, and Texas. I do not see much difference between girls from northern California and Texas suburb women.

  4. I loved the first cartoon! I absolutely despise Beetlejuice and the Hutt. It’s a shame this cartoon isn’t happening right now in real life!

    • Hi Stephen,

      So great to hear from you.

      It seems like it was only yesterday that we were both standing up to Leftist, Antifa mobs with a few confused Somalian Islamists in Middle Tennessee protesting Tyson Foods flooding Middle Tennessee with low wage Somalian Muslim bantu workers.

      NO Jihad in Tennessee.

      God bless you sir.


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