Joe Biden Isn’t Actually Withdrawing From Afghanistan

So much for the “withdrawal” from Afghanistan.

Just as we suspected, the Pentagon has come up with a new excuse to keep American troops deployed there. The same thing happened with the “withdrawal” from Syria.

Associated Press:

“WASHINGTON (AP) — Roughly 650 U.S. troops are expected to remain in Afghanistan to provide security for diplomats after the main American military force completes its withdrawal, which is set to be largely done in the next two weeks, U.S. officials told The Associated Press on Thursday.

In addition, several hundred additional American forces will remain at the Kabul airport, potentially until September, to assist Turkish troops providing security, as a temporary move until a more formal Turkey-led security operation is in place, the officials said. Overall, officials said the U.S. expects to have American and coalition military command, its leadership and most troops out by July Fourth, or shortly after that, meeting an aspirational deadline that commanders developed months ago.

The officials were not authorized to discuss details of the withdrawal and spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity. …”

New York Times:

“John F. Kirby, the chief Defense Department spokesman, told reporters on Thursday that the Pentagon, the State Department and White House officials were still working out the details of the relocation effort. “We’re committed to helping this departure from Afghanistan,” he said.

The Pentagon has planning contingencies to evacuate as many as 100,000 people under such a program, using a combination of military and chartered civilian aircraft, but Mr. Kirby said he had not seen any number that high in the most recent internal discussion. …”

Business Insider:

“President Donald Trump, Miller, Attorney General Bill Barr, and Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, were clashing over how to respond to the unrest, the book said, according to CNN.

During one debate in the Oval Office, Bender reportedly wrote, Miller said the protests reminded him of a war zone.

“These cities are burning,” Miller was quoted as saying.

Milley turned around in his seat, pointed his finger at Miller, and said, “Shut the f— up, Stephen,” the book reportedly says.

The Department of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment. …”

Invade the world. Invite the world. Never leave.

Twenty years later, the Pentagon now wants to import up to 100,000 Afghan refugees without even leaving Afghanistan. At the same time, Gen. Mark Milley wants to understand “White Rage” and DOES NOT believe in protecting Americans in their own country from violent mobs!

Note: Maybe the absurdity of this situation is the cause of “White Rage”?

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  1. I’m not a Trumper but if he was really going to get out of these MIC wars, than rigging the election isn’t baseless at all. Dementia Joe breaking the treaty with the Taliban was a dead f**cking giveaway that they’re not going anywhere, oh and the simple fact the federal government lies about basically everything, why do we need the federal government exactly? Serious question.

  2. This appears to be a permanent occupation. Next China will probably build a super-highway and train network by tunneling through the Himalayas. After that the US will be discarded like a used condom.







  4. They will bring at least 100,000, perhaps 300,000. But when we separate, all those Orcs go north. They must leave the Southland, all of them.

  5. The United States’ Government will only leave Afghanistan when it falls apart, but, even then, do not put it past the new Blue State Confederacy to stay there anywhere.

    Who would have guesst that Poppies and Platinum, perhaps not uncoincidentally right next to Persia, could have gotten such a grasp on Pennsylvania Avenue’s Mind?

  6. I still think we are going to use Afghanistan (and Iraq) for a strike on Iran.

    And enough patriotards will cheer it on even though we get bogged down in these wars and end up importing half the liberated country.

      • @Skeptic16 & Captain John…

        Yes to both of y’all – Afghanistan is not only a source of Poppies & Platinum, it was way to make sure that the product of The Poppies poison Russia and the presence of US personnel is close by to threaten Iran.

        All in all very Christian-sounding, ain’t it?

  7. “650 troops remain”:

    And how many thousands of private military contractors, and other mercenaries, proxies and spies remain in place? Business people, drug traffickers, and even some missionaries “serve” in the hybrid war for total capitalist world hegemony. Total chaos and division for the people of Afghanistan, to keep them weak and poor so they can never rise again.

    People’s republic of Afghanistan in 1979, when Afghanistan was free and prosperous:

    • Listen to the excellent speech in the video above: Who is opposing the people are: “the hirelings of imperialism, paid killers (…) paid by the American Central Intelligence Agency….”

      At the very same time, at the end of the Carter administration, Zibigniew Brezezinski was just across the border in Pakistan arranging “radical Muslim” resistance to overthrow the people’s republic. .

  8. Biden’s a typical Roman Catholic politician. He will tell you some fairytale about why he hasn’t done what he promised to do. But, hey. He can tell it to Father O’Asshole in Confession and get his lying forgiven. LOL. I’ve heard it all over the years. Take my advice young man, don’t be kind, gentle, and forgiving of Catholic liars.

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