Jimmy Dore: Joy Reid’s Jaw Dropping Pro-War Rant

It is a huge waste of money.

Do you remember when we were assured that absorbing all of those True Cons voters and giving prominent platforms to neocons and featuring them as respected voices every single day on MSNBC and celebrating George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and glorifying Liz Cheney wouldn’t change anything? The military-industrial complex and the “intelligence community” basically run CNN and MSNBC now.

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  1. I think there was a time when Miss Joy had very strong convictions, though, in recent years at MSNBC, she has become largely a person of whatever convictions she is paid to have.

    I am sorry to think this, but, think this I do.

    As a person who really did enjoy MSNBC, when it began, perhaps 25 years ago, I feel it has deteriorated to the point where I cannot watch it.

    In the early years I thought Christ Matthews’ Hardball was the best mainstream political analysis available, and this was before the time when The Internet was anything to take seriously.

    Joe Scarborough’s show, and, as well, Rachel Maddow, and Lawrence O’Donnell, and practically every other show I can think of seems to be operating from a canned script given by shadowy government figures that not only have no loyalty to the principles and people of America, they despise it, actually.

    I say this as someone who does respect some on The Left, whether it is Jimmy Dore, Crystal Ball, Jamarl Thomas, Kim Iverson, or Glenn Greenwald, but, in each of those cases, I feel we are dealing with people who are genuine and who cannot be bought.

  2. War is the health of the State so it’s logical that those who control the State want more war. Afghanistan is the latest example of the idiots in control pushing their diversity, globo homo agenda down the throat of of a Moslem country that wants nothing to do with it. The Left Wing Establishment is arguing that the U.S. needs to stay in Afghanistan so girls can go to school while U.S. troops die to keep the schools open.


    Of course, the elites favoring this policy never have sons or brothers serving in places like Afghanistan, they actually have a seething hatred for those who do serve in the military. After Vietnam, 20 years of war in Afghanistan, two Iraq wars, both of which were unnecessary and numerous other bloody adventures the public’s appetite for war has dropped to zero. No doubt the hostile elite in charge of the country will be rending their garments as Kabul falls to the Taliban but the rest of the country just doesn’t give a fuck.

  3. Rep. Houlahan is an “Early Life and Education” American. What does that mean? Let’s just say she’s not Irish.

  4. ZOG’s mercenary army is being used to forcibly promote the neoliberals’ globohomo agenda. That’s why the nigger on TV is pro-military.

  5. As the last remnants of true left or socialism in the world are being extinguished, all political parties and media organs are struggling to get to the right of each other.

    In Germany, even the GREEN Party is trying to get to the right of everyone else on pro-militarism. It is not true left; it is the synthetic left, fake, pseudo left. True left has almost disappeared in the twenty-first century.

    The Democratic Party, Republican Party and any minor party that is able to have a candidate elected somewhere in the U.S. are all consistently, rabidly, imperialist warmongering.

    Populism or social democracy is a joke, mere temporary reformism, that might make things a little better, for a little while, locally, while the last remnants of true socialism in the world are blockaded, strangled and extinguished. Populists and social democrats, who would merely lighten the load (temporarily) but preserve the system, are NOT on the side of the peoole.

  6. All of this is the J-Left’s attempt to SAVE/SALVAGE THE US ECONOMY. And they’ve got a “Jemima” calling the roll…… and I don’t mean, crescents, either.

    What do Dems do, EVERY SINGLE TIME? Inflate the monetary supply to give some ‘aid’ to local Goyim, (which we gratefully take, like the serfs we all are) – and, all the while making the J-words richer, and more able to control us ‘cattle.’ And then???

    When we come close to a ‘bubble’ or the end of the gravy train, THEY START A WAR.

    They tried to do this with DJT and he fought back, but half-assedly.

    THAT’S why the DEMS are desperate to LEGITIMIZE this fraudulently-won election- PUBLIC SENTIMENT IS GOING DOWN THE DRAIN, NOT EVEN A YEAR INTO THE NEW ‘COUP’!!!

    It doesn’t matter WHO we are supposedly ‘fighting’- with the DEMS, IT IS DONE TO SAVE THE FEDERAL [Jewish] RESERVE’S usurious money supply/ass!!!!

    No War, balance the Fed, Final Solution the Jews. Repatriate the Non-whites. ALL OF THEM.
    End of story.

    Isn’t DORE a KIKE? Why would HE be doing what he does, except as CONTROLLED OPPOSITION?

    FINKEL THINK. Every damn time.


    • @FATHER JOHN+ …

      I think Jimmy Dore a stand up guy and no false opposition.

      Of course, Father, your guess is as good as mine.

      As to his blood, he might, or might not, have a wee amount of Jewish blood – this his mama on his maternal side (Louisa Ossler of Ossler). The name, ‘Ossler’, however, is not necessarily Jewish. ‘Nuß’ is not, either, unless it was shortened from ‘Nußbaum’ in previous centuries.

      When you examine his lineage, below, Sir, you shall see that Mr. Dore is mostly Gaelick and Slavick.

      That makes sense, seeing as how he came into this world in Chicago.

      For your edification, this is his family line –

      “Jimmy’s paternal grandfather was Phillip Patrick Dore (the son of Phillip Dore and Mary O’Conner). Jimmy’s grandfather Philip was born in Illinois, to Irish parents.

      Jimmy’s paternal grandmother was Cecilia Chojnacki (the daughter of Anton/Antony Chojnacki and Mary Pilarski). Cecilia was Polish.

      Jimmy’s maternal grandfather was Walter Raymond Hughes (the son of Ernest D. Hughes and Louisa Ossler). Walter was born in Pennsylvania. Ernest was the son of George W. Hughes and Rosa Smith. Louisa was the daughter of German parents, George Adam Ossler and Maria Anna Nuss.

      Jimmy’s maternal grandmother was named Amelia Callahan. Amelia was born in Pennsylvania, and had Irish heritage.

      Source: Jimmy’s paternal grandparents, Phillip Patrick Dore and Cecilia Chojnacki, on the 1930 U.S. Census

      Source –


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